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Bordeaux 2006 - Part VI

by Tom Cannavan

Other Appellations

Beaumont (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Rich, fruitcakey nose, plenty of berry fruit and a cherry and raspberry brightness. Palate is dense and dry, with quite nice weight and texture, but a touch of dryness. Quite an elegant wine. 86-90

Belgrave (St Laurent) 2006
Lots of custardy new oak, with the vanillin quality adding to ripe, concentrated sweet fruit to give a plumpness and richness. The palate has a silky sweetness again, with the oak and very ripe fruit concentration. Tannins a re a touch furry and dry, with a rather chewy character, but the sweetness of fruit really does come through, which in this vintage is a treat. 87-91

Camensac (St Laurent)) 2006
Quite closed, with subdued black fruit. A touch of blackberry richness comes through. On the palate a shock of fine tannin again, but there is quite a nice, if lean character and balance. A fairly dry style, but good. 86-90

Cantemerle (Macau) 2006
Quite a nice chocolate and ripe berry fruit character. Oak is quite spicy and a touch custardy, and there's a little floral lift in a fairly complex wine. On the palate this is quite creamy and sweet. There is nice fruit here, with a ripeness and sweetness that I like, and the tannins are well balanced, whilst drying and becoming quite chalky. Quite a lot of finesse here. 87-91

Citran (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Quite cedary and spicy, with good fruit. Slightly dry and lean, with a touch of dryness about the tannins and fruit. 86-90

Coufran (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Quite vivid black cherry fruit, with a bold, almost jammy character and a touch of cedarwood. On the palate this is quite silky, with the cassis and black cherry fruit nice and ripe and quite svelte. The tannins are a little chalky and over-dry, but this maintains its fruity character nicely and finishes with decent balance. An enjoyable, slightly lighter style, but has charm. 87-91

De Lamarque (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Quite plummy, with a little lifted cherry note offsetting quite deep, slightly pruney fruit. On the palate this has a nice depth of chocolate and black plum, juicy fruit. There's a tartness and bittersweet quality that really persists and is equal to the tannins. A little coffeeish and spicy in the finish, this is really quite successful and has shrugged of the tannins of the vintage quite well. 88-92

La Lagune (Ludon) 2006
A little leafy, earthy note here that is very pleasant, with some warming, coffeeish oak and a nice background of plummy fruit. On the palate the chocolate and coffee richness comes through, and there's a real juiciness to the fruit. Dry tannins begin to dominate, but the fresh acids and juicy fruit are good. 87-91

La Tour Carnet (Haut-Médoc) 2006
A touch of volatility? Certainly a bit of lift on the nose, which might be a raw oak character, but some cherry and cassis fruit comes through. Good fruit, but tannins overpower. Becomes very dry, and whilst there is some juiciness and sweetness, this becomes quite chalky in the mouth. Not a bad wine at all, but not quite the balance of some. 86-90

Malescasse (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Bold coffee and black fruits o the nose. Quite plummy and deep, with a little espresso richness. Quite flashy, but I like the plushness. On the palate really quite a vibrant core of plum and cassis fruit. Bittersweet, with a little dark chocolate and svelte, plummy fruit. Tannins quite ripe and fine, though powerful, and the spice and chocolate broaden out. Decent acidity too, in a powerful but quite rounded wine. 88-92

Preuillac (Médoc) 2006
Very nice bright fruit character with plenty of crisp, crunchy red berry fruit and a note of kirsch-like cherry. Nice bright-fruited palate too, with well managed tannins and a bit of fruit brightness. 86-90

Sociando Mallet (Haut-Médoc) 2006
Like the second wine, quite subdued and shy, but harmonious, with a compact, composed character. A little more creamy oak, and a lovely sweetness to the fruit. Concentrated and quite tight, with real grip to the tannins, but the tannins are fine and polished. The richness and sweetness of the fruit really builds through the finish, and a broad, plummy richness. With good acid structure behind this, a very promising wine 88-92

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