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Online Alsace Guide

by Tom Stevenson

Klevener de Heiligenstein

Apparently a pink variant of the Savagnin, which is found in the Jura, but in Alsace the Klevener (with three es, Klevner with two es being a local synonym for Pinot) has a varietal character akin to a very discreet Gewürztraminer. This grape is restricted to certain vineyards in Heiligenstein and the surrounding villages of Bourgheim, Gertwiller, Goxwiller, and Obernai.

It is fine have discreet characteristics, but there should also be finesse and length. Unfortunately these wines seldom aspire to anything greater than an acceptable quality level.


Alsace Klevener De Heiligenstein Cuvée Particulière 2001 Heywang Jean Et Hubert (8)
Light, fresh, easy drinking, with typically muted spice on the finish.

Alsace Klevener De Heiligenstein Cuvée Des Hospices De Strasbourg 2000 Wantz Charles (12.90)
A slightly richer, fuller version of above.

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