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12/01 Chateau Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 1999
I’ve had this before as a barrel sample and was highly impressed. At the moment, it’s turned into an ugly duckling. Apparently Mourvedre does that, hopefully to emerge as a much nicer creature afterwards. Nice dark colour with a ruby edge. Odd nose now, a touch farmyardy, bloody, slightly metallic and asparagus somewhere too, some toasty oak. A bit disjointed really. With much agitation and some time in the glass the fruit begins to poke through – Grenache with strawberry scents and some darker, blackberry components too. Very grippy, tannic palate, alcoholic finish. It all sounds and tastes a bit odd at the moment, but all the components are there and I think this’ll turn out very good indeed one day in the medium term future, say 10 to 15 years. (Stephan Muller, UK)

11/01 P. Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert
Transparent, not too dark purple. Opaque and slightly musty nose of griotte, pleasant enough, if not extremely rich. Develops some fresh almond notes with time. On the palate it is very tannic, with huge, well-organised matter, good eacidity and medium length. A minor touch of bacon appear with time, as the structure tends to become more linear and less filled with fruit. Perhaps a bit rough, but very good value compared to others (£13). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Domaine du Chêne St-Joseph Cuvée Anaïs
Beautiful, classic medium purple colour. Moderately assertive nose of salted bacon, some bell pepper and lead pencil, followed by mineral notes which carry on to the palate. There is also cool, dark fruit in a generally more elegant, less austere context than the Thalabert. Chunky, powerful tannins. A hint of metallic saltiness on palate prevents it from being outstanding, at least for now. It is also slightly broader aromatically than most, and flattens out with airing time (£13). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Noël Verset Cornas
Very dark core; medium purple-violet rim. More vegetal and bell-peppery, with some parsley notes and what seems oak appearing with time, but also a nicely gentle touch of woman's perfume. Very intense and mouthfilling on the palate, but also here quite evidently green, in fact almost Cabernet-like in this character and I wonder how many people would be mistaken if served this blind. Strong, masculine finish where a touch of coffee and meat stock intervenes. Lacks charm and opulence IMO (£20). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Thierry Allemand Cornas Chaillots
This is the young vine cuvée (20 year-old vineyards), aged 40% in oak and 60% in steel. Very dark, a tad lighter than the Verset. Nose starts with sweat and sautéed mushrooms, followed by a thick, intense whiff of blackberry spread, kirsch and cognac. Very rich, yet cool and elegant nose, which however closess up quite quickly. On the palate this is a powerful and chewy Cornas, with very good concentration of elegant, quite cool blackberry and blueberry flavours followed by a discreet touch of milky oak. Dusty, slightly papery finish which is perhaps less convincing than the rest of the package. Superior definition. Just short of great (£24). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Thierry Allemand Cornas Raynard
80-year-old vines. Dark and inky, though not opaque; minor rim. Lighter, more vegetal nose here, with a touch of coconut and grilled meat, as well as soaked bread and crème de cassis. Rather closed, but clearly very ripe, almost roasted coffee-like in extract. On the palate this strikes with absolutely superb persistence and length; the wine speaks with cool, perhaps not entirely ripe cherry and slightly metallic, very woody tannins. Very powerful finish, not for the faint of heart. Obviously dominated by its huge extract and wood, but potentially great. A second bottle tasted much more acidic, but otherwise of the same cherry pit and grilled meat flavours. Needs ten years at least (£27.50). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Domaine Mouton Côte-Rôtie
We're back to transparency with a medium to dark purple shine. A very perfumed Côte-Rôtie, almost reminiscent of Fragonard perfume, with notes of blueberry milkshake and honeydew melon; also more new oak than any other wine tonight. The palate is textbook Syrah, although perhaps a bit lean and unsubstantial in its bacony and salted cured meat profile, rounded off by a touch of sage. Quite long. Tends to pick up lots of barnyardy flavours with time in the glass. Convincing, but not as epiphanous as the La Vig staff would like to think (£25). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 P. Jaboulet Côte-Rôtie Les Jumelles
Medium purple, with some rim. Assertive nose of freshly picked blackberries, nutmeg, some vanilla oak and rubber, with a soft bacony touch. Hard to grasp. Palate dominated by sour cherry, not too glyceric, very juicy and long, carrying off to distinctive herbal touches on the finish. Perhaps slightly weakening from mid-palate on, after the initial outburst of fruit. Thick, masculine type of tannins, slightly naked acidity on the finish. Intense and integrated. An outstanding showing, especially from a second bottle (£25). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 Gilles Barge Côte-Rôtie Côteau du Plessy
Dark purple, with a medium crimson hue. Splendid nose of quince and Tokáji-like poppy seed pie, blackcurrant and blackberry jam, not extremely fresh but with excellent integration. Quite juicy and fruity on the palate, with excellent acidity; unfortunately falls rather abruptly towards the finish, and there is also a not-too-clean, murky note. Slightly disjointed and not entirely delivering the promises of the nose, otherwise would be safely great. I thought of a bad bottle and re-tasted it from another one: same nose, now quite thick on the palate, which is elegant but rather muted. More body than the first bottle, but still seems to suffer from some structural weaknesses. A pity (£25). (Nerval, UK)

11/01 P. Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle
Medium-dark purple, certainly not the darkest of the night. Inviting nose of thick blackberry and black cherry, sautéed mushrooms again, freshly baked panettone, with some oak evident but not obtrusive. Very nicely woven on the palate, good acidity playing the background to cherry and currant fruit, with some baked, vanilla-infused pie notes again. Not extremely long, but quite decent legnth indeed. Bitterish aftertaste. Ripe, elegant, perhaps lacking ultimate cut, but brilliant red in any way you see it. A second bottle is even sweeter and spicier on the nose, with cherry liqueur and orange peel, while the milky oak touch is still present. Seems less complex and focused than the first bottle but all the ingredients are here. A questionable QPR at £50 a bottle given the excellent performance of other wines, but not a shame to own, I would say. (Nerval, UK)

11/01 St Joseph Rouge Offerus 2000, Domaine Chave
Vibrant purple red. Vibrant cherry fruit with hints of woodsmoke and medicine. Very fruity palate with redcurrants and brambles. Hints of spice and cedar with low acidity and light tannins on the medium length finish. A sniff of the empty glass revealed some nice perfume and violets. Very good example for the medium term. Drink 2002 - 2005. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 St Joseph Rouge Offerus 1999, Domaine Chave
Slightly deeper purple/red. Similar nose to the 2000 but less vibrant with cherry and violets. More integrated on the palate and well balanced with brambles, currants and hints of strawberries. A nice spiciness on the finish with some dry tannins. Very good. Now - 2005. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1999, Domaine Chave
Very dark red almost black. Perfumed nose with smokey blackcurrants. Youthful vibrancy in the mouth with smokey red fruits, blackcurrants and a real intensity. The rich spicy finish is long with dry tannins and firm acidity giving it a savoury balance. Very good. Drink 2005 - 2020. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1998, Domaine Chave
Dark red. Big intense nose of ripe black and red currants. Ripe, rich cassis palate that is well structured and well balanced. Spicy and acidic long smokey finish showing dry tannins. Very good indeed. Drink 2003 - 2020. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1995, Domaine Chave
Dark red, slight lightening of rim. Wow !! - loads of jam and raspberries on the nose with hints of cassis and woodsmoke. Ripe, concentrated red and cassis fruits on a sinewy, chewy palate. More waves of red fruits follow and the mid-palate shows some awesome structure and balance. Spice, smoke and tar on the explosive finish with some dry tannins and acidity at the end. Fantastic - does Rhone wine (or any wine for that matter) come any better than this ? This one has everything in huge concentrated quantities that suggests it will last forever. Drink now - 2040. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1991, Domaine Chave
Deep brick red. Smells quite mature with a gamey red fruits aroma with whisps of smoke following up. The palate doesn't seem as mature as the nose suggests. Lots of red fruits and forest floor flavours. This wine is very muscular, balanced and shows some dry tannins on a long rich finish. Very good indeed. Drink now - 2025. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1988, Domaine Chave
Deep ruby colour. Slightly tarry nose with red and black currants. Not as concentrated as some of the others but good tight elegant redcurrant and raspberry fruit on the palate. Chewy tannins on the medium length finish. Very good. Drink now - 2020. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1982, Domaine Chave
Reddish brown. Gamey, farmyard aromas and forest fruits, leather and polish. Sweet fruit and richness on a gamey palate. Great mature fruit flavour with a spicy, leathery finish still showing a savoury acidity and tannin. Very good. Now - 2015. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Rouge 1971, Domaine Chave
Brownish red. Gamey, floral and violet nose. Rich, elegant palate, with mature strawberries and floral violet flavours. Very elegant and quite restrained cassis palate followed by a rich spicy finish with ripe savoury tannins. Excellent. And he said this was a poor vintage !! Drink now - 2010. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Crozes-Hermitage 1999, Bernard Chave
For some reason I didn't have great expectations of this Northern Rhone from the highly-touted 1999 vintage, probably because I was concentrating on the Bonny Doon carignan that followed it. But what a lovely wine this is, with a captivating lead pencil and cassis nose, and velvety medium weight palate. I've enjoyed Chave's basic Cotes du Rhone in the past, and this is another top effort. Best from 2003. Cheshire readers can get this from Phil's excellent selection at the Cheshire Smokehouse in Morley Green, as well as many other delights. (Joel Hopwood, UK)

11/01 Cote Rotie Cuvee de Plessy, 1996, Gilles Barge
A: Deep red towards black. N: Initially quite closed but shows aromas of brambles and redcurrants. P: Intense flavours of red fruits with smooth leathery spice. Quite rich on the finish with a backbone of tannin and acid. S: Not quite ready but should be very good. Drink 2003 - 2010. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Chateauneuf du Pape 1993 Beaucastel
Not was I was expecting at all. The wine was aromtic but showed signs of ageing. The majority of fruit has disappeared and the wine was very light and perfumed with spice and tobacco on the nose.. I was hoping for a big, rich wine that was coming into maturity. Perhaps on second thoughts it has closed up before developing into the majest splendour in can be. It will interesting to taste another in the future. (David Pearce, UK)

10/01 Chateau de Fonsalette Reserve 1990. J Reynaud
Amazingly youthfull medium bloody crimson colour with very little sign of fading. Great nose of herb, cherry, and undergrowth. The drink itself was quite amazing for a CdR , little alone an 11 year old one, with excellent richness and spicy herbal mushroomy earthy black and red fruit undertones and pretty full bodied. Hefty alcohol though at 14% Not amazingly complex but it had a fantastic and majestic length to it. An extraordinary wine for a 'mere' CdR. There is no rush at all to drink this one which makes me think what it was like on release. Should last another 10 years at least. A great effort from Jacques of Ch Rayas fame. An hour in a decanter would be beneficial to those who have it. (Phil Wilkins, UK)

07/01 Crozes Hermitage Les Pierrelles 98 Belle Pere et fils
Fairly young colour with some depth. Warm, spicy nose. Quite light & fairly fresh on attack. Fills well. Lots of fruit and then develops a real spicy punch on finish. Notable length. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc Parallel 45, 1999, £5.95
Pale, slightly lemony gold. Nice nose - interesting, with a nice floral touch. Light and remarkably fresh. Very clean and crisp. Doesn't quite live up to the promise of the nose. 5/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage, Mule Blanche, 1999, £9.95
Medium to deep rather greenish straw colour. Very prominent nose. Notably nutty and rich with lots of oak. Nice attack. Good fruit, fairly fresh. Fills very well. Almost creamy on middle. Then develops and finishes with a hefty dose of spice. 6+/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Condrieu, 1998, £21.00
Medium to deep gold. Pretty powerful nose, which is very attractive with nice floral scents coming to the fore. Very definite fruit on attack. Very intense & super concentrated. Vendanges Tardives levels of ripeness. Beautiful and clean throughout. Has a hint of sweetness to it. 9/10 but it is a little overpriced. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet La Table du Roy, £4.25
A non vintage blend of grenache and syrah. Light and youthful looking. Looks rather thin, but has fairly hefty legs. Rather dull, closed nose, which opens up with a lot of agitation to a fairly standard CdR, if grenache-dominated, nose. Another bottle had a much more open nose with bags of delicately scented fruit. Light and fresh on the attack. Lots of fruit. Very soft & gentle, with some soft tannins giving a little structure as they kick in on the finish. This is a very attractive wine, particularly so when the price is considered. Light but not too simple. Compared to other wines at this (supermarket basic) price point, this really shines. 6/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Cotes du Ventoux Les Traverses, 1999, £4.95
Very young looking dark purple. Interesting nose, but a bit closed. Good attack with nice fruit. Fills enormously. Massive fruit on the middle. Pure and rather intense syrah, but also remarkably soft and with little of the peppery spice. Bit on the thin side perhaps. Nicolas Jaboulet recommends giving it 3 years before drinking. (Which is the sort of thing I usually take as meaning "we know it's not terribly attractive, but we've got to sell it", when said by producers or shippers!) 5/10 (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet The Society's Exhibition Cotes-du-Rhone 1998, £5.95
I am not a particular fan of the Wine Society's exhibition range - in my view, the best that can be said is that they're better than their ordinary own label wines. This did little to change my mind, and, honest!, I did go in with an open mind. Anyway ... Looks a little thin, but nicely maturing appearance. Another bottle looked much younger. Dark, spicy slightly plummy nose - very deep and just a bit elusive. Attractive attack. Fair bit of structure with lots of tannin on the middle, competing a bit with the pretty powerful fruit. Tannins follow through on finish. OK for the price. Bit disappointing. The second bottle (overall a bit fresher) seemed to me a bit thin. 4/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Vacqueyras, Reserve Personnelle, 1996, £8.95
Intense, inky, mature ruby. Lovely nose - earthy and floral at once. Massive in the mouth. Beautiful soft attack. Develops and fills well. Masses of tannin on middle and growing(!) on the finish. A second bottle was virtually identical, but phew!, those tannins are hard to overcome. 4/10 for now, but will be 6/10 in a few years. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine Raymond Roure, 1996, £13.50
Almost black, with a touch of youth still showing. Very intense concentrated nose - deep, concentrated, complex: Leathery, violets, stewed plums and even roast beef. [I must have liked this to get so carried away!] Very good attack - real blast of flavour. Develops very well. Tannins come in towards the finish together with a great blast of spice. Very impressive. 9/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage Vieilles Vignes, 1996 Not priced.
This comes from the older vines of the Thalabert domain. Good deep inky ruby. Rather odd nose. Lots of vegetal notes and an air of boiled milk to it. There is some fruit there, but only in the background and it's hard to pick up. Big attack. Fills well, then opens up considerably in the mouth, even lightening slightly. Massive and incredibly attractive on middle and finish. Bags of super concentrated fruit and actually a rather nice hint of acidity. Extremely elegant. A second bottle was more inky in colour and with a more normal nose, but with slightly heavier tannins. Another bottle again returned to the oddness of nose with mushroom-y notes. 8/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

08/01 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle, 1991, £40.00
Lovely, fairly mature, slightly brickish burgundy colour. Notable clarity. Nice open nose, but can't say it's anything remarkable. A second bottle had more of the attractive truffle on the nose. Nice attack - fills very quickly. Massive concentration. Soft, pleasing tannins. Very elegant. It really does have an ethereal quality to it on the palate. Can't say the finish was anything particularly remarkable. Rather more tannin in a third bottle. 8++/10. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

07/01 Chateauneuf du Pape, Vieux Telegraph Blanc 1998
Almost no fruit on the nose and in its place a smell of decaying organic matter which Lorna identified as like blue cheese. Again a rich full bodied wine with greater complexity than the Condrieu and I had the feeling that it may only start to show it true nature in another 5-10 years. (Charles A, UK)

07/01 Chateauneuf du Pape, Mont Redon, 1989
Although 12 years old this had not lost any of the colour of vibrant youth, if dark red can ever be vibrant. There is plenty of everything here, with some grenache sweetness, some syrah spice followed by earthy bitter flavours, tannins and a slightly alcoholic finish. My previous experience of this wine is that you need time for all the flavours to show. Drinking well now but could last another 5 years or more. (Charles A, UK)

06/01 Hermitage 'Le Greal' 1995. M. Sorrel
Medium purple/crimson. Decidedly different in contrast to the RWT's. Much more minerally with its cherry/plum fruit and much less weighty. The palate suggests much more acid which comes across as a little tart and tannic in comparison. Pretty complex with its earthy, slightly leathery and herby fruit. Very little new oak in this I would suggest. Long, trim and taut, slightly reserved and just starting to come around. Needs more time and one to drink with food. £20.00 BBR. (Phil Wilkins, UK)

04/01 Lirac 1998 Domaine La Genestiere
Very Rhoney nose - leather, pepper, subdued fruit. Didn't seem to have the really powerful strawberry of a typical grenache-based rhone, but maybe I was just being crap. It did have somewhat high alcohol sticking out on the nose and the palette, but it was nevertheless well put together (Lucian Holland, UK)

Asda stock the 1999 as their local co-op Crozes and Charles Metcalf has recommended it, I couldn't resist when the local Asda had the 1995 on the shelfs.Dry with a nice structure but lots of spicy syrah fruit. Would be great with grilled meat.I think the bottle age has helped and wonder if the 1999 would be too young? Pick this vintage up if you see it.Very good (Russell Sainty, UK)

03/01 1998 Tardieu-Laurent ‘Vieilles Vignes’ Chateauneuf-du-Pape
Ah, lovely – a 1998 Southern Rhone from a producer who routinely slaps on a lot of make-up. So I prepare my nose, take a dive, and find lots of oak, roasted fruit, oak, spice, oak, sun-kissed fruit, oak, oak, oak, oak, cream, oak, mint, oak, oak, oak, oak. Oak. Great amounts of artificiality on both the nose and palate screech out in a finish that leaves a dry, chafed taste in my mouth. Hey, at least it’s not overbearingly hot, and seems to have the stuffing to age into an older oak monster. Too bad there’s no noticeable brett to make up the numbers in this wine. (Yixin Ong, Singapore/UK)

J-P et J-L Jamet Cote-Rotie 1999
A stunning effort that ranks as one of the best wines I've tasted in recent years. Vibrant bright purple colour. Lovely, exotic full nose of intense, pure berry fruit combining with herbs, liquorice and floral notes. Firm tannins underpin the wonderfully expressive palate, with many layers of flavour. Dense, concentrated and showing great balance. Excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

03/01 Gilles Barges Cote-Rotie Cuvee Duplessy 1999
Gilles Barge reckons this is the best wine he has ever made. Bright red purple colour with a sensational nose of pure berry fruit and the distinctive Syrah characteristics of smoked bacon, liquorice and herbs. It shows meaty, herby fruit on the palate with great balance and complexity. A superb wine, but not quite as breathtaking as the Jamet 1999. Excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

03/01 Domaine de Colombier Crozes-Hermitage Cuvee Gaby 1999
Florent Viale owns 14 ha of vineyards, 12 of which are Crozes-Hermitage (he also has 1.5 ha of Hermitage and 1.2 ha of Crozes-Hermitageblanc). A bright red purple colour, this lovely wine has a dense, firm but open nose with meaty, savoury, varietally true Syrah fruit. On the palate this is tannic and firm, with quite high acidity. Very attractive and probably the bargain of the tasting. Very good/excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

03/01 Domaine de Colombier Hermitage Rouge 1999
From a small 1.5 ha holding, this is a very unusual but appealing wine. It has a distinctive floral and liquorice nose, underpinned by astonishingly pure fruit. This pure fruit is underpinned on the palate by firm, dense tannins: it is an interesting and potentially ageworthy wine, but the fruit makes it tempting now, in its infancy. Very good/excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

03/01 Chateau Beaucastel Rouge '93
This bottle shows signs of tiredness. This time round just a little aged, leathery and more of a struggle to get to the sweet grenache and syrah fruit that was certainly present before. I suppose hanging onto 'good', but for me only just. (Nick Alabaster, UK)

02/01 1998 Dom. Pochon, Crozes-Hermitage
Quite dark, with a fairly down-the-line nose of brine-cured olives, herbs, dark fruit and rubber, with noticeable brett adding an extra dimension. Too tart in the mouth, the acid makes it seem disjointed and odd, although there’s a fairly decent peppery finish. To its credit, this does open up some more over time and lose some of its tartness for fruit, but not enough to sway me.

02/01 1998 Cave de Rasteau, Rasteau
Lots of white pepper, strawberry jam and alcohol complemented by some earthiness. Completely sterile on the palate, tastes very flat and manufactured, with a peppery finish.

02/01 1997 Juge ‘C’ Cornas
Yummy wine, not as black or grippy as a ‘typical’ monster Cornas, but a delineated nose suggesting and delivering olives, rubber, smoke, ashes and wilted flowers wrapped around the hidden fruit, with a slight hint of VA (I think!). Elegant in the mouth, this is a very nice wine indeed, although I’m not sure I’ll have pegged it in Cornas, despite the fair amount of grip this had. This is where it’s at, baby. Oh yeah.

02/01 1998 Dom. Garon, Cote-Rotie
I have never heard of them before, but nose wise this is pretty nice, with lots and lots of earth, flowers, bacon fat and pepper. There’s also a ton of blueberry on this one, and some creamy mint which throws me off. Very, very ripe wine indeed on the palate, although it’s balanced enough to be drinkable, it suffers from being alongside the much more elegant Cornas. Sheesh, I thought I’d never say that about a Cornas compared to a C-R, but here it is.

02/01 1998 Clos de Cazaux ‘La Tour Sarrazine’, Gigondas
80% Grenache, 15% Syrah and 5% Mourvedre, this was fairly closed right now, although it was most definitely quite ripe and had a surprising tannic grip that bodes fairly well. There’s some stinky poo in this, for those hygienically challenged.

02/01 1998 Font de Michelle Cuvee ‘Etienne Gonnet’, CdP
Why make a balanced wine when you can make an unbalanced one instead? Full of alcohol, bursting with sun-kissed raisins, this is one of the worst 1998 Southern Rhones I’ve had so far, with a startling ability to demonstrate the reality of mono-dimensional physics throughout. To be honest, my initial TN for this wine had four words: ‘Alky (i.e. alcoholic), disgusting, glycerol and yuck’. I can see why some people would like it, but this stuff tastes completely vile to me.

02/01 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage "Domaine Thalabert" 1985
Dark colour, some brown tinge a rim. Deep, profound nose. An almost "sour" smell. I can see why this is referred to as a masculine wine. The fragrance is definitely male! An animal, gamey whiff with some fungi and forest floor (leaves and compost). Palate is sweet, with smooth tannin and mouth cleansing acidity (I bet it was really acidic when young.) Good long finish. Abv. 12.5% £25 Nickolls and Perks. (Daron Fincham, UK)

02/01 1999 CdR Villages Vinsobres, Chaume Arnaud
60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10 each of Mourvedre and Carignan. Strawberry compote and pepper, some burnt rubber and way, way too much alcohol. Dilute in the mouth with no structure, a slightly creamy finish. (Yixin Ong, UK/Singapore)

02/01 1998 Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Lucien Barrot
Herbs, earth and strawberries, a sunshine-y wine. Simple and pretty satisfying, although again the alcohol is pretty nasty and obvious, and the flavour seems more propelled by it than real depth and concentration. As a result, the finish is wonderfully hollow and echo-ing of emptiness. (Yixin Ong, UK/Singapore)

02/01 1997 Dom. de la Fauterie, Cornas
Why bother using grapes when you can harvest brettanomyces? To be fair, it did show somewhat differently with lots of aeration, but this is an unclean wine that does not have the requisite fruit to fight the poo. Nice rustic (high tannin, high acid, well-built as a Cornas should be) structure, pity about the rest of the wine. (Yixin Ong, UK/Singapore)

02/01 Paul Jaboulet Aine Crozes-Hermitage "Domaine de Thalabert" 1983
Well a flat boring red wine. The colour showed little sign of age, the primary fruit and nose was AWOL - apart from one whiff of smoke, the palate was not sweet enough and the finish hollow and a little too tannic. Compared with Ch. Preuillac '86 this offers 1 star QPR (the claret is a five!) Alcohol by volume unknown as not reported on the label. £22 (what was I thinking!) Nickolls and Perks (Daron Fincham, UK)

02/01 Cairanne La Font D'Estevanas CdR Villages 1998
Deep red with a tinge of purple at the rim. Overpoweringly peppery nose; a slightly metalic/funky edge of brett. Sweet oak/burnt sugar. Alcohol poking through slightly. A little plum/cherry fruit. Palette has lots of pepper and a little meatiness; sour cherry fruit; slightly disappointing mouth-feel and slightly low acidity, but nicely structured tannins. Finish is a bit short and rather woody with a hint of brettiness. Could have been nice but a little too international and appears to have had the guts ripped out of it by overoaking. A shame. (Lucian Holland, UK)

01/01 Paul Jaboulet, La Chapelle,1998
Deep purple in colour, nose was minerals, tarry with slight vegetal edge. The suprise was its softness and accessibility, very nice to drink now. No sign of closing down as yet (Mark Robertson, UK)

01/01 Ogier Cote Rotie 1995
Appearance: A deep dark red but very clear - sparkles with dark colour if that makes any sense.
Nose: imagine yourself in a field full of violets and roses in late summer, some distance away someone is frying bacon, but you are drinking the perfect wine.
Palate: deliciously distinctive fragrant mouth filling flavour. There are some dry tannins on the finish suggesting this has further to go.
Overall: a very fine elegant wine (only 12% alcohol). (Charles Adams, UK)

01/01 Château de Beaucastel 1991, Châteauneuf du Pape
If you want an example of bretty Beaucastel, this is the one to pick, the 1991. It shows an animal-poop-like, spicy nose that is actually quite attractive. On the palate the brett really shows, with cheesy, meaty, poopy flavours and a metallic finish. It is intensely savoury, and somewhat perversely, I quite like it. But there’s no doubt that this is a flawed wine. (Jamie Goode, UK)

01/01 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage "Domaine Thalabert" 1991
Only just indicating orange at the rim. Wonderful nose of blackcurrants and plums, as well as blackberry jam. However the whole thing is against a distinctive savoury background; that "animally" quality. This is confirmed on the palate as a "beef jerky" flavour combined with preserved fruits. Some sweetness but the acidity predominates. Finish is refreshingly dry and of medium length. 13% alcohol by volume (Daron Fincham, UK)

11/00 Domaine de Montine, Coteaux de Tricastin 1998
A good, bright red colour. Pleasant aromas of red fruits and some smokey hints. Very pleasant typically Rhone-like flavours, red fruits, bacon, smoke. A very decent cheap Rhone with plenty of character for the price. (Mark Pearce, UK)

09/00 Domaine des Espiers 1999 Côtes du Rhône Sablet
A Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre blend. This has a lovely southern Rhône nose: stony, earthy, spicy and deep. Firm, tannic and herby palate. Really lovely stuff, with good ageing potential. Very good/excellent. (Jamie Goode, UK)

08/00 JL Chave Hermitage, northern Rhône 1994
Beautifully perfumed and expressive Hermitage, with smoky, syrah characters and a burnt rubber edge. Complex and attractive, with firm acidity. Lovely wine in a delicate, exotic style. Excellent. (Jamie Goode, UK)

08/00 Château de St Cosme Gigondas, Earl Barruol 1997
Slightly bretty wine with meaty, earthy notes combined with farmyard, cheesy notes. Overall it is an attractive, rustic Gigondas. OK/good. (Jamie Goode, UK)

08/00 J. Jamet Côte-Rôtie 1983
Soft and mature, with some herbal elements and high acidity. It is mature and expressive, but has probably seen better days. Good but not stunning. (Jamie Goode, UK)

08/00 Guigal Côte-Rôtie Côtes Brune et Blonde 1985
Evolved wine showing tannins, high acidity, a touch of smoke and some alcohol. I think this wine just didn't have enough initially to support 15 years' bottle age. OK, but I'm not keen. (Jamie Goode, UK)

08/00 Delas Hermitage Cuvée Marquise de la Tourrette1985
Slightly odd nose with some metallic elements, combined with smoke. Mature, mineralic wine with some tannins and acidity. Good but showing its age. (Jamie Goode, UK)

06/00 1998 Château Trignon
60% Grenache/ 20% Syrah/ 10% Mourvèdre/ 8% Cinsaut. Quite light coloured. A fresh, spicy, peppery wine with good tannic structure and some rubbery notes. Has future potential. Good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Le Grand Montmirail, Domaine Brussett
75% Grenache/ 15% Syrah/ 10% Cinsaut. A warm Southern nose gives way to a medium bodied wine with firm tannins and a spicy, slightly baked quality. Good + (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine de Piaugier
70% Grenache/ 20% Mourvèdre/ 10% Syrah; 40 year old vines. Deeper coloured but still medium bodied. Soft, slightly leafy fruit with a touch of smokiness. Ripe and quite tannic. Good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine des Tourelles
80% Grenache/ 15% Syrah/ 5% Mourvèdre. Dense wine with an attractive nose of smoky, stony notes. Warm and ripe on the palate with firm tannins and ripe fruit. Dense, youthful stuff. Needs time. Very good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine des Espiers
65% Grenache/ 35% Syrah; 40 year old vines. Dense wine. Ripe, soft and complex, with fine tannins and good intensity. Very good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine des Espiers, Cuvée Blaches
Similar composition to the regular cuvée, but sees some new oak. Super wine. Lovely, open, herby, smoky nose. Good concentration. Dense and forward, this is a lovely, savoury wine with firm tannins and a touch of new oak. Very good/excellent. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine le Pallieres
65% Grenache/17% Syrah/15% Mourvèdre/3% Cinsaut. This property has recently been bought by Daniel Brunier of Vieux Telegraphe and Kermit Lynch, before the 1998 harvest but not in time to have any influence on the viticulture of that vintage. It is an open, herby wine with light, sweet fruit and some supporting tannins. Good but a lighter style. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine de la Daysse
An unusual nose. Open and tea-laced palate, with fleshy primary fruit. Ripe and attractive but lacks focus. Good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Les Hauts de Montmirail, Domaine Brusset
A real head turner. 60% Grenache/ 25% Mourvèdre/ 15% Syrah; 60% new oak, 40% 1-2 year old barrels. A sweet, oaky and exotic wine, with smoky, mineralic, spicy and herby notes, and firm tannins, all wrapped up in fleshy, dark fruit. Good balance between the components. A blockbuster style; very good/excellent if this is what you are looking for. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine Bourjassot
70% Grenache, matured in new oak barrels. Spicy fruit and new oak combine to make a medium bodied, forward wine. Tannic and savoury, but not a blockbuster. Very good. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 1998 Domaine de la Tourade, Cuvée Morgan
40 year old vines, 80% Grenache/ 15% Syrah/ 5% Cinsaut. Dense wine with a cedary, oaky nose. Deep coloured and concentrated, it is sweetly fruited and tannic with a tawny-port like edge. There is a hint of a funky, caramel-like edge that may have come from the barrels used. Potentially very good, but odd. (Jamie Goode – UK)

06/00 Côte-Rôtie, Côtes Brune et Blond, 1991, Guigal
A: Very deep brick red. Good legs.
N: Smells of herbs, mint and gravelly terroir with whiffs of rusty iron.
P: Complex palate of liver and game followed by iron and spices. Long rich finish with ripe tannins and some acidity.
S: More elegant than the expected heaviness. Very good Cote-Rotie from an excellent vintage. Drink now - 2005+ (Paul Anderson - UK)

05/00 Ermitage L'Oree '94 from Chapoutier
The big hitter amongst Rhone whites was a little shy but packs a big punchy palate of oily citrus, crisp acids and long finish. Way behind the '93 in terms of development, clearly in for the long haul. (Nick Alabster - UK)

05/00 Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage Thalabert ‘90
Spicy, meaty, earthy black fruits – good maturity and complexity. Rich rounded palate of same. Lovely Crozes drinking well. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Joseph Jamet Côte-Rôtie ‘Côte Brune’ ‘90
More spice, more red fruity - almost Burgundian although some apricot notes too. Notes of cedary maturity on the palate. A little diffuse but enjoyable – mouth-filling. Drink now. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Rene Rostaing Côte-Rôtie ‘Côte Brune’ ‘90
A little closed in comparison. Tighter, firmer and feels lighter currently but perhaps is the better wine in reserve. Love spicy red fruits, classic. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Hermitage Guigal ‘90
Sweet raspberry over meaty plum on the nose. Youthful still. Richer but firmer than the first three wines and not as complex yet. Good weight, balance and length. Still room to improve I feel. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Côte-Rôtie La Mouline Guigal ‘90
Sweet spicy (yep – oak not fruit !) over rich raspberry concentrate – a bit like an oaky Burgundy from Laurent. Lovely rounded, rich, balanced and stylish – but not the impact I was expecting. For my wife this would be ‘nice easy drinking’. Long oaky finish. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Côte-Rôtie La Landonne Guigal ‘90
Older oak aromas on the nose dominate. Fruit seems hidden or at least harder to discern. Palate is weighty though, structure, dense and tannic. All looks good but needs more time. Finish is tannic and lacking fruit. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Chave Hermitage ‘90
Meaty fruits on the noses, needs coaxing. A little high toned perhaps. Rich meaty red and black fruits on the palate. Warming long finish with bright grippy acids predominating but not out of balance with the fruit and tannin.. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Chapoutier Ermitage La Pavillon ‘90
Dense black fruits, with spicy/smoky overlay. Good complexity and fruit on the nose. Rich meaty palate of plum and blackberry. Really thick, chewy palate. Mouth-filling, full bodied and youthful. Needs more time. On re-taste: Oaky ! Tannins on finish seem a little harsher and more likely oak second time round too. Seems to have an Ozzie Shiraz twang with all that spicy oak. Uhmm, I think the fruits good, but it I hope the oak and wine come together peacefully in time. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

05/00 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle ‘90
Creamy, sweet almost jammy black fruits on the nose. Some complexity but very seductive. Definite ‘sur maturite’ elements. Really dense fruit and sweetness on the palate. Massive, mouth-filling wine of cassis, blackberry; polished, rounded mouth-feel leaving lasting impression. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

04/00 Mont Olivet Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1989
Appearance: Rusty red, fading to brown at the edge. Bouquet: Possibly the most impressive red wine bouquet I can remember, I wrote down leather, cherries and honey but to be honest it was exactly classic red wine bouquet I day dream about everyday. Palate: Red fruits, herbs, and a slightly bitter tarry aftertaste. Still quite tannic. A bit of a disappointed after the phenomenal bouquet. (Charles Adams - UK)

04/00 Paul Jaboulet Crozes Hermitage Thalabert 1990
Appearance: Purple red, no hint of age. Bouquet: Spicy herbs, classic Syrah. Palate: Good black berry fruit and raspberry, slight cheesy parmesan taste, not unpleasant. Very smooth. Probably will last for years. (Charles Adams - UK)

04/00 Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1994
Dark red purple similar to Thalabert. Superb farmyard aroma overlaying classic red wine bouquet, quite distinct! I am fond of farmyard but I understand that some people may regard it as a fault. The palate combined all the best qualities of the Mont Olivet and Thalabert and this one won the day for me even though it probably has yet to reach full maturity. (Charles Adams - UK)

03/00 Hermitage Cave Tain, 1993
Appearance: a deep tawny brick red, some definite signs of age but good colour out to the rim.
Bouquet: well integrated, no overpowering oak or in your face fruit, just subtle leather seated Rolls-Royce with a hint of spice and pencil shavings.
Palate: smooth and sweetish, definitely port-like, reminiscent of some of good Australian shiraz (e.g. St Hallet Old Bloch) but even better with layers of flavour which gradually unfold on your tongue. If the '93 coop wine is this good, La Chappelle must be really something! (Charles Adams - UK)

02/00 Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle 1996
I've already drunk several bottles of this and on tonight's showing it's easy to see why. Lovely rich, meaty/bacony syrah of style and balance. Lost some puppy fat but not firmed or closed as such (never has - god knows what samples Parker has been drinking !), just a more overall elegant and complex impression. Ripe, rich Hermitage just the way I like it ! (Nick Alabaster - UK)

02/00 Vieux Telegraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1993
An open, meaty, mostly red fruity nose leads to a spicy, medium bodied palate of moderate intensity with balance and suppleness. After a couple of years showing it's harder side, this wine has now entered a pleasing maturity with lots of Chateauneuf appeal. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

02/00 Vieux Telegraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1993
I've seen many people mention excess sulphur in the '95 and I occasionally notice it in one of the batches I bought. I did in this bottle (a bit stinky and odd aftertaste) but plenty of vigorous swirling/shaking did the trick and the focus was back to rich meaty, herby black fruits on the nose. The palate has elegance with good concentration of fruit and complexing notes of earth and spice which lingers nicely. The tannins are softer now than at release but I'd still say keep the corks in if you've only one or two bottles. (Nick Alabaster - UK)

02/00 Pere Ansèlme Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Fiole 1990
Appearance - Deep purple, only slightly darker at the core & holding good colour to the rim, fairly clear. Nose - morello cherry, heaps of blackcurrant with a slight touch of pepper/spice. Palate - Well balanced, long finish, hints of liquorice & still some tannins, personally I think this wine would still be drinking well at least till the end of this year if not the next. (B. Ham - UK)

01/00 Crozes Hermitage Domaine Barret (E. Pochon) 1998
Smooth berry and caramel nose. Rude young purple colour. Soft velvetty mouthfeel, hints of future gaminess already apparent. Probably not a long term keeper, but who cares, it's already delicious. (Paul Armstrong - UK)

01/00 Domaine Cros de la Mure Gigondas 1998
Bright clean red/purple. Caramelly nose, gradually dissipated. Very pure clean fruit core, touch of hotness. Belies its alleged 14% alcohol, not particularly full bodied: young vine juice perhaps? Very pleasing, but no blockbuster unless it puts on a lot of weight with further aging. (Paul Armstrong - UK)


11/01 Hermitage Blanc 1999, Domaine Chave
Bright and clean appearance. Peachy, creamy aromas with obvious alcohol fumes. Oily mouthfeel, spicy and rich. Shows real power and good balance. Toffee and cream and a slight burn on the finish. Very good, but needs time to calm down after recent bottling (Sept 2001). Drink 2003 - 2015 and beyond. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Blanc 1996, Domaine Chave
Slightly green/gold. Less vibrant than '99, showing nuttiness but still fresh. Very oily and round on the palate with flavours of honeyed almonds. Still rich and powerful with quite a spicy finish. Very good. Now - 2010 (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Blanc 1995, Domaine Chave
Bright and clean. Similar nose to the '96 with honey and nuts but seems bigger and also showing some spice and white pepper. Oily, concentrated mouthful of honey and tropical fruits. Lovely round fatness on a lush finish that fades surprisingly quickly. Excellent. Now - 2015. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Hermitage Blanc 1988, Domaine Chave
Golden, clean appearance. Strong whiffs of rotten vegetables and sulphur (although he doesn't use any) at first, which clears away to reveal honey and nuts. A big rich, oily palate with peach and honeyed fruit flavours. Slight sweetness on the finish but it is well balanced and quite savoury. Very good indeed. Now - 2010. (Paul Anderson, UK)

11/01 Condrieu 1997, Guigal, Rhone
A: Very light green, strong legs. N: Bursting with tropical fruits on the nose, mainly pineapple and apricots. P: Rosy rich tropical flavours with a real dry undercurrent. Long rich spicy finish. S: Very good indeed. Now - 2003. (Paul Anderson, UK)

10/01 1997 Condrieu Les Ayguets – Cuilleron
Pale gold/amber. That distinctive fragrant Condrieu nose of peaches and apricots, with added honeysuckle. Good acidity, perfectly balancing the sweetness which is not at all cloying. Plenty of peach and apricot flavour with honey coming through on quite a long finish. The style reminded me of the Loire rather than Sauternes. Good now, but has the fruit and structure to age well, although I have no experience of older bottles. Conclusion: Good and something different, so for me it has its place. Went surprisingly well with pears in pastry with caramel sauce. Reasonable value at around £25 for 50cl from Oddbins Fine Wine. (Trevor March, UK)

10/01 Condrieu, J.Vidal Fleury 2000
Really disappointing. Typical peaches and exotic fruits on the nose, but in the mouth the wine was acidic and very thin, with no finish. Conclusion was that it was a poor wine, rather than a corked bottle. May be it will put on weight with a bit of bottle age, but I've found Condrieu best while young. (Cameron Clark, Holland)

07/01 Condrieu la Grand Vallon F. Villard 1999
Nice peachy bouquet (very typical viognier), good fruit flavour with very high ripeness, 14% alcohol but with sufficient acidity to give a freshness often lacking in many New World viogniers. (Charles A, UK)

04/01 Clos Petite Bellane, Cotes du Rhone Blanc, 1999
50% viognier 50% marsanne. I had this before at an Oddbins tasting where it was served a bit cold and did not appear to have a finish. Better this time, but rathered reinforced my suspicion that I am not a white wine drinker. £5.49 Oddbins (Charles A, UK)

Sumptuous nose of peaches, apricots and spring blossom. Glorious mouthfeel with all the fruit flavours seemingly wrapped in a lovely honeyed coating, finishing wonderfully smooth - a gentle syrup with a fine touch of acidity. Outstanding. (Dave Sansom, UK)

03/01 Robert Niero Condrieu 1999
Now this is my style of Condrieu. Full of interest, it has a lovely, slightly stinky nose with a smoky edge to the fruit and that elusive 'burnt rubber' edge that the Viognier grape can sometimes show. The palate is rich and rounded (with some oak?). Very good/excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

03/01 Robert Niero Condrieu Coteau de Chery 1999
Niero makes this special cuvée from a small parcel of old vine fruit. This is super stuff. It has an almost exotic nose: smoky, rich and full, with a rubbery edge to the fruit and some spice to boot. The full, rich, rounded palate has a spicy finish and plenty of interest. Very good/excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Dom. Faury, Condrieu
Light golden straw. Closed, very sulphury, opens up to reveal floral, peach, apricot, tangerines and musk, quite straightforward Condrieu. Shelled nuts on the palate but this lacks nerve and finishes weakly. A red flag, as usual, for this alcoholic wine, although less troublesome than some.

02/01 1998 Font de Michelle, CdP blanc
Mid golden straw. Waxy, glue and turpentine, quite forward. Too diffuse in the mouth to hold real interest, and a lack of acid, ultimately make for a wine that's drinking as well as it ever will, but without depth or structure.

02/01 1999 Dom. de la Cessane, Marsanne and Viognier
Exact composition not known, estimated two-thirds Marsanne. Very pale, some peachy fruit, bits of turpentine but all buried underneath overwhelming alcohol. A bit distilled-tasting and grape-y, bland as bland can be, and I'm grateful there's not much of a non-existent finish. (Yixin Ong, UK/Singapore)

02/01 1999 St-Joseph Blanc, Andre Perret
Ho-hum. A 50-50 blend of Marsanne and Rousanne, this is like seriously bad white Crozes, with loads of glue and furred fruit (thinking peaches but also mould). Somewhat stemmy in the mouth, a bit too fat and stewed tea like, with too much alcohol. (Yixin Ong, UK/Singapore)

02/01 1999 Viognier, Domaine du Grangeon, Vin de Pays Coteaux de L'Ardeche
Tight, fresh peachy/spice nose with a touch of boiled sweets character. Good density on the palate: full flavoured, rounded and spicy, with some more of that confected boiled sweets character (for the benefit of US readers, I think this is what you call 'hard candy'). Very modern styled, and I'm not too keen on it. Very good (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, Francois Merlin
Lovely smoky, burnt/rubber nose: complex and spicy. Good concentration, with a lovely smokiness to the fruit on the palate. Very interesting. Good balance and a dry finish. Very good/excellent. (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, Phillippe Faury
Pure nose: fresh and floral with spicy notes. Medium density on the palate with quite an alcoholic finish. Very good (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, Robert Niero
Attractive smoky/spicy nose with ripe apricot fruit. Rounded, balanced palate of good weight, with ripe spicy fruit and high alcohol. Quite impressive. Very good+ (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, Pierre Gaillard
Rounded fruity/floral nose with some burnt rubber complexity. Pleasant, thick-textured palate with ripe fruit, spice and alcohol. Peachy. Very good+ (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, 'La Loye' Jean-Michel Gerin
Odd slightly volatile nose: appley and a bit unclean. There's an odd balance to the palate -- the fruit has a strange edge to it. I'm not keen on this. OK/good. A bad bottle? (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Viognier, Faccin, VdP des Collines Rhodaniennes
Typical Viognier nose with peachy, spicy fruit. Quite delicate. Light, fresh palate with some spicy fruit. Good balance, but a bit light. Very good+ (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, Faccin
Rounded, spicy wine with some herby, peachy fruit on the nose. Nicely balanced palate with a touch of honey. Interesting, and not too alcoholic? Very good+ (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, E. Guigal
Exotic, slightly stinky nose, with notes of burnt rubber and cabbage. Spicy and rich. Nice palate: real interest here with complex flavours and almost vegetal notes. Very good/excellent, but odd. Oaky? (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, 'Le Grand Vallon, Francois Villard
Sensational nose: full, rich and spicy, with peachy fruit. New oak here? On the palate this is dry, quite tight and spicy, with lean, savoury fruit. Needs time? Very good/excellent (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 1999 Condrieu, 'La Petite Côte', Yves Cuilleron
Quite restrained nose: rounded, with honey and peaches. Good varietal character. Nicely balanced palate with good texture, fruit and some acidity. Very good+ (Jamie Goode, UK)

02/01 999 Condrieu, 'Les Terrasses de L'Empire, George Vernay
Exotic, fruity nose: sweet and spicy. The palate displays sweet fruit with good density and concentration, but this comes across as a bit too technological and modern for my palate. Very good. (Jamie Goode, UK)

09/00 Domaine de la Rocalière 1998 Lirac Blanc
A varietal Grenache Blanc, and I'm pretty unmoved by this. Unusual: dry and lean with an odd, nutty, waxy nose. A bit dull, though. (Jamie Goode, UK)

05/00 Condrieu, Coteau de Chery, Andre Perret, 1996.
A: Bright, clean golden colour with long legs.
N: Lychees, exotic fruits and smokey bacon.
P: Complex palate of honey, cinnamon, oranges and burnt wood with a long rich finish with a hint of sweetness and little acidity.
S: Great wine from N. Rhone. Very complex. Drink now. (Paul Anderson - UK)

05/00 Condrieu Domaine du Chene, 1997
A: Pale green, bright, clear.
N: Preserved oranges, marshmallows, marmalade and peaches.
P: Pineapples, lychees, with a prominent dryness followed by a rich, toffee finish, followed by alcoholic burn.
S: Good Condrieu from an excellent vintage. Drink now - 2003 (Paul Anderson - UK)

04/00 Condrieu de Chene (Rouvier) 1998
Appearance: Light yellow, very oily. Bouquet: Young fruit, flowery, squashed petals. Palate: Thin single cream, then peaches and cream, not overpowering, falls away quickly with a dry sherry like aftertaste. How can wine taste so like peaches and cream? A sensational experience! (Charles Adams - UK)

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