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There are hundreds of winemakers interviewed under the 'organised tastings' and 'features' links above, usually in the context of a big tasting report or a tour of a wine region. But now and again I have the chance to have a winemaker present their wines to me, so these "meet the winemakers" features were born. It is difficult to know whether to arrange these in order of winemaker name or winery name, but I have opted for the latter: alphabetical by winery. Note that winemakers do change jobs from time to time, so some of the interviewees below will have moved on. I hope you enjoy getting to know this diverse bunch of characters.

frank cornelissen

ruud massendam

Kate Goodman

Michelle Richardson

Philippe Guigal

Chester Osborne

Veronique Sander

Peter Gago

Jean Delmas

Louisa Rose

Gordon Russell

Carl von Schubert
Bordeaux WI
Great Western Wine

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