Stuart is one of Britain's most controversial and opinionated authors on drink, the wine trade and his specialist subject, intoxication. He welcomes feedback on his writings.

Stuart Walton

Stuart is one of Britain's most gifted, but also most controversial wine writers. His work frequently touches on taboo issues and sets out to debunk accepted truths. Though reference books like his "World Encyclopedia of Wine" and "Complete Guide to Spirits and Liqueurs" have established his credentials as a learned and knowledgeable communicator on wine, Stuart is a highly political animal whose most recent books have strayed into areas that have made some sections of the wine trade and press a little nervous.

"You Heard It Through the Grapevine" is subtitled "shattering the myths of the wine business", an exposé of wine trade practices that pulls few punches and names many names. He followed this up with "Out of It - a cultural history of intoxication", a book that looks at the realities and sometimes darker side of drink, drugs and altered states of consciousness.

For wine-pages Stuart will offer plenty of strong opinion and he will invite your feedback and responses. Like a terrier with a particularly juicy bone, Stuart likes nothing better than getting his teeth into well-argued debate.

Major works:

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The Right Wine with the Right Food
Elliot Right Way Books
224 pages
November 2003
ISBN: 0716021552

The World Encyclopedia of Wine (2001 edition)
Lorenz Books
256 pages
September 2001
ISBN: 075480934X

Out of It - a cultural history of intoxication
Hamish Hamilton
320 pages
June 2001
ISBN: 0241140382

You Heard It Through the Grapevine
Aurum Press
256 pages
April 2001
ISBN: 1854107615

The Complete Guide to Spirits and Liqueurs
Lorenz Books
132 pages
March 2000
ISBN: 0754804496

The Complete Guide to Wine
Lorenz Books
264 pages
February 2000
ISBN: 0754800245

Wines of the World
Southwater Press
160 pages
June 2000
ISBN: 1842151509