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Savour Club Hospices de Beaune (Burgundy) Volnay Cuvée Blondeau 1987
An object lesson that it is far better to drink your 'best' wines too young, than too old. This bottle was brought along by a student on one of my wine appreciation courses. A friend of hers had been given this 'special' bottle 10 years ago, and having saved it for a special occasion, eventually gifted it to my student hearing of her interest in wine. The colour was immediately depressing: a muddy, lifeless brown. On the nose, a reek of volatile acidity and musty, dirty, rubbery aromas. I dared put it in my mouth, and got a lifeless, bitter mouthful of cooked vinegar, acid and bitterness. I questioned the storage conditions - under the sink, probably for 10 years. I wonder what it would have been like back in 1990? (05/00)