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by Tom Stevenson


Since Pinot Blanc was not a category I specifically requested, just two such wines were sent up to my CIVA tasting. I'm not quite sure why the one from Clément Lissner was submitted, but the reason for the Dirler-Cadé was because it is a Pinot Noir that has been vinified white, and cask-fermented. The only pity is that it was not more exciting.

For those who are not aware, it should be explained that whilst all Alsace varietal wines must consist 100% of the grape indicated on the label, there is no Pinot Blanc designation as such, only Pinot, and this may be composed in part or whole of any authorised Pinot variety (i.e., Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Auxerrois).


Alsace Pinot Noir Vinifié En Barrique En Jus Blanc 2002 Dirler-Cade (9)
Spoilt by caramel aromas (malolactic).

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