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Bordeaux 2001 - Part IV

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This is the final part in a series of tasting reports on the Bordeaux 2001 vintage. These ten wines were tasted on March 26th 2002 at Château Beauregard in Pomerol. I think Sauternes is lovely in 2001. Although the wines seemed to vary widely in terms of botrytis level and sweetness, there was a uniform pattern of richness, purity of fruit, and fine, powerful acidity. The differences in styles were marked, but quality is consistent. Once again, please mentally bracket any scores given by + or - 1, to make allowances for tasting these wines so young.


Château Filhot, 2nd growth, Sauternes
Only light botrytis evident on the nose, with floral and citrus aromas and a touch of honey. Lovely and rich on the palate, a smooth mouthfeel with plenty of clean acidity and round, ripe fruit. Balanced and delicious. 16/20.

Château Doisy-Daëne, 2nd growth, Barsac
A little more richness here, with more botrytis; lush notes of honey, nuts and marmalade. Fine, sweet, full and lush palate. Lovely tropical nuances of mango and nectarine, sweet and musky quality and good acidity again. A step up. 18/20.

Château Rayne Vigneau, 1st growth, Bommes
Not a lot of botrytis evident, but a lovely sweet, luscious, peachy fruit character with a little toffee and fudge. Sweet, caramelised fruit on the palate; hints of exotic banana and lovely weight of rich fruit. Good acidity. 17-18/20.

Château Guiraud, 1st growth, Sauternes
Light, toffee and crême brâlée nose. Lots of apricot and a delicate botrytis giving honey and orange nuances. Fine palate that is thick and luscious, with good concentration. Quite a heavy style, with moderate acidity, but very harmonious and long. 17-18/20.

Château Rabaud-Promis, 1st growth, Bommes
Lightly honeyed nose with a nice weight of ripe, sweet apricot fruit. Really quite rich and powerful, with lots of botrytis and a honeyed, butterscotchy quality and rich texture. Good concentration, acidity and length. 17-18/20.

Château Coutet, 1st growth, Barsac
Typically light, elegant and floral edged nose to Coutet, with citrus, minerals and light but fine, apricotty botrytis. Richer on the palate, with waxy botrytis texture and lush with nectarine, ripe mango and good length. Very fine, with lovely balance and a bit of oomph inthe finish. 18/20.

Château La Tour Blanche, 1st growth, Bommes
Not nearly so flamboyant, bit delightful nevertheless with a nose of marzipan and peach. The palate has a broad stripe of citrussy acidity, plenty of lemon fruit but and underlying richness and hints of depth. There is a vanillin note, and tropical nuances starting to fill-out the finish. 17-18/20.

Château Siglas Rabaud, 1st growth, Bommes
Nice richness on the nose. A little one-dimensional at present, but a good quality of fruit. Lovely and sweet on the palate, but lacks a touch of complexity. Has the underlying quality to improve I think, but for now, 16/20.

Château Suduiraut, 1st growth, Preignac
Lovely nose here, brimming with botrytis notes of toffee, honey, fig and cream. Concentrated yet elegant. Fine sweetness of ripe necatarine on the palate, with exotic mango, but very pure, focused and long. Good balance, and very stylish. 18-19/20.

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