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Big Frank's "Seriously Sticky" Maury N.V
A whole range of interesting "Big Frank" wines is available in the UK. Though many are Vins de Pays from the South of France, this is a wine from AC Maury, home of France's answer to Port. Maury is a Vin Doux Naturel (a sweet fortified wine) made from Grenache. This example has an intriguing ruby/tea colour that is tawny but light. The nose has sweet violet and raspberry aromas and a definite nutty, clove and spice edge. Closer to "Rancio" in style, there is good, soft fruit and chocolate on the palate, but plenty of older, sherried flavours. It retains a nice balance of sweetness though and has a long, satisfying finish. Worth trying at around 6 ($10) per 50cl. (02/99)