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The Performance Tables

New Zealand

This country vies with Tasmania as the greatest sparkling wine area in the Southern Hemisphere and only the Loire and Burgundy share the same potential outside of Champagne in the Northern Hemisphere. It will be interesting to see who wins as New Zealand and Tasmania fight it out over the next couple of decades, although neither should worry about the French regions - the French producers don't.

89 Hunter's 1996 Brut
89 Morton Estate 1995 RD, Marlborough
87 Miru Miru 1998 Hunter's
86 Miru Miru 1999 Hunter's
85 Pelorus 1996 Marlborough
83 Lindauer NV Special Reserve
80 Soljans Estate 1998 Sparkling Pinotage
80 Montana Deutz NV Marlborough Cuvée
80 Kim Crawford Rory NV Brut
80 Huia 1997 Brut
80 Daniel No.1 NV Brut
80 Pelorus NV Marlborough
78 Lindauer NV Rosé
78 Morton Estate NV Premium Brut, Marlborough
78 Montana Deutz 1996 Blanc de Blancs
77 Palliser Estate 1997 Martinborough
75 Lindauer NV Brut
75 Daniel le Brun 1996 Blanc de Blancs
75 Alan McCorkindale 1999 Vintage, Waipara Valley
75 Lindauer NV Grandeur
73 Daniel le Brun NV Brut