Conducted September 2005
Producer Commenced Preferred Tonnelier Type Size in litres Age Toasting Duration in oak Cuvées made using oak (100% unless stated otherwise) UK Agent Special notes
Billecart-Salmon 1994 N/A Allier 225 7 years Medium N/A Clos Saint Hilaire Billecart-Salmon (UK) Ltd First commercial release 1995 vintage
Franck Bonville 1997 Damy Allier, Vosges 225 3-6 years Medium 8-12 months Cuvée Les Belles Voyes Seeking representation
Paul Déthune 1982 N/A Champagne & Bourgogne 205, 228, 2,700 & 3,200 N/A "chauffe authentique" 7 months Blanc de Noirs, Cuvée l'Ancienne, Cuvée Princesse des Thunes, Millésimes The Champagne and Wine Cellar 205 & 228 for Blanc de Noirs and Cuvée l'Ancienne, Foudres for Cuvée Princesse des Thunes, Millésimes
Drappier 1990 Vicard Allier, Tronçais 5,000 New in 2002 and 2003 Medium 8-24 months Millésime Exception (40%), Grande Sendrée (35%) Anthony Byrne Started out with 228 litres barriques from Chassagne Montrachet, but now convinced that foudres are superior for Champagne
J. Dumangin 1999 Damy,Gillet, Seguin Moreau Bourgogne 225 & 228 3-4 years N/A 12 months TBA Yapp Bros Also uses for dosage liquer wine
Nicolas Feuillatte 1995 N/A Bourgogne 225 "ripe" (used) Medium 6 months Cuvée 225 (60%) Thierry's Wine Services, Bibendum Launched in 2005, oak-fermented
Veuve Fourny & Fils 1990 N/A Tronçais 225 New and 4 years Light 12 months La Cuvée du Clos du Faubourg Notre-Dame, La Cuvée R Thorman Hunt La Cuvée du Clos du Faubourg Notre-Dame in 4 year old oak, La Cuvée R in new oak
Gardet 1895 Sequin Moreau, Taransaud Bourgogne 2,500 & 4,000 6-60+ years 6-8 hours 12-24 years Cuvée Foudres (100%), Brut Spécial (20%+) Michael Peace MW Ageing only; half the foudres 60+ years
Philippe Gonet 2001 Damy Bourgogne 600 One-third new Light 6 months Cuvée Roy Soleil Pimlico Dozen A preview sample showed excellent finesse and potential for ageing.
Gosset 1584 N/A Bourgogne 205, 230 2-3 years when purchased Medium 2 months Grande Réserve Peter McKinley Oak never shows in the classic, age-worthy Grande Réserve.
Alfred Gratien 1864 Damy, Seguin Moreau, Mercurey etc. Allier 228 15 years (average) None 6 months Entire range Morris, Field & Verdin Experimenting with 300 litre casks made from local champenois forests.
Janisson Baradon 1997 Dargaud et Jaegle Allier 205 3-5 years (Toulettes), 5-10 years (Brut Selection) Light 6-12 months Brut Sélection (30%), Vieilles Vignes Toulette (100%) Magnum House Neither wines show overt oakiness, and the Brut Sélection works well, but the 2000 vintage of Vieilles Vignes from lieu-dit Toulette was spoilt by excessive volatility.
P. Lancelot-Royer 1975 N/A N/A 2,000, 2,800 & 3,000 30 years, 50 years & 80+ years N/A 12 months Cuvée de Réserve RR (35%), Cuvée des Chevaliers (35%) Seeking representation Very old oak.
R.C. Lemaire 1993 Damy,Gillet, Seguin Moreau Bourgogne 225 1-8 years N/A 12 months Entire range Ernst George Very successful
De Meric 1998 Vicard (foudres) Bourgogne (barriques) 205 & foudres 4-5 years (barriques) N/A 8 months Grand Réserve sous Bois, Blanc de Blancs sous Bois Seeking representation Both use 50/50 barriques/foudres
Mailly 1991 Bertommieux, Saury Tronçais 225 1-2 years when purchased Medium For the fermentation and malolactic NV Brut (5%) Richmond Wine Agencies A subtle touch from a progressive, terroir-driven cooperative
Bruno Paillard 1986 Mercier, Millet, Nadalie, Seguin Moreau Allier 205 2 years old when purchased Light-to-medium 8-9 months NPU Nec Plus Ultra, Brut Premier (14-15%) Bibendum Not fermented in oak for Brut Premier, just aged.
Phipponnat Always for Clos des Goisses, since 2000 for other cuvées Damy Bourgogne 228 5 years (average) Light 6-12 months Clos des Goisses (50%), rest of the range (25%) Fortitude Wines Clos des Goisses is a classic, the oak seldom noticed. The increasing use of oak for vins de réserve is only just beginning repay the considerable investment involved in building and stocking a barrel room.
Taittinger 1998 (pièces), 2002 (foudres) Seguin Moreau, François Frères Tronçais, Centre de France 205, 4,000 0-4 years when purchased Medium 4 months (pièces), 7 months (foudres) Comtes de Champagne (5-7% pièces), Cuvée les Folies (15-20% foudres) Hatch Mansfield Cuvée les Folies (from La Marqueterie's famed interplanted vineyard) launched in 2005
Voiren-Jumel 1997 François Frères Allier 215 10 years when purchased Medium 4-6 months Cuvée 555 Seeking representation Surprisingly sccessful.