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The Performance Tables

Champagne Brut Nature & Extra-Brut

Although I am not a great fan of non-dosage Champagnes, this has less to do with the style than its quality. Such wines do not improve with age because sugar is required for a Champagne to age gracefully after disgorgement (see Reaction Maillard in the Glossary). The older a Champagne is before it is disgorged, the less dosage required because it will have a more mellowed taste, but no matter how old or great the Champagne is, without a certain amount of sugar it will turn coarse and oxidative. Sugar brings finesse and enables further ageing.

97 Bollinger 1979 R.D. Extra Brut
95 Bollinger 1985 R.D. Extra Brut
92 Bollinger 1982 R.D. Extra Brut
90 André et Michel Drappier NV Brut Nature, Pinot Noir Zero Dosage
89 Bollinger 1988 R.D. Extra Brut
88 Pierre Gimonnet & Fils NV Cuvée Oenophile, Blanc de Blancs, Extra-Brut
88 Duval-Leroy 1995 Fleur de Champagne, Extra Brut Millésimé
87 Roger Pouillon et Fils 1995 Le Millésime, Extra Brut Chardonnay Grand Cru
87 Jacques Selosse NV Extra Brut, Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs