This is an archive of tasting notes from participants in the UK wine forum, with notes from before 2005

UK Wine Forum - Burgundy red
Notes from participants in the UK Forum are added in chronological order. Includes Beaujolais

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red - Beaujolais

Red Burgundy

03/04 Gerard Potel Bourgogne Rouge 1996
One of my wines of the year so far. Rich, complex nose - classic Pinot aromas of dark fruits/ farmyard. Velvety in the mouth, superb balance and complexity. Very long finish. Absolutely a point. This could easily be a Volnay PC. Why oh why did I only buy one bottle? (David Jenkins, UK)

02/04 Clos de la Roche Grand cru 1996, Jean Raphet
Dark red with slight browning. This wine was also decanted 3 hours before drinking. Initially it was slightly closed but had good aromas of strawberries and red cherries. After decanting these fruits were still there but were more intense with added complexity of forest floor and farmyard whiffs. This nose was showing real class. Before decanting the palate was mainly of subdued forest fruits and quite strong acidity and tannin. After the 3 hours it really opened out and showed lovely rich ripe strawberry and cherry fruits with added complexity of mushrooms and silky smooth tannins. The finish is ripe strawberry fruit with the more subdued acidity sweeping up at the end. This is an excellent wine showing lovely ripe fruit and complexity with that often elusive silkiness sought after in Burgundy. Drink now - 2012. (Paul Anderson, UK)

01/04 1999 Domaine des Perdrix – Nuits St George 1er Cru – Aux Perdrix
This wine, from magnum, was a gift from a Burgundy wine loving friend of mine. I decanted it two hours in advance. A dark strawberry red, the nose displaying sweet raspberry and light strawberry nuances, a touch of cinnamon and a little vanilla. The mouthfeel has an excellent balance and opens up beautifully. The silky finish is long and you hardly notice the tannins. A beautifully made wine that is still in its primary phase of development. 92/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

01/04 2000 Nuits 1er Cru Murgers - Chauvenet-Chopin
£18.50 (US$31, 26 Euros). Dark strawberry red, the perfumed nose showed a touch of earth. I found the palate mostly closed, save for a hint of raspberries but with a decent length. 86/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

01/04 Rene Engel Grand Echezeaux 1997
Lightweight first impression with nuances of undergrowth, leaves and damp earth. Lovely sweet strawberry fruit gradually emerges and seduces. Delicate and delicious. E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/04 La Pousse d'Or Volnay 1er Cru Clos des 60 Oeuvres 1995
Fuller bodied than preceeding wine, silky texture, but ultimately dries out a bit, and lacks the ethereal quality of the Grand Echezeaux. VG/E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

11/03 1993 Gevrey Chambertin Clos de la Justice, Pierre Bourée
Restrained elegant red fruits with light mushroom notes - really quiet delicate on the nose. By contrast, quite meaty and full on the palate. Round soft fruit. The fruit seems to be starting to recede a little, so its either about to enter a dumb phase or not, in my view, going to get much better. Rather nice finish. Very Good Indeed. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

11/03 Clos de Tart 1993
Opened to partner a roast pheasant. Very nice nose, a bit on the thin side, but an odd bitter taste towards the end of the mid-palate. Yesterday (after 24 hours in the half-filled bottle): same nose, still thin, but perhaps slightly fuller-bodied. Bitter taste still there. However, distinctly more tannin. (David Lester, UK)

11/03 Charmes-Chambertin 1990, Dujac
Quite pale. Pure fruit with a rich earthiness. Lovely elegance to it. Some toughness to the tannins, but I feel this is just a phase. Wonderful fruit. There is some real beauty to it. This is very good indeed. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Alain Guillot Mâcon-Cruzille Manganite 1999
An organic wine of limited production, made entirely of Gamay - the owner gave a bottle to Marek and Krzysztof to illustrate a discussion how Gamay can pass for a Pinot Noir in some terroirs. Surely this was a very good demonstration of that point, starting with a rather smelly barnyardy Burgundy nose of aged musk, with a bit of Pinotish elegance too. Long in mouth, if slightly hardish, with an acidity completely unexpected in Gamay (sharply delineated but also less fruit-flavoured and more disjointed from the wine at this point than I am used in Beaujolais). Good juicy cherry and would indeed make a good village wine even in more prestigious villages. Very good. (Nerval, Poland)

11/03 Volnay Taillepieds 1996, de Montille
Pure, complex, rich, earthy nose. Good Pinot fruit. A touch closed. Palate has some tough tannins and high acidity. Some real complexity and good length. A nice earthy character. SOme elegance. Very good, but angular at the moment. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Nuits St-Georges les Chaignots 1978, Georges Mugneret
Quite a pruney, lovbely, earthy, rich and earthy nose. A nice earthy intensity. Plenty of complexity. Lots of length. Fine++. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Charmes-Chambertin 1978, Dujac
Really sweet fruit and earthy inensity. Realk finesse abnd style. Lots of complexity. Very long. Fine+++. Lovely. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Nuits St-Georges Les St-Georges 1971, Gouges
A real earthy richness. Power and complexity. Richness and weight. Classy. Really very good. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Chambolle-Musigny les Gruenchers 1993, Dujac
Sweet fruit, perfumed nose. Refined and elegant with some real old vines concentration. Palate is very silky and smooth with great purity and finesse. Very long. Very lovely. You've got to love it. (David Strange, UK)

11/03 Leroy Bize Meursault Charmes 1996
Adequate but very high in acidity (not showing well?? Past it). (nick wise, UK)

11/03 Volnay, Louis Jadot 1987 (from a half)
Very pale pink, slight hint of bricking at the edges. Rich nose, black cherries. Very smooth in the mouth despite a slight hint of mustiness. Good length. Lovely mature village Burgundy. 20/25 £7.50 from auction. (David Jenkins, UK)

11/03 Marsannay (Rouge), Chateau de Marsannay 1999
Palish colour. Young nose, quite acid. Plenty of fruit and tannin on palate. Not much length. Try again in 2 years. 16/25. £9.99 Majestic (David Jenkins, UK)

11/03 Marsannay (Rouge), Louis Latour 2000
Lots of “legs” (13.5% alcohol). Reasonable nose, quite tannic although I bet I would identify this as Beaujolais in a blind tasting. A bit harsh, although there's plenty of fruit there. Improves with food. I can drink this, just. At £6.99 you get what you pay for here. 14/25 (David Jenkins, UK)

11/03 Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin 1998, Gilbert Picq
This was apparently subject to significant bottle variation, but I think I was reasonably fortunate. Quite rich and rounded for a Chablis, but with a fair bite to it. Not wildly exciting as I remember it (no notes unfortunately), but good and pleasant to drink nonetheless. 3/5 (Lucian Holland, UK)

09/03 Volnay Clos des 60 Ouvrees 1999, Domaine Pousee d'Or
Concentrated fruit nose, great finesse and village character. Palate is quite closed-down, but is very concentrated and has great purity. Really very good indeed. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Chambolle-Musigny 1er cru Les Gruenchers 1999, Domaine Fourrier
A bit closed, but has plenty of fruit and good village style. Indeed, it is quite stylish. Good concentration and structure, maybe lacking a bit of finesse. But, let us be honest, this is pretty decent wine. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Pommard 1er cru les Rugiens 1969, de Montille
Bottle 1: Lovely, gamey nose, palate is intellectually interesting but a bit too hard to love. Bottle 2: Richer and more powerful. Still has the Pommard hardness, but is rich and voluptuous. Lovely. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Chambolle-Musigny Fils et Pere
(negociant wine): Lovely bright fruit but a bit reduced at the moment. Good grip, but nice and feminine. Pretty stylish. Really quite good. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Morey St-Denis
Good fruity nose, also a touch reduced. Good ripeness. Nice ripe fruit weight and great balancing acid. Most stylish. Big but balanced. Very good indeed for what it is. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er cru Aux Combottes
Ripe nose, full but with a purity and refinement. Again a ripe weight, but great acidity and a real purity with plenty of finesse. Really very stylish indeed. Most sexy. A truly fine wine. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru
Has the same purity and finesse as the Combottes, but more power on the nose. Slightly meaty, more reduction? Palate is a bit tight and tough, but there is plenty of good fruit underneath and good acidity again. Fine, but not singing today, and to be honest I think I prefered the Combottes. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Clos St Denis Grand Cru
Again a hint of reduction ont he nose. But there is great perfume and much fragrence. The palate has real elegance and style. Great delicacy of fruit and a lovely acid livliness. Very good length and purity really shows on the finish. Best so far, really impressively good. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac 2002 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru
Brilliant, powerful, rich, complex nose of fruit and soil. It is singing. Palate is similarly lovely. Fruit power, earth and really silky tannins. Bold and confident. Really very fine, great wine. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac Clos de la Roche 2003
Just put into cask and still fermenting. Very sweet fruit, quite a lot of oak. Sweet with plenty of fruit. It is going to be big, but I would not feel qualified to comment on it at this stage. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac Clos de la Roche 2001
Nice fruit, good power and quite stylish, but perhaps lacks the power and excitement of the 2002. Great balance and lovely fruit, though. Still a terribly good wine. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac Clos St Denis 1995
Opulent, headonistic nose of finesse, fruit and lovely things. The palate has elegance and finesse, but is perhaps a touch hard at the moment. Brilliant, but too young at the moment. The nose is a beautifully dressed woman, but the palate suggests she is wearing a chastity belt. (David Strange, UK)

09/03 Domaine Dujac Clos St Denis 1990
Finesse and refinement, but with a powerful punch. Some softness. Palate is rich, complex and earthy but with a surprising degree of power. Clos St Denis for heros! (David Strange, UK)

09/03 1999 Bourgogne Rouge, Gerbet
Clear bright medium strawberry red, some legs. Clean youthful nose, slightly jammy, fresh raspberry, hint of VA. Dry, medium bodied, fresh strawberry/sour cherry fruit. Finishes slightly acidic and a tad hot. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1995 Morey St Denis, Dominique Laurent
Slightly cloudy (heavy with sediment) - got the back end of this one, rhubarb red. Clean nose showing some development, five spice, cherry and touches of plum pudding. Dry, medium bodied, exotic spices (star anise, clove) follow through on the palate, together with satsuma plum and dark cherry. Nice wine, but didn't get to try enough to draw a decent conclusion as to its quality. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1994 Gevrey-Chambertin Vielle Vignes, Domaine Roy
Clean bright medium garnet fading to the rim. Clean developed nose - typical forest floor - overlaying strawberry fruit. Dry, medium bodied, soft, slightly faded summer fruits dominate the palate. Not particularly complex and not likely to improve further. Perhaps a reflection of the vintage. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1990 Gevrey-Chambertin, Faiveley
Clean bright medium ruby/garnet fading to the rim. Clean but slightly "dumb" nose, some hints of stewed red cabbage and other vegetal characters overlaying soft raspberry fruit. Surprisingly, the palate shows some sweet ripe fruit and not much by way of secodary characters. Indeed, there is no way that you would have thought that this is a 13 year old wine. Still a baby. Very good with room to improve further. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1988 Vosne Romanee, Domaine Rene Engel
Clear medium garnet fading to mahogany. Clean fully mature bouquet of dry autumn leaves. On the palate, dry medium bodied, soft quite rich berry fruit (fading), together with nutmeg and clove spice, good finish. On the downhill slope but not disgraced. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1983 Nuits St Georges, Faiveley
Clear garnet verging to mahogany tawny in colour - this is fully mature Burgundy - confirm on the slightly musty nose which is dominated by earth, spice and dried leaves. The palate is dry, medium bodied, showing fig, nutmeg, leather, truffles and mushrooms. Quite a complex wine, but I like mine with a bit more life in them. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1986 Chambolle-Musigny, Moillard
Clear amber-tawny in colour, heavily faded at the rim. The bouquet is almost maderized, leather and freshly polished wood are the only other things I can detect. On the palate, dry, thin and acidic. Rusty tap water were the words that came to mind. Over the hill. Past it. Six foot under. (Phil Shorten, UK)

09/03 1998 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru - Les Cras, Ghislaine Barthod
Clear bright cherry/beetroot red in colour, some legs. Clean youthful nose of macerated cherry together with smoky oak. On the palate, locked tighter than a nun's chastity belt, any fruit is buried deep under the dark chocolatey tannins. Quite a heavily extracted and heavily oaked wine. Time will only tell whether it blossoms into something special. However, I suspect it is not a wine for lovers of perfumed elegant pinot noir. (Phil Shorten, UK)

07/03 Baron de la Charriere 2000 Santenay 1er Cru £15 (US$23)
A medium strawberry red. The nose showed some damp leaves, earthy with noticeable alcohol. Tasting it was not much fun, with a hot streak of alcohol carrying along some light red fruit with evident tannins. Something went wrong with this wine, and I am not sure if it was the winemaking. I could not detect any TCA, and this was disappointing, to say the least. 78/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

07/03 2000 Nicolas Potel, Savigny-les-Beaune Le Peuillets
Medium-plus colour - already turning to ruby from cherry. The nose starts with wood, and plenty of it. With aeration there is black and red cherry, coffee and chocolate. Good acidity and nice concentration of blackberry and raspberry. The tannins are close to being completely covered by the fruit. The finish is long, but slightly harsh from the wood. Very good potential and a good drink today to boot. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/03 2000 Bouchard Père et Fils, Beaune Clos du Roi
A little lighter than the Potel wine and still cherry-red coloured. Still has hints of oak on the nose, but mainly a mix of red fruits. Very good acidity and just so juicy - like closing your jaws on a mouthful of cherries - but without the stones! Medium-plus and quite drying tannins. This shows in a young way, but was a delight anyway. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/03 2000 Jean-Marc Boillot, Pommard Jarollières
Medium-plus cherry already starting with a hint of amber at the rim. The nose starts with toasty oak and plenty of raspberry fruit; the oak soon blows off. Another luciously juicy palate with excellent acidity. The fruit is medium concentrated but very pure, again red in profile. Drying tannins on the finish tell the story of a very young but currently very tasty wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/03 2000 Mercurey, Domaines Faiveley
Noticeable that the bottle was filled to half cm below cork. Bright cherry colour, well-perfumed nose and flavours of crunchy red fruits. Crisp acidity and very moreish finish. Will probably keep for two, three years or longer. A good value at £6.99 less 5% for 6 at Safeway earlier this year (David Riach, UK)

05/03 Albert Morot, Beaune-Bressandes 1er Cru (1995)
Lightish colour. Browning at rim. Nose quite sweet, fairly nice complexity, but let down by palate - too mushroomy, and harsh tannins at finish with uncomfortably spiky acid (aged well before its time - badly stored?). (Stephan Muller, UK)

05/03 B & JM Delauney, Cuvee Cyrot-Chaudron (1985)
Light core, mature brick at rim. Good nose, quite farmyardy, hay, cut grass, and palate much better here - sweeter, smoother, integrated tannins and nicely balanced acid on finish. Midpalate perhaps weakening somewhat and drying out a touch, but still good length. (Stephan Muller, UK)

05/03 A & R Barriere Freres, Pommard-Epenots (1949)
Visibly old, very light, brown to core. Nose completely evolved and loose-knit, touch mushroomy and a fair whack of VA. Palate drying out, spiky acid and some astringency with little fruit to bring the whole lot together - at least ten years too old? Interesting though. (Stephan Muller, UK)

05/03 Dom. de Vogue, Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru (1988)
Touch darker, less evolved colour. Nice fruit on the nose still (!), more defined aromas and less resolved. Slightly let down by palate where the finish is dominated by harsh tannins with little fruit or pleasing texture. Good nose though. (Stephan Muller, UK)

05/03 Domaine Romanee-Conti Echezeaux 1993
Appealing soft pale ruby colour. Quite forward nose with lots of red fruit and a bit of meatiness. Soft entry and nice fruit on the mid-palate - longish finish but lots of acid which dominates. Very nice wine, but the dominant acid stops it short of excellence. 89/100 (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

05/03 Romanee-Conti Grands Echezeaux 1993
Noticeably deeper colour. The nose is shy, but somehow more intense - dominated by black fruit with a hint of spice. Follows through nicely onto the palate with plenty of fruit on the mid-palate. Strong tannins on the finish, but this seems much more in balance than the Echezeaux - probably just drunk several years too early to be at its best. 91/100 (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

05/03 Romanee-Conti Romanee St-Vivant 1993
Colour similar to the Echezeaux but a couple of shades darker. Nose delicate and initially dominated by vanilla and a slightly floral character - with a bit of time became more "strawberries and cream", and then even some chocolate and black cherries. Powerful but medium-bodied (even light/medium-bodied) wine - silky/velvety/very elegant and just beginning to drink really nicely, although again plenty of acid there. Nice chewy finish and excellent length. 94/100 (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

05/03 Romanee-Conti Richebourg 1993
Dark plum - deeper than the Grands Echezeaux. Nose much more savoury - meatiness with a hint of violets, and some black fruit lurking in the background. Surprisingly soft and juicy on entry but increasingly full-bodied on the palate with great grip. Very dry finish with lashings of tannin and acid. This is a long way from its best, and I don't have the experience to know what it might turn into. 91/100 (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

05/03 Romanee-Conti La Tache 1993
Blackish plum colour - darkest wine of the evening. Nose a bit subdued with vanilla and black fruit - developed some gamey notes with time in the glass, and an odd hint of balsamic vinegar (an experienced taster sitting next to me said that this wine had high VA, others thought that it was slightly corked). Big mouthful with lots of grip - similar in style to the Richebourg but to me this has better balance and structure, and is noticeably longer on the finish. 93/100 (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

05/03 Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti 1993
Desperate to taste this......nose a bit flat - surely not ? Some mustiness on the nose and not much else - to me not obviously corked, but clearly there's something wrong. On reflection, the colour looks a bit flat as well. On the palate a big spicy mouthful with nice grip and very good length - a very nice mouthful of wine but nothing like it should be. No score (opinion was split - some others in the group thought this not faulty and rated it excellent/outstanding with scores up to 95.) (Mick Jenkins, South Africa)

04/03 Domaine de Vogue, Bonnes-Mares 1976
Brick red, mature, touch cloudy. Very nice, sweet tobacco nose that had me guessing Bordeaux (again), resolved tertiary, slightly meaty, bloody flavours on palate and fading red fruits (strawberry) - very nice wine, if a touch tired. Why is this so easy to confuse with Bordeaux? Shouldn't happen, surely? (Stephan Muller, UK)

03/03 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 1997, Domaine Jean Raphet
Deep red. Wow, some nose, with big ripe forest fruit aromas. Very rich on the palate (maybe it's the contrast with the more elegant Haut Brion) with tight strawberry and plum fruit flavours. Long rich finish with silky tannins and the slightest hint of acidity. Excellent. (Paul Anderson, UK)

03/03 1996 Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge
Still a deep and young looking ruby colour. The nose is a simply gorgeous blend of predominantly raspberry fruit plus other red berries and cherries. On release I remember this wine to be quite unforgiving and a bit acidic, 4 years has worked a little magic and the palate is now quite fat with lovely cherry fruit. Perhaps there's still a slightly harsh edge to the acidity - which is not unlike many 1996's today - but this certainly improved with aeration. Still a young and very classy wine, reminds me of a very good premier cru Savigny. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

03/03 1996 Domaine Germain, Beaune 1er Les Cras Vieilles Vignes
Medium-plus ruby only fading very slightly at the rim. The nose starts with pronounced toasty oak; very quickly blowing off to reveal toasted bread and deep black cherry. In the mouth there's nice volume, excellent acidity and beautifully controlled smooth tannins. Still a little one-dimensional, but a wine to savour for the next 15 years at least - excellent. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

03/03 1998 Nicolas Potel, Pommard 1er Epenots
Looking forward to this, as the last bottle was corked - unfortunately, this was considerably worse than the last one! A bad batch? I'll try a third time, but it will be the last (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

03/03 Javelot Beaune 2000 (Safeway own-label)
This was a recommendation of Decanter a while ago (the 2000). My poorly written notes, produced under the influence of a bottle, last August: Quite light damson/ maroon colour, good legs. Smoky, vegetative slightly spicy with bit of fruit. Brown sugar. Good tanin and acidity, good fruit and decent length. Acidity and tanin may = a bit of life to come? VG (Ken Miller, UK)

03/03 Albert Morot Savigny Vergelesses 1er cru - "La Bataillere"
If one can imagine a wine which is perfect then this was it. A heavenly rich colour, warm scent of a spice shop - gentle and welcoming and then a taste of liquid ecstasy. Smooth, round, long aftertaste - utter bliss. Had to repeat the pleasure with a second bottle. (John MacLauchlan, Belgium)

02/03 Maume 1986 Mazi Chambertin
Sepia to the rim. Strange almost detergent like nose. Fine but obtrusive tanin, good length but clearly fading now. Slightly lacking on the mid palate. Peacock's tail. Past its best. Unusual Pinot, quite a challenge but still very good. (John T)

02/03 Le Corton Bouchard 1985
Stored in my flat in not ideal but acceptable condition. I did have to bring it from the states back to UK so I allowed for some travel shock. Colour, clear, still had a solid core and slight garnet edge. Nose, muted red fruits, sweet nose, could this be the bottle shock, body, still has residual tannin but integrated and not obtusive. Aftertaste, the best part, has a wonderful sweetness and fragrant friut driven taste? feel? Could this reflect Bill Nanson's comment about their more recent Le Corton as powerful but tough? difficult to rate due to the variables but if I see another bottle at the right price will probably try again. (Roland Leung, UK)

02/03 1996 Chambolle-Musigny, Jaffelin 13% ABV
Clear garnet, consistent throughout. Light, astringent, dried out, lacking in any body or flavour. Avoid. Poor. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

02/03 1997 Beaune Avaux 1er Cru, Domaine Caillot 13% abv
Deep cherry red. Mushroom, fungus and strawberry give an evolved nose. Medium palate, hint of spice, very much secondary aromas, with smooth tannin. Probably peak drinking. Good. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

02/03 1997 Givry, Latour Maj, 4.99
Pale straw-yellow. Citrussy, chemical edged nose. A soft pleasant attack, smooth but acidity a bit lacking and taste rather dilute. Average. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

02/03 1999 Ghislaine Barthod, Bourgogne Rouge
Lovely medium density cherry red colour. The nose is deep showing red and black cherry notes, even a little raspberry and earth too. The palate shows good concentration and, perhaps, a more red fruity palate. Good acidity and sophisticated tannins. Shows good length too. Excellent Bourgogne Rouge (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 2000 N Potel, Bourgogne Rouge, 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles Vignes
Medium-full cherry colour. The nose is of cooking cherries with a subtle undertow of oak and earth. Fresh acidity, concentrated cherry fruit and medium tannins. This is very serious for a Bourgogne - particularly in 2000. Very good wine and worth leaving for 2 years. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 2000 Dominique Gallois, Bourgogne Rouge
Similar depth of colour to the Drouhin wine, though shaded to ruby. The nose is cherry and raspberry with just a hint of turned earth. The palate shows black and red berried fruits. Dood acidity and smooth tannins. Nice length to the finish. Similar softness to the Drouhin, though with a touch more concentration. A good wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 2000 Joseph Drouhin, Laforet Bourgogne Rouge
Medium-pale cherry colour. Sugared red fruits on the sweet nose. The acidity is fine and is coupled with light, smooth tannin. Relatively light bodied and very forward, this is a soft wine which would make a lovely aperitif. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1991 Marius Delarche, Corton Renardes
Deep ruby colour showing just a little amber at the rim. The nose has deep, cooked black cherries and much soil and undergrowth. Still tannic with refreshing acidity, there is nicely concentrated fruit which finishes reasonably long, ending on a note of licorice. This is a rough, tough Corton - just how I like them, but is spoiled a little by a consistent astringency. Still pretty good though. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1996 Dominique Gallois, Charmes-Chambertin
Lovely deep ruby, still with hints of purple. The nose is an impressive mix of blackberry, some subtle smokey notes and a hint of undergrowth - just perceptible coffee too. The palate, without being fat shows concentrated dark cherry fruit, good acidity and relatively smooth, medium tannins. The follow through is not bad - medium-plus length. Not as obviously young as many 96's but still some way from peaking - good now and should become a lovely wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1997 Nicolas Potel, Volnay
Medium ruby colour. Nose of raspberry and red cherry. Furry tannin and reasonable acidity coupled with lovely depth of red fruits. The finish lasts well. Very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1981 Hospices de Beaune, Beaune Clos des Avaux
From a number of magnums bought at auction for a good price. Colour was an excellent deep ruby moving through brown to amber at the rim. The nose is a lovely mix of chocolate, cooked plums and a faint resinous tone. The palate is broad long and structured with cooked cherry fruit, good acidity and still mildly tannic. Still a big and vigorous wine - lovely. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1999 Jean-Claude Belland, Santenay 1er Comme
Deep colour though already showing some development. Nose is intense and less primary compared to the first tasting a year ago. The palate shows good acidity and tannin, coupled with deep fruit just shaded towards black. This is very ripe. Medium-plus length. Still a bit forthright for real enjoyment now, but good wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1998 Henri Gouges, Nuit St.Georges 1er Les Pruliers
Medium-full cherry colour, still with purple hints. Nose starts with toasty oak which quickly blows off to reveal faint spice and earthy notes set against a background of high toned black cherry. This wine is quite fat with grainy tannins and long, fresh acidity. The predominantly cherry fruit is also nicely persistent and has good depth, though shows no complexity at this stage. This is a very good wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1996 Louis Jadot, Clos de Vougeot
Deep colour. Nose is black cherry with soil and fallen leaves. The palate has prominent furry tannins and very good acidity. The fruit is incredibly intense black cherry, in fact almost sour cherries. Very long too, though still very young. This wine is more structured and primary than most 2000's and I wouldn't touch another for 4-5 years. Excellent potential. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1994 Armand Rousseau, Clos de la Roche
Medium ruby with obvious bricking at the rim. There's an undertow of red fruit, but the dominant note is of vanilla. The palate is sweet, has good concentration of black cherry and the tannins are absolutely smooth and 'ready'. The vanilla comes through on the palate too, but still very good for the vintage and at least good overall. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1995 René Engel, Grands Echézeaux
Deep colour. Nose has quite primary small berry fruit. Good acidity and quite grainy tannins. Lovely depth, I wouldn't suggest trying another for at least 3 years. Fine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1996 Louis Jadot, Savigny-les Beaune 1er Les Vergelesses
Deep colour. The reserved nose still shows deep black cherry. A black fruit flavour profile – blackcurrants. The tannins and acidity are very similar to the 2001's. Still very young. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1998 Louis Jadot, Vosne-Romanée 1er Suchots
Again very deep colour. More oak on the nose than any of the previous wines. Still, there is smooth cherry pie behind this oak. Lots of volume in the mouth, and lots of tannin to – but quite silky. Nice acidity and very long. Very lovely. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1995 Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge
Deep ruby core, fading to amber. Nose of baked plums, tea and soil with rose petals at the top-end - very impressive. Good acidity and still reasonable tannin. The palate is medium concentration, and shows almost 'orangey' fruit. The finish is reasonably long but ends on a bitter note. Actually pretty good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1990 Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge
Medium ruby colour, fading to amber. The nose is a deep cherry pie affair and initially a little 'farmyard' but this fades after 2-3 minutes. The surprisingly fat palate shows good acidity, almost faded tannins and plenty of raspberry fruit. Probably reaching its peak right now - fabulous Bourgogne. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1999 Nicolas Potel, Bourgogne Rouge VV
Medium ruby colour. Nose is very pinot with raspberry, strawberry and violets. The palate has good acidity, some tannin and a lovely depth of red fruits. Quite a persistent finish too. Good wine, excellent Bourgogne. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/03 1997 Volnay (Marie Louise Parisot) 13% ABV
Pale watery rim, clear red with terracotta hints. Semi-evolved nose with berry fruit and a hint of farmyard/ compost. Pleasantly fruity, with rather earthy tannin, and very moderate length. Rather light, no complexity and nondescript. Average. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

01/03 Corton Pougets 1989 Jadot
Still some purple no maturity, lovely pure pinot nose with a tight weave no secondary develoment, very fresh with bright fruit quite a modern style but elegant silky tannins still present. Lovely fresh finish, a delicious glass of Burgundy. v good/ excellent. Very elegant for a 1989 and astonishingly young tasting. (Paul Redfern, UK)

01/03 2000 Robert Groffier, Bourgogne Rouge
Intense aromas of yeast and raspberry, with a 'coolness' that reminds me of a ripe vintage Loire cabernet franc(!). Lovely fresh acidity, bright cherry/raspberry fruit, very tasty. G/VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1989 Albert Morot Savigny les Beaune Aux Vergelesses
Nice fresh fruity nose, mellow nicely aged palate with pleasing "undergrowth" elements, holding up well though needs drinking soon. VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1996 Fougeray de Beauclair, Fixin 'Clos Marion'
Strong pleasingly rustic nose. Rich, firm, flavoury, rustic. A good honest country mouthful. VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1989 Tollot-Beaut, Corton Bressandes
Rich, sinewy, surprisingly fresh nose though with a bit of sulphur stink. Really good body and length to this. E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1994 Joseph Faiveley, Latricières-Chambertin
Dry, austere but, in its favour, very good depth. VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1991 Louis Latour, Corton Grancey
Chewy, tobaccoey, quite fresh, full bodied. Very satisfying but ultimately a little bit "foursquare" to really sing for me. VG/E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1997 Dugat-Py, Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles
Full bodied, oaky, intense but a bit monolithic at present. VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1982 Marquis d'Angerville, Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Ducs
Lovely mature nose, but slightly acrid edge to this on the palate. Once past that, it's very tasty indeed. VG/E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 1985 Domaine Dujac, Bonnes-Mares
Gorgeous red fruits and gentle earth nose. Sinewy, savoury, somewhat firm on the palate. E (Paul Armstrong, UK)

01/03 Domaine Romanee-Conti Richebourg 1972
Soft mature Pinot/beetroot nose. Some cheese, a bit exotic. Coffee? Palate is a bit hard and lean, high acid. Low alcohol. Complex, long. Very good although acid is a bit distracting. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Clos St Denis 1992
Pale brick. Nose is soft but still has some fresh fruit. Pretty ripe. Palate has some grip and some concentration. Maybe a bit of dirtyness. Not a top year, clearly. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Fils et Pere Chambolle-Musigny 2001
Made from brought in grapes, bottled last week. Good nose, lots of fruit. Perfumed. Palate a bit closed and some sulphur stands out, but very good. I like the fruit. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Morey St Denis 2001
Very good fruit. Pure and ripe. Good Concentration, nice acid, some fat. Very good. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Morey St Denis 1er Cru 2001
More concentration than the villages. A bit riper, acid seems in better balance. Oaky, though. Pretty ripe, good structure, nice length. Very good. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Echezeaux 2001
Nice exotic character. Nice and ripe. Concentrated and structured. Nice length. Quite impressive. This is probably the best young Echezeaux I have had from Dujac. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Charmes-Chambertin 2001
Bit of sulphur but ripe and fleshy. Weighty. Pretty concentrated, good length, ripe and fun. Very good. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Clos de la Roche 2001
Ripe and dark. Weighty and ripe. Some nice acid. Tight at the moment but really extremely good. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Bonnes-Mares 2001
It is a biggy. Ripe and powerful. Confidently structured with lots of fruit. Extremely good. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Gevrey-Chambertin 1er cru aux Combottes 2001
Very ripe with expressive nose. Good concentration. Nice tannin. Nice length. (David Strange, UK)

01/03 Dujac Clos St Denis 2001
Very perfumed. Sweet fruit. Silky and smooth with lovely fruit. Lovely. Really good. (David Strange, UK)

12/02 1991 Henri Prudhon 1995 St.Aubin 1er Cru Sur Le Sentier du Clou - £12 (US$18)
A strawberry red that looks like it is turning brown. The nose took its time to reveal its plum and raspberry aromas. It tastes lighter than ~I remembered from previous occasions. This is on its drinking plateau and I believe that it is about to go downhill. Drink this value for money red burgundy within the next twelve months. 84/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

12/02 1991 1997 Nuits St Georges Domaine Des Perdrix, aux Perdrix Devillard 13.5% ABV
Clear wine, with deep red /plum colours. An almost Cab nose, showing great power, fruit and youth. The palate is assailed with a big attack of fruit and peppery spice, with gentle yet effective tannic backbone. Deep and profound with a long length. Great concentration and depth of flavour. Not your typical washed out dilute Burgundy. Excellent. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

12/02 1991 Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Ducs 1997, Marquis d'Angerville
At the peak of its enjoyability. Plenty of fruit and acidity, very pure. Plenty of concentration and length. Shows marvellously how good '97 Burgundy can be, drinking as well as it will ever be. (David Strange, UK)

12/02 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Cras 1996, Roumier
Hints of a perfumed, ethereal character, but with quite pronounced pepper tones. Palate less marked, plenty of fruit but closed and tight. Too young. It will improve. (David Strange, UK)

12/02 1991 1964 Leroy Grand Eschezeaux
Orangeish but a light red-centered hue exists. This grande dame is not going to get any better, but who cares. On this day it was my favorite of a dozen very well made wines. The pungent nose will go down as one of the finest Burgs I have ever smelled. My proboscis was stuck in the glass for an eternity and damned if I wasn't using a R. Vinum Chianti glass to boot. Mincemeat, glove leather, cherry and horsehide came to mind. Fantastic mouthfeel and the essence of why true Burgundy lovers are so texturally aware. Bright and expressive fruit given its age, with enough acidity to carry on for an hour before it started to fade. Remarkable length on the absolutely flawless, complex finish. Drink now if you have any left. One of the epiphanies of my drinking year! Thanks Bill. (Roy Hersh, USA)

12/02 1991 1997 Beaune, Latour
Initially fruity and balanced but with time the wine became more astringent and looked to be fading a bit. Tasty to a point, but its best days are behind it. Good. (Ray Abercromby, UK)

12/02 1991 Domaine Laurent - 1995 Volnay £20 (US$30)
A medium cherry red with a pink rim. The nose of cherries, damp leaves and cranberry sauce. It tasted quite dry with moderate tannins on its own, the supposedly red berry fruits were in hibernation. With food the dryness disappeared but nothing else. I am not sure if the dryness will resolve itself and the fruit to blossom. Frankly this wine was disappointing to all who tried it. Neither I nor anybody else detected any corkiness, and the wine had come straight from the wine merchant over two years ago and stored in a cool cellar. I had been recommended to it by a wine merchant who advised me the drinking window would be approximately 2003 – 2010. It is wines like this that put me off drinking burgundy more regularly. A frustrating experience, as you have probably gathered. 80/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

12/02 1996 Armand Rousseau, Gevery-Chambertin 1er Les Cazetiers
From half. Deep ruby colour to the rim. Nose is deep and chocolatey, almost a little coffee & ginger spice to go with blueberry and black cherry fruit. Fat palate has really concentrated black fruits, good acidity and velvetty tannins. Good length too. This is excellent and although a lovely concentrated glass today, it still seems relatively young. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

12/02 1997 Joseph Drouhin, Griottes-Chambertin
Deep ruby core still some cherry flashes towards the rim. Nose hasn't the intense 'griottes' of the 2001/2002 barrel samples tasted in the Drouhin cellars two weeks ago - but they're definitely still there in a subdued form, perhaps rose petals too. In the mouth this wine comes across as fat and smooth with intense red fruits complimenting good acidity. Well covered tannins give way to a well integrated vanilla tinged finish. This is very, very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

12/02 Volnay Santenots-du-Milieu 1999, Comte Lafon
Very dark. Dark blackberry fruit nose, lots of concentrated fruit and oak. Powerful! Palate is tough and hard (going through a bit of a bit of a dip at the moment), but there is plenty of ripe fruit there. It is concentrated and long. Wow, this is good, but very, very young. Like all of the '99 Burgundies I have had of late this is not showing terribly well at the moment, it is in a bit of a hole. It was very good though, and I look forward to drinking my remaining bottles in the dim and distant future. If you have any '99 Burgundy that you are thinking of drinking I would really put it aside for a bit and wait until they open up again. (David Strange, UK)

11/02 Volnay Vielles Vignes 1999 Nicolas Potel - £16.95 (US$26)
Bottled unfiltered, this red burgundy from the outstanding 1999 vintage had a raspberry and light cherry colour. The nose was expressive, with some spice and new oak. Tasted well, but still too young. I would drink a bottle of this now and then leave a couple of years to see where it might go. 85/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

11/02 1990 Joseph Faiveley, Nuits Saint Georges Lavières
Medium ruby colour, no obvious aging. Nose has forward red and black cherry notes plus some meatiness. Good acidity and still a firm though smooth tannic structure. Reasonably long too. Currently still a baby, I'm not sure if it will gain in complexity though. A very good wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

11/02 2000 Joblot, Givrey Pied de Chaume
Medium ruby colour, still cherry red at the rim. Nose has some low down traces of oak and forcefull black cherry. Very good acidity compliments intense cherry (again!) fruit. The tannins are well covered though fraying a little at the edges. This is a super-succulent wine. Very moreish, also very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

11/02 1999 Cristian Clerget, Chambolle-Musigny
Quite deep cherry colour. Nose is round and very red fruity, cherries and strawberry. Beautiful fruit on the palate, it really jumps out of the glass, red cherry is again the dominant fruit. The acidity is high and just about in control. Plenty of furry tannin which ends somewhat bitter in the finish. Given some aeration and an hour or so and there seems to be much better balance, still a little bitterness but much more subdued. Give this 5+ years and I'm sure it will be very lovely. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

10/02 Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir Couvent des Jacobins 1998
Fruit sourced in Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise. Light ruby colour. Modest nose with some spice and red berries (cherry, strawberry). Nice acidity and some tannin. Not bad for a Bourgogne Rouge. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Marsannay 1998
Slightly earthy/dusty at first, but the usual berries shine through gradually. Good concentration. Quite juicy, with pleasant acidity and a tannic finish. I found it a bit rustic, but my friends sitting next to me liked it very much. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru La Dominode 1998
Now we're talking red Burgundy. More depth, slightly evolved aromas (a bit of game and leather) in addition to primary fruit (cherry) and pepper. Juicy, but still seems drier than the BR. Quite full-bodied for a Savigny. I'm already there -- in my dreams. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin 1998
Liquorice (which my neighbour insists is anise) over red berries and blackberry. A more masculine, punchy wine than Dominode. Firmer structure. Attractive dryness. A duck wine. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Morgeot 1998 (Duc de Magenta)
The nose does not lead me to expect a wine as full-bodied as the Gevrey, but rather something acidic and fruity. Redcurrants. Slightly mineral. A tight, compact wine of firm structure which grows on you. I liked it very much once I got used to it. (Incidentally, the white equivalent is an outstanding wine.) (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Ursules 1997
Still good colour (unlike many 97s which have browned). Dark cherries, liquorice, almost a bit of chocolate. Very concentrated in the mouth. Ripe tannins. A mixture of feminine and masculine properties. Not as full-bodied as the Gevrey, but very intense and quite muscular. (Low yields: 22 hl/ha.) (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Jadot Clos de Vougeot 1998
Dark fruits, hint of liquorice and mint. Very intense. Tough acidity and quite closed, really. My first Clos Vougeot, so I find it hard to predict exactly how great it will be. Still, I found it impressive. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Faively 1993 Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru – 13%
From a tiny plot of vines in Burgundy by one of the top producers. Light red, still bright in colour. The nose was so expressive that I just sat there with it for a few minutes seeing what was going on. Classic, earthy, damp leaves, 'sous bios', some brie as well. It tasted so soft, the complex palate dancing round my grateful mouth like a prima ballerina in a fine performance of The Nutcracker. Where are the tannins? The finish went on and on. If this is what great burgundy is all about then I love it. 94/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

10/02 Domaine Michel Gros 1999 – Nuit St Georges - 12.5%
Although young, this was opened to see how the great 1999 vintage was getting on. The Pinot fruit were slightly sweet and earthy on the nose. When tasted the tannins were definitely at the front, with the ripe fruit in the background. Good length, this needs 5 years plus to develop into something good. 88/100. (Nicos Neocleous, UK)

09/02 1996 Thomas-Moillard, Corton Clos du Roi
Medium to deep ruby, little sign of aging. The nose is laser sharp red cherry, fantastic! The palate is equally sharp, concentrated cherry fruit with very good acidity and medium tannins. Certainly not a charmer just now. Best to leave for 3 or 4 years it will be excellent. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

09/02 1997 Bouchard Pere, Beaune Greves 1er Vigne l'Enfant Jésus
A waft of oak is followed by smoke, then in succession, violets, strawberry and redcurrant confiture, ending with caramel and faint vanilla, so many layers - excellent. The palate has excellent density of primarily red fruits, lovely acidity but a very astringent finish. This improves with a minimum 2 hours in a decanter. Too young, but super potential. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

09/02 1998 Domaine Bouchard Père et Fils, Beaune 1er Clos du Roi
Medium ruby colour with the last traces of cherry at the rim. Nose is sweet red & black cherries with background tobacco. Palate is wide and lively with long acidity. The tannins are very smooth here. A very good wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

09/02 1999 Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge, Blain Gagnard
The wine had a typical light brick to garnet (red as opposed to purple variety) colour of a young pinot noir. The nose was full of red berry fruits, (kind of a blend of stawberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant); with hints of leafy/vegetal earthiness and mushrooms. The palate contained more concentrated (almost jammy) berry fruits, with medium tannins, and a lovely smokey pepperiness. The wine was well balanced with a good, medium acidity and body too. The wine also showed a medium to good length. (Mike Kay, UK)

08/02 1999 JF Mugnier, Chambolle-Musigny
From half. Medium cherry colour. Nose is mild cinnamon, red cherry and violets, no obvious oak. Concentrated sweet red fruits, goodish acidity, well hidden tannin and very long. A little vanilla right at the end - for a village, superb. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1997 Joseph Drouhin, Morey Saint Denis
Medium ruby, still showing some cherry colour. Nose was subdued, though cherries & cream with a top end of raspberry still evident. Palate is sweet with good acidity and very pretty fruit. No obvious oak influence on the nose or palate here. Though a little astringent in the finish, this passes with food. A nice style about this wine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1997 Louis Jadot, Pommard
Medium ruby colour, already turning brick at the rim. The nose is all high toast oak for the first 15 minutes, gradually turning sweet, completely fading after 4-5 hours to reveal cooking dark plum notes. The palate has high acidity and a little tannin. Fruit is of medium intensity, but the acidity, which just avoids coarseness makes for a burst on the finish. Medium length. Very good for the vintage and with a strong hard cheese like Comte, the acidity is perfectly balanced. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1997 Louis Jadot, Gevrey-Chambertin
Medium-full ruby. A deeper toasted oak nose and dare I say it, slightly shitty aromas. There is a little sweet spice, but the wood is in charge here. 5 hours later the wood is gone leaving pretty black cherry fruit. The palate has more depth with higher, though more controlled acidity than the Pommard, and the fruit is more black cherry. Length is good. More intense than the Pommard today, but younger – leave for another 2 years. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1995 Jean Grivot, Vosne-Romanée
Medium/full ruby colour. Nose is incisive red berries at the top end with faint plum lower down. Palate is quite fat with a surprising amount of tannin, though smooth enough. When last tasted 18 months ago I thought the acidity a little over the top - now less so. Red cherries on the tongue and quite long too. Still a baby. Excellent villages. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1999 Vincent Girardin, Chambertin Clos-de-Bèze
Deeply coloured cherry, still with purple at the rim. Nose is muted, but traces of coffee and soil. The palate is fat and broad with excellent concentration of very ripe fruit. Good acidity and coats the inside of your mouth. Very fine. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 Domaine Forey Père et Fils, Vosne-Romanèe 1er Les Gaudichots
Looks more mature than the previous wine, still a core of cherry colour, but more brick at at the rim. Nose is is very interesting with spices and an undercurrent of cherry and coffee. The palate has quite good acidity and furry tannin. Good depth to the red fruit which goes on and on in the finish, but is (for me) slightly spoiled by a 'dirtyness' right at the end. Could be just the oak which should subside with time. Still a fime wine I think. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 1998 JM Pavelot, Savigny-Les-Beaune 1er La Dominode
Medium ruby colour, lighter at the rim. Nose has sweet medium toast oak obscuring some plummy fruit at the bottom, with just a lift of raspberry on the end. For a vintage so badly maligned about 'rough' tannins, this is superbly smooth with more velvety tannins. The acidity is long and lingering together with the good density red fruits. This wine is very primary still, but very enjoyable for all that. Given a couple of hours, the acidity becomes a little astringent in the finish - no problem with food though. Still very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

08/02 Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes "Maison Dieu" 1999, N. Potel
A thoroughly enjoyable wine. Great purple colour and an open expressive nose (the wine was decanted an hour or so before tasting and developed beautifully in that time). On the palate, a delicious array of juicy/tangy flavours and good concentration. Very Good. (Matthew Mellor, UK)

08/02 1998 A et P de Villaine, Mercurey Les Montots
Mr DRC himself from his private estate. Medium ruby colour, slightly browner at the rim. Nose for the first few moments has some oak, but this is quickly gone, replaced by very strong fruit, black rather than red, with some blueberry. The palate is sweet with great cherry & damson fruit. Good but a tad harsh acidity coupled with nice length. The tannins suggest that I'm drinking this far too young. Given the piercing fruit on both the nose and palate, I'd suggest this is fine rather than merely good, but wait at least 3 years to re-taste. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/02 1993 Leroy, Bourgogne Rouge
Some signs of seepage on the top of the cork and a 'glued stuck' capsule. Colour is a mature ruby tending to brick. Nose, initially subdued, but sweet with very faint redcurrant, orange & tea, became more intense with time. Palate surprisingly thick and full for the appellation with stewed plum fruits and medium but persistent acidity. The tannin is still there – just, with a long but slightly astringent finish – the astringency disappeared with food. I've had 1er Cru's which were inferior in every way. Found this at half price for €8.5 a bottle. I'm going back for the other 4. Drat, there was only 3 !! (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/02 1989 Thomas-Moillard, Romanée-Saint-Vivant
Mature looking but with sufficient deep colour to make the age hard to determine. The nose . . . . . chocolate cherry liqueurs(!) and really sweet, almost intoxicating. The palate, still has really good acidity and lots of furry tannin. Tons of depth to the fruit, with the finish continuing to develop for the first hour the bottle was open. Worth much more than the €58 paid – outstanding – and years of life ahead of it. Wine of the year so far. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

07/02 Chambolle-Musigny 2000, Dom de la Vougeraie
A formidably youthful wine which needed a good deal of time in the glass to reach real drinkability. Purple coloured, very youthful nose, still tight, but showing good Pinot Noir characteristics, in the mouth a lovely blend of ripe and sour and good depth and structure. Good plus. (Matthew Mellor, UK)

07/02 Echezeaux 1990/1991 - Domaine de la Romanee Conti
tasted blind against each other. I thought the 90 was far younger than the 91. An increadible pure raspberry/cherry nose wafted from the glass. V ripe & v fresh, hardly aged at all on the palate. Still in its primary stage of evolution with a v long vigourous finish. God knows what the other 90`s taste like! (23/25) By comparison the 91 was slightly disappointing, tasting a little dull, with mulberry, mushroomy notes on the palate. This should have been better (18/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

07/02 Echezeaux 1997 - Domaine de la Romanee Conti
another wine which disappointed when poured, but was wine of the evening by the end. Nose changed from exotic and spicy (with some VA) to pure cherry, raspberry and minerals. Palate v harmonious. More structured than I expected with a subtle raspberry, blueberry finish. Drinking now. (22/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

07/02 Domaine de la Vougeraie Vougeot 1er cru Le Clos blanc de Vougeot Monopole 1999
10,450 bottles made. Less defined than the above, but varietal and fresher, less covered by the oak perhaps. A juicy and concentrated white Burgundy with good ripeness but nothing too special. (Nerval, UK)

07/02 Domaine de la Vougeraie Vougeot Clos du Prieuré Monopole 1999
4,613 bottles made. Not too dark colour. Some reductive and almondy character showing, also reminiscent of balsamico or old Rioja, later evolving into some some varnishy and animal character. Palate shows some fruit syrup but lacks intensity and definition. This I found rather crude (Nerval, UK)

07/02 Domaine de la Vougeraie Chambolle-Musigny 1999
Blend of four crus of which one 1er cru, Les Beaudes; 3,691 bottles made. More purple in colour than the above. Showing more intense sour cherry flavours in mouth, not exceptional, but better. (Nerval, UK)

07/02 Domaine de la Vougeraie Vougeot Les Cras 1er cru 1999
6,935 bottles made. Darker purple in colour, this is still in the baby fat stage with a softer, balsamic, almost eggy wood character. (Nerval, UK)

07/02 Bourgone Passetoutgrains 2000 Cave de Vignerons de Buxy
Attractive bright, light ruby. Shows more maturity than might expect. Earthy nose with hints of mushroom, but also some strawberries. Nice light, fresh attack. Good fruit. Fills nicely. Some structure. Perhaps a little acid and fruit is a bit withdrawn. Finishes with some fairly soft tannins and lots of peppery spice. Quite interesting. Quite attractive. Quite good. Good at price. (Andrew Stevenson, UK)

07/02 1999 Méo-Camuzet, Marsannay
Deep red cherry still with some purple hints. The nose has lots of volume with strong, primary red cherry fruit and a hint of higher raspberry – once the faint high-toast oak disappears. The palate is not what you expect from Marsannay; it's very thick & fruity, though not obviously oak induced. There is quite good acidity, coupled with good tannins and a nice finish. An excellent wine, and one you would never guess to be Marsannay, more like a very good 1er Cru Beaune. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

06/02 Gevrey-Chambertin, Dom Ghislaine Barthod 1993
Very unimpressive. Not bad but really disappointing. A slightly metallic/acidic note I associate with decent but not great Pinot Noir, and some degree of richness, but lacked purity of fruit or real interest. Correct but not great. Moderate/Good. (Matthew Mellor, UK)

06/02 Domaine de La Vougeraie Chambolle-Musigny 1999
Very consistent but light ruby colour. Very Pinot-like on the nose, stinky, quite concentrated, leaning towards a petits fruits rouges profile, serious and dark, juicy, with good sweetness of fruit and a rather soft structure. Not the longest but a very decent village wine. L22. (Nerval, UK)

06/02 1988 Domaine Dujac, Charmes-Chambertin
Colour was brick red, fading at the rim. Nose was deep and sweet and like turned-over soil with some background pipe tobacco. The palate had good volume and still retained a healthy amount of 'stewed plum' fruit. The tannin was just about gone, but there remained a strong lick of acidity. Very long finish and very good, but I suspect it would be time to start drinking these. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

05/02 Clos de la Roche, Hubert Lignier 1990
Dark ruby/purple color, hardly showing any fading on the rim. Very powerful, quite intoxicating bouquet of blach cherries, licorie, and herbs. Bright and vivid. Very ripe and concentrated, yet reined in by the firm acidity. The tannins are well-extracted, firm and ripe, yet integrated and masked by the concentration of dark fruits and spice. The finish goes on and on. Still very young. I feel that this has another 10 or even 20 years to go. (Alex Bernardo, USA)

05/02 Corton-Pougets, Jadot 1990
Also excellent, but whereas the Clos de la Roche gave a feeling of airiness and brightness, this felt more weighty. closer to the ground and earthy. Even darker, this has a black ruby color, with little fading on the rim. The bouquet is very spicy and redolent of black cherry jam. Dense and velvety on the palate, round and very ripe tasting. Very good complexity and depth. Probably more ready in 5 years. I really liked this one, too, but the misfortune of being drank next to Lignier's great Clos de la Roche made it seemed simple. (Alex Bernardo, USA)

05/02 Tesco Burgundy Bourgogne Pinot Noir 1995 (bottled Louis Josse)
This was a 25% off purchase from an annual wine fair a few years back, less than £4 after discount. Distinctly bricking and very pale red hue. Very correct nose of strawberry and damp earth. Pleasant almost-mouldy red fruits on the palate, some complexity, perfectly mature. G. (Paul Armstrong, UK)

05/02 1998 Marquis d'Angerville - Volnay 1er, Clos des Ducs
Dark cherry still with purple hints. Nose is reticent but there is red cherry in there somewhere. The palate is cool and silky with very good fruit density, lovely acidity and perhaps slightly harsh finishing tannin. Good, pure length too, I find this an excellent wine, but it will be much better in 3-5 years. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

05/02 1999 Marquis d'Angerville - Volnay 1er, Clos des Ducs
The colour is just a little darker than the 1998. The nose has a little more pronounced blueberry fruit together with the red cherry and a little flowery at the top, smells quite sweet too. Wow ! - What a fruit concentration, this wine is just so fat with a mixture of red and black fruit - really intense. The acidity is good and the tannin smoother than the 1998, but the finish is much, much longer. This wine rates as outstanding ! (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Pommard 1er Cru Les Rugiens 1999
Deep ruby core. Lovely rustic nose, concentrated berried fruits, sand & rust. Mod tannins with v fine acidity. Good weight/grip with well-knit tannins and v good acidity. A very fine Pommard. 5-10 yrs. (20/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru Beaux Monts 1998
Mature brick rim. Meaty, quite broody nose lacking finesse. Damp moss, dates. Soft entry with some reductive notes. Rounded, red fruits. An average V-R at best. Maybe poor bottle? (16/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Beaune 1er Cru Les Epenottes 1997
Appears aged. Lovely rustic nose: blueberry/cinammin. Slightly attenuated on the palate. V typical rustic Pinot Noir. Low acidity. Forward. Will make reasonable early drinking. O.K. (17/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos des Grandes Vignes 1996
Deep garnet core. Beautiful smooth nose: blackcherry, tomato and wet sand. Closed. Palate is going into shutdown. Good grip. Structured. Masculine with v fine nervosity. Olives on the finish. 5+ yrs. Superb. (21/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru Beaux Monts 1991
V intense nose: cepes, black cherries, burnt toast. V concentrated, structured palate with good grip/acidity. Black earthy fruits. Just beginning to blossom. Lovely truffly finish. Top Cote de Nuits wine. (22/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru 1986
Sweet ripe red fruits on nose. Lacks depth. Palate is ripe but lacks structure. A bit tart and lacking harmony. Others liked this, but to me it lacked style and nuance. Average at best. (17/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Corton Grand Cru Rouge 1985
Deeper core than B-M. Lush seductive nose of dense redcurrants, provencal herbs, & liquorish. Good concentration. Sensual, not flamboyant Corton with low acidity. Not classic but v good. (19/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Pommard 1er Cru Les Rugiens 1973
Aubern/orange rim with light core. Attractive light nose: oranges, leather, apricots. Some dilution on the palate but still v fresh with typical Pinot sweetness. Drink up (but 99% of other btls will be gone.) 18/25 (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Chambertin Grand Cru Clos de Beze 1971
Magificent wine. Deep amber colour. A lovely sensual nose: leather, damp earth, mulberry. Palate is structure, fresh with good acidity. Quite spicy. V elegant and refined. Oozes class. Will still keep. (23/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru Beaux Monts 1966
Deep amber/brown hue. Little on the nose. Palate is better than expected. Smooth, still fresh. Lacks the weight of the Chambertin but strong finish. Drink up. (18/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos des Grandes Vignes 1961
most surprising wine of the flight. Deep brown colour. Fine nose of strawberry, dried leaves a touch of sur-maturite. Low acidity, a complex med-bodied palate: coffee, crème-brulee. Silky finish. Great complexity & style. Fantastic wine. (23/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 1959
stunning nose of mocha, leather. Doesn`t have the nuance of NSG 61. More robust and powerful with good acidity and concentration. I thought this better than others did in the tasting. (20/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Richemones 1953
brown/amber colour. Slightly madeirized, sherry-like rim. Volatile. Palate is rich and more stable than expected. Mocha & liquorish. Leathery. Still drinking but only just. (18/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Chambolle-Musigny 1949
lot of sediment. Sharp, fresh nose with some vinegary notes. Palate is quite cheesy but surprisingly vigourous. Sweet cherry notes. Well-knit and good length. Amazing for a 50 yr village cru! (21/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 1929
first bottle oxidised, the second was amazing. Brown core. Intense, mocha, leather nose. Damp earth. Hint of strawberry still. V concentrated and complex on the palate. Good body. Rich caramel finish. V v long. Astounding wine. (24/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

05/02 Domaine Charles Thomas Nuits St. Georges 1921
lovely old leathery nose. Dried leaves. Expresso. But not 100% Pinot Noir. Some syrah in here? Doesn`t have the class of the 29 but still drinking after 81 years. An intrigiung vinous experience. (18/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

04/02 Corton-Charlemagne 1979
Bonneau de Martray - a mature Burgundy nose with just a hint of rotting veg (which I like in a modest amount.) But the palate was v crisp, fresh with intense lime, grapefruity notes with a seam of vanilla. V fine length - drinking now. (21/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

04/02 1989 Domaine Jean Grivot - Nuit St.Georges 1er Cru, Les Pruliers
Old style label. Quite deep ruby with brick edge. The nose still has some woody oak, but has sweetened. Slightly smokey/tobacco and ashes from the fire hints. Underneath that I'd say plum conserve. Really nice mouth-feel. Thick, silky and following an apparent mid-palate gap, suddenly very long. After 20 minutes the gap is plugged by quite high cherry fruit, but the acidity on the finish is starting to get a little harsh. Seems only a transient (or palate!) thing as it drinks well all evening. Not earth shattering, but very tasty. Definitely better today than the 1988 version. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland

04/02 Morgon Les Corselettes 2000
Moderate if consistent trasparent ruby. Nice Gamay character of zesty cherry and smoke; one-dimensional, lacking definition but nicely juicy on the palate and showing great purity of fruit. Excellent, and a steal at £58.60 for 12. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Brouilly Les Saubereins 2000
Perhaps a shade darker than the above. Similar in character but more cooked fruit and oatmeal character; less perfumed and fruity, slightly stinky and Pinot-like. In mouth has some intense cherry notes and a liqueury touch, less body but more tannic than the Morgon, not as exciting but still quite good. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Bourgogne 1999
Very light ruby. Barnyard, lightly toasted oak, artificial cherry liqueur and syrup, in mouth rather simple and not too refined. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Givry 1999
Same colour as above; also very similar on the nose with hints of minerals and red cherries, again rather typical than individual, lacking some body, if generally showing more substantial tannins. Good for aficionados of the masculine style. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Marsannay 1999
Light ruby with a large rim. This starts to show some tarry notes on the nose which will be a constant element below; slightly stale cherry character and still rather lacking in definition, despite the serious intensity in mouth. Rather opaque and slightly woody, if decently juicy and fresh, with fine intensity. Difficult to grasp but could come around. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Côte-de-Beaune Villages 1997
Same colour as above, with a yet larger rim. Very intense nose of burnt strawberry and siliceous minerality; some smoke and more imposing tannins. Drinks nicely, if perhaps a tad too milky to my tastes, vaguely cherryish, lacking a finishing touch which would help it transcend into serious red wine territory. But this is more expressive than the Marsannay. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Santenay La Comme 1998
Lighter at rim. This shows a sweeter cherry ratafia profile but more or less the same kind of nose to the above wine; denser and thicker on the palate though, with cherry and raspberry interpersed in a slightly edgy framework. Some tar on the finish which is longer and more intense. Very good indeed. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Beaune 1er cru Vigne Franche 1997
More brown at rim and darker at core. Much more cooked and serious nose with hints of game meat, clearly more substantial than anything above, though showing some signs of maturity already. Some barrique grain and pungent strawberry and cherry character; juicy and long, with serious stuffing and good structure. Lacks ultimate cut though (a vin de négoce after all, I scribbled somewhat harshly); showing a little bit too obtrusive tannins on the finish. Retasted later, this seemed the most defined of the reds, though also one of the most overpowering due to the bitterness on the finish (overextraction?). But fine. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Aloxe-Corton 1997
This and the following two are domaine wines. Medium to dark ruby, minor rim. Very shy nose with minor ash and minerals, though opening substantially with coloured chalk and strawberry syrup. Juicy in mouth but the texture seems rather watery; not very intense and lacking the focus and fine balance of the Vigne Blanche. Medium tannins, rather high acidity, almost citrusy-orangey on the finish, rather unfriendly at this stage but promising. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Château Corton-Gransey Corton Grand Cru 1996
This showed as a very intense and mineral Pinot with lots of tarry aromas and a sweet strawberry note on the finish. Not raptuous but a fine wine, if marginally less preferable than the following Corton. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Corton Grand Cru 1993
Very light, trasnaprent ruby, especially at the almost colourless rim. Nose of brett and stinky strawberry, still showing quite young if very shut down at the moment (lacking aeration?); juicy in mouth, with a fine filling of fruit and some delicate vanilla overtones. In mouth shows very young indeed. Needs time. (Nerval, UK)

04/02 Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru Les Narbantons 1996, Maurice Ecard
Medium ruby red. Lovely farmyard stink has developed and beginning to dominate with ripe cherries and strawberries still lurking in the background. Excellent balance and complexity on the palate between richness, mature fruit (cherries, blackcurrants and strawberries) and velvety tannins. Savoury notes on a long rich finish. Excellent, this even overshadows the Serpentieres tasted at the Edinburgh Offline. Now - 2006. (Paul Anderson, UK)

04/02 Beaune 1er Cru Bressandes 1986, Albert Morot
Slightly cloudy reddish brown. Mature nose showing cherries, mocha and farmyard aromas. Spicy palate with cherries and forest fruits. Balanced if slightly one-dimensional with hints of coffee bean and acidity on the finish. Given the mediocrity of 1986 this is very good and still holding up well. Drink now - 2005. (Paul Anderson, UK)

04/02 1999 Francois Gay - Ladoix
Mid purple-cherry coloured. The nose started very oaky, but after 25 minutes we have parma violets and bilberries. Not very thick in the mouth, but good mouthfeel, nice acidity, mild tannin and bright crunchy cherry fruit. This is a lovely summers day drink -maybe I'll wait a couple of months for a sunny day for the next one. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

04/02 1988 Joseph Faiveley - Corton, Clos des Cortons Faiveley
Lovely deep ruby colour, just bricking a little at the rim. This looks younger than many a 1997. Nose – what nose? then oops: can that really be creosote? The note is halfway between creosote and corked, floating over a sweet base. It comes through on the first part of the palate too - such a shame as this wine is big bodied and exceptionally long in the background. Just in case this was some type of devilish bottle stink I vacuvin'd it overnight. Next day we still had creosote, just a little more subdued, but not much. Tainted - Now how do I go about getting this back to BB&R – it's only 605 miles to Basingstoke ! (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

04/02 1988 Domaine Jean Grivot - Nuit St.Georges 1er Cru, Les Pruliers
Old style label. Almost as deeply coloured as the Corton but more garnet in shade. The nose is deep and still oaky with eventually some dried fruit as a higher register, but I have to say not all that attractive. This is still a big wine with good concentration of black fruit, a broad palate, relatively mild acidity and still strong tannins which are a little bitter in the finish. The length is not bad. Overall not a patch on what the Corton could have been. If the tannin resolves further this will be a better wine, but don't bother searching for it. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

04/02 1999 Nicolas Potel – Nuits Saint Georges
Medium red cherry colour. A rush of red cherry and redcurrant fruit as the top notes coming down to cinnamon and coffee at the bottom. The palate is reasonably silky with a good depth of red cherry fruit. Lingering acidity is coupled with very strong tannins (more like a barrel sample). An amazing village wine this, there is almost grand cru structure, though perhaps something closer to 1er cru fruit concentration. I won't touch another of these for at least 3 years and more likely 5, but there should still be plenty of fruit left and hopefully better balance. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

04/02 1988 Pierre Damoy - Chambertin Clos de la Bèze Grand Cru
Very mature medium/deep brick colour. Intense nose has toasty oak turned sweet with age and is very mocha with a background of soil, develops a very meaty overtone after a couple of hours. Still some higher fruit tones redolent of stewing prunes. The palate is broad and silky, still with lingering acidity, good smooth tannin and chocolatey notes. Initially in the mouth this wine seems a bit simple and is certainly not much more than medium length, palate broadens further with time, but no extra length. Too young ? Certainly it is a fine wine today and has enough structure for a few more years, I'm not sure there will be a benefit in waiting though. Just in case, I have another and will try it when it's 20 vs Jadot's & Bouchard's 1998 version ! (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

04/02 1991 Bouchard Pere et Fils - Le Corton Grand Cru
Deep ruby colour, this wine looks amazingly youthful, you could believe it to be a 97 or even a 98. The nose is a powerful blend of higher black cherry & plum fruit, coming down to more savoury, meaty aromas. The palate is incredibly tannic still, more reminiscent of younger Bordeaux than aging Burgundy. The acidity is still good whilst retaining intense 'stone fruit'. There is no primary fruit left, but this wine is nowhere near maturity. I found this hard to like (unlike the 1992) and I'd say wait at least another 3 to 4 years before returning. Someone once said that the greatest Cortons are tough and powerful, this is both of those things but I'm not sure whether that makes it great ! (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

03/02 Auxey-Duresses 1er Cru Clos du Val 1996, Michel Prunier
Light red with slight browning at edges. Forest floor aromas with small wild strawberries. Lovely palate of forest fruits and hints of mocha in the background. Medium bodied with a heady fulness and strawberry fruit flavours followed up on the finish with slightly dry tannins and strong acidity. Good +. Drink now - 2006. (Paul Anderson, UK)

03/02 Gevrey-Chambertin 1995, Jean Raphet
Brick red with bright flashes. Damsons, prunes and black cherry aromas. Cherry and redcurrant flavours with rich spicy mid-palate. Finish is quite savoury showing hints of strawberries and more cherries with dry tannins and light acidity. Very good. Drink now - 2008. (Paul Anderson, UK)

03/02 Bouchard Pere & Fils Hautes Côtes de Beaune Château de Mandelot 1999
Very pale vin gris colour. Gravelly, slightly barnyardy nose with hints of black cherry, juicy but rather animal in its profile, drinking OK, if showing a lot of undesirable Pinot character IMO. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Bouchard Pere & Fils Nuits-St-Georges 1998
Consistent medium ruby. Much more serious wine, closed on the nose, but with airy, sweet perfume, fresh, with some oak showing, otherwise much in the juicy-watery register; not much concentration, but a fruity, stylish Pinot. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Bouchard Pere & Fils Beaune 1er cru Vigne de l'Enfant Jésus 1997
Medium ruby, fading toward light brown. Has some finesse of perfume, notes of bacon, ripe amarena, sligthly watery-seeming on the nose. Palate is quite consistent and blocky, long, pehaps a bit vague and in need of more complexity, but certainly not offensive. Approaching drinkability. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune 1999
Medium dark. Gravelly and damp, showing some humid strawberry notes, also rather hard on the palate. Long, but quite simple; decent Pinot. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Chandon de Briailles Savigny-les-Beaune 1er cru Aux Fourneaux 1999
Better than the above, riper buttery fruit, but still rather shy aromatically. Good flavour but slightly watery on the palate, showing some harshness on the finish. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Chandon de Briailles Pernand 1er cru Les Vergelesses 1999
Very pale colour. Almost no nose, but on the palate it shows dark, dense cherry fruit with touches of musk. Some tannins on the finish. Very good. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Chandon de Briailles Corton Maréchaudes 1998
Rather dark but faded in colour. Complex nose with hints of smoke, old wood, ripe griotte, elegant and with personality; on the palate long and persistent, ripe, mineral, with some bitterness and the oak not showing much. Understated but clearly excellent. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 Rossignol Pommard 1999
Medium ruby. Nose of oak, cherry milkshake, less open than the Montvac, with high acidity on the palate and some pure sour cherry, but not exciting enough to justify the L22. (Nerval, UK)

03/02 1992 Hubert de Montille – Volnay 1er Taillepieds
Still has a quite deep colour, but just a little brick at the rim. Nose is a really beautiful aged burgundy which defies description. On the palate there is still good acidity and virtually zero tannin. The mainly red fruit is still there, but only just. Nice, though the finish is verging on the acidic . Unfortunately the palate doesn't live up to the nose. Not a wine to search for. (Bill Nanson, Switz.)

02/02 1995 Domaine Germain – Beaune 1er Vignes-Franches
Deeply coloured, just a little lighter at the rim – still looks quite young. Nose is really lovely; there is still some oak but this is fading, leaving sweet alcoholic redcurrant, and a spicy leathery component. The palate is explosively jammy but not a negative sense. The acidty creeps up leaving your mouth watering, waiting for the next sip. The tannin is almost gone, the only minor criticism is that the finish whilst long, is not so involving as the palate. Very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/02 1998 Bruno Clair – Marsannay 'Les Longeroies'
Deep red cherry colour with a hit of purple, matched by an impressively deep nose – bright raspberry, red cherry with coffee and the faintest whiff of vanilla. The medium palate has really concentrated cherry and redcurrant. Lingering acidity, very smooth tannin and a long finish. Very hard to resist already. I bought 3 of these in a sale for only 11.9€ each, I'd happily pay the full price of 14.5€ (£9) for some more. Super. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/02 Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru Les Serpentieres 1996, Maurice Ecard
Aromas of crushed strawberries beginning to develop into farmyard smells goes into a palate of strawberries and red cherries. Quite stalky on mid-palate with good creamy acidity and soft silky tannins on the rich finish with just a hint of spice. 17/20 (Paul Anderson, UK)

02/02 1998 Hudelot-Noellat Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Suchots
Deep ruby colour, more mature looking than anticipated. Some high toast oak though not overpowering, behind it there is cherry, 'mixed spice' and coffee. In the mouth, very smooth though oaky. Good acidity and still some tannin, though quite refined. There is cherry fruit and a particularly long vanilla crème finish. Provided over the next 5+ years it puts on a bit more weight in the mid-palate, this will be exceptionally good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/02 1999 Jadot, Pommard 1er Epenots
Good deep cherry colour with hints of purple. Nose starts very closed, though a hint flowery. Develops to give nicely defined red berry fruit with a darker undertow of prune. The palate is fat with very well covered acidity and tannin. Though only medium length, this wine is really opulent. It doesn't want to come out to play just now, but given time it should be fabulous. Wait at least 3 years to re-taste. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/02 1983 Volnay, Maison Jean Germain
Wine on the very cusp of disintegration. Undisturbed for more than 10 tears. High-into-neck fill, say 2cms from cork. Decanted off very fine sediment; noticeable Pinot Noir aromas. Bright enough in decanter but v. pale colour. Good Pinot Noir nose but highly acidic red fruit on the palate. Just, barely just, drinkable. Other bottles over the last few years have been quite acceptable (David Riach, UK)

02/02 Charmes-Chambertin 1970 Doudet-Naudin
Surprisingly young looking, slight garnet rim? may be the lighting, beautiful violet, red fruits, ?marzipan in the nose to me very pure. Smooth tannin with the tinest bit of acidity towards the end. Great bottle, my last was a 1987 Echezeaux from H. Jayer which was sublime. Got another Red Burgendy convert on the spot. Warned him about the to be expensive habit. (Roland Leung, Hong Kong)

01/02 Irancy 1999, Valotte
A: Clean ruby red, clear rim, strong legs. N: Forest floor aromas with cherry stalks and redcurrants. P: Quite sharp on the palate with flavours of red cherries and redcurrants. Savoury sharp finish with stalky tannins and spice. S: Decent quaffing wine that's a bit one dimensional and rustic. I think it emphasises the risks of planting Pinot Noir as far north as the area around Auxerre as ripeness is so difficult to achieve. Drink now. (Paul Anderson, UK)

01/02 1990 Vosne-Romanée 1er Aux Brûlées, Clavelier S.A.
The wine-list was a bit miss-leading as I was expecting a Thomas-Moillard wine – however the label looked nice so I took it anyway !! Deep ruby colour with no colour development and not much lighter at the rim. Nose is very deep with cooked fruits , black & red, though still quite primary. Palate is thick with well covered acidity and slightly rustic unresolved tannin. The spicy fruit and finish, however, are superb, a true multidimensional taste experience. Despite the rustic tannins and despite the fact it's still January, my wine of the year so far Excellent+ (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1997 Marquis d'Angerville, Volnay 1er Champans (half)
Medium ruby colour with amber at the rim. Nose is clean, some alcohol with redcurrants at the top end and black cherry at the bottom, doesn't shout 'Volnay' though. The spice notes disappeared when I moved away the nearby candle which contains cloves !! There's strong acidity, which to start with is not very well balanced. Tannins are fine, with medium length fruit of the red variety. After 90 minutes things are a little better, quite good but this wine is still not worth a search. From this producer, disappointing. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1999 N Potel, Bourgogne Rouge, 'Maison Dieu' Vieilles Vignes
Medium ruby colour to the rim. Nose has wood spice and cherry pie fruit. The palate has good acidity and some prominent tannin, both of which are reasonably well covered with layers of beautifully delineated fruit, raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry. Length is good, the only slight disappointment being that it's a bit 'thin' in the mouth. Hopefully the other 11 will put on some weight over the next few years. Given the appellation though, fantastic. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

02/01 Domaine Chartron Puligny-Montrachet Clos du Cailleret 1997
Bright ruby core fading to watery pink/brown rim. Nose quite intense and complex, showing strawberries, spice, damp vegetation, herbs and alcohol. On the palate moderate acidity, some tannin. Flavours reflect the nose, with distinct strawberry fruit backed up by spice, herbs, minerals and alcohol on a long finish. (Immediately after opening, the fruit tended to fade on the finish, but on exposure to air and with food the fruit came through very well and the wine became smoother and very harmonious.) Good quality and ready now, but will last 3 years or so. (Trevor March, UK)

02/01 Chorey-les-Beaune 1998 Domaine Tollot-Beaut
A: Vibrant purple/red. Clear rim. N: Red cherries and button mushrooms with slight hints of white pepper. P: Cherries and strawberries initially with redcurrants and new oak coming through. There's a touch of richness on the finish which also shows dry tannins and refreshing acidity. It's well balanced but not quite integrated yet. S: Very good wine just about coming to maturity. Drink 2003 - 2006. (Paul Anderson, UK)

02/01 Monthelie 1998 Paul Garaudet
A: Light brick red showing some brightness. N: Lots of strawberries, redcurrants and forest floor aromas. P: Tightly structured on the palate with full rich strawberry and cherry flavours coming through. Quite powerful and spicy on the mid-palate through to the finish which goes out on savoury medium length. S: Lovely wine almost at maturity. Drink 2003 - 2005. (Paul Anderson, UK)

02/01 Chambolle-Musigny 1er cru Aux Beaux Bruns 1994, Ghislaine Barthod
A: Bright flashes through blood red. N: Earthy aromas with violets and slight farmyard whiffs coming through. P: Lovely dry red fruit flavours (strawberries, plums and redcurrants). Good tannic background structure giving nice balance. Finish is full and rich with sweet strawberry jam and spices. S: Very good. Drink now - 2007. (Paul Anderson, UK)

01/02 1997 N Potel, Pommard 1er, Arvelets
Bright, medium ruby, already a trace of brick at the rim. Nose starts with chunky oak but this disappears after about 20minutes leaving sweet, alcoholic raspberry. The palate is as wide as a motorway, very silky with good fruit. The high but well covered acidity and tannins that creep up on you. Very impressive length. You can happlily drink this now, or leave it another 5 years. Very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1999 J Faiveley, Mercurey La Framboisiere
Medium colour, more crimson than cherry with a flash of purple. The nose is a little alcoholic with bright red fruits following up. The medium body palate has furry tannins and juicy acidity. In line with the name, lovely red fruits on the palate tending more to strawberry than raspberry. If it was 30°C outside and this was slightly chilled I'd be in heaven. Much, much better than the '97 or '98. Enjoy now or wait 2 years for the tannin to resolve. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 Gros Frere et Soeur Richebourg 1990
Quite deep ruby (very deep for Burgundy) with little sign of age. Powerful and very complex nose of red and black fruits, spice, game and vanilla. Pure velvet on the palate. Smooth ripe tannins. Full bodied. Deep, profound and multi-dimensional flavours of strawberries, blackberries, spice and liquorice. Finish lasts 40 seconds plus. Great wine, drinking very well now, but with the substance to last until 2010 at least. By all logical reasoning hopeless value at around £115 (in 1999), but this is Burgundy, so reason goes out of the window and I have no complaints for such a memorable wine. (Trevor March, UK)

01/02 Chambolle-Musigny 1997, Jean Raphet
A: Light brick red. N: Lovely ripe nose of forest fruits with strawberries dominant. Secondary aromas of mushrooms and raspberry jam. P: Rich, smooth concentrated strawberry flavours with silky tannins. Medium body with hints of dry leafiness, perfume and violets coming through. Full rich finish with a hint of spice. S: Not particularly complex, but elegant, silky seductive Burgundy which provides a very good representation of the village and vintage. Drink now - 2005. (Paul Anderson, UK)

01/02 1996 Ladoix Cote de Beaune, Parent
The colour is a fantastic deep brick lightening at the rim. Nose is a little alcoholic, coupled with cooking red fruits. The palate still has lingering tannins and (perhaps) slightly tart acidity, but the fruit is up to the job of competing. It seems some of the lowly appellations from '96 are finally starting to become enjoyable – no rush though. I hope the last 3 or 4 are still on the merchants shelf, at £8 it's a steal. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru Chaumes 1993 - Domaine Meo-Camuzet
Deep ruby colour. The nose is pure Pinot Noir fruit, raspberries and cassis. But it`s very tight at the moment. The palate is extremely backward. Maybe lacked the voluptuousness I was expecting. Quite tough at the moment so I`d leave it another 5 yrs at least. Could turn out to be a stunner. (19/25) (Neal Martin, UK)

01/02 1993 Philippe Leclerc, Bourgogne Rouge (half)
Medium/dark ruby colour. Hint of wood and spicy fruit on the nose. Nice acidity and the tannins are still not quite resolved. A chunky wine that doesn't quite deserve the rustic tag. Nice and despite its appellation, not yet ready. Good wine, excellent bourgogne rouge. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1991 Jean Grivot, Echezeaux (half)
Medium ruby colour bricking towards the edge. Unusual nose – almondy. After the above this is so much thicker, smoother and red fruitier with a hint of spice. Acidity is good and the tannins completely softened. Very yummy. Actually if I'd read before Clive Coates review in his ten years on, I wouldn't have bought this one, but while the nose sounds similar, they rest is not recognisable. From me 18, from Clive only 14. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 2000 Robert Arnoux, Bourgogne Fin
Dark cherry colour. Nose is bright red cherry fruit with just a hint of strawberry. Nice acidity, mild tannin and bright primary fruits. Medium to light bodied, in fact reminiscent of a nice Fleurie but 'sharper'. At just under £6 from the domaine good value. It's a lovely drink now. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1997 Nicolas Potel – Volnay
Medium ruby colour. Perhaps a hint less Volnay on the nose than Montilles Bourgogne, but very pretty red fruit. Smooth and creamy red fruits, very concentrated, intense even. Very good. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)

01/02 1997 Hubert de Montille – Bourgogne Rouge
Mid brick colour. Nose starts with the merest whiff of toasty oak, but disappears after only 5 minutes (good !), leaving a beautiful Volnay nose – wow and from a bourgogne rouge too! Good acidity, not yet softened tannins and a lovely follow-through. Really excellent and almost ready. Whilst expensive for what it is (£11) I've had many Volnays less good than this one. (Bill Nanson, Switzerland)


11/03 Georges Duboeuf Fleurie Clos des Quatre Vents 1999
A wine that got less than stellar cellaring conditions, and it showed. Nose of cooked or roasted fruit with lots of dried red berries aromas and an sharp, woody airiness rounded off by a mentholly touch. The ladies aptly detected a cocoa dust component, along with beaten egg smoothness on the palate where any kind of acidic structure had already faded. Drying or dried out depending on your preferences, and nothing more than a curiosity. (Nerval, Poland)

11/03 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte de Py 2000
A wine made totally without sulphur, notoriously fragile (in fact the Bettane guide waved Foillard's only star because of bottle variation). But happily this bottle was excellent. Great colour to start with, medium purple with a large, juicy-amaranth rim; a hue that would not be out of place in a maturing great Burgundy. Intense and highly sweet nose of petits fruits rouges finesse with subsidiary smells of incense, red fruit ratafia, attractive and very Gamay-typical; someone's metaphor of an “eternal child's bouquet” was osé but on the spot. Juicy and soft in mouth where the nose would have led to expect more substance, not extremely long, finishing with varietal notes of bitter cherry. Also a nice strawberry confiture note. The wine grew on me and at the end of the evening I thought this was the best of the Gamays - if surely a reinterpreted one, seeking new levels of concentration while retaining the grape's essential softness and freshness of fruit. Excellent. (Nerval, Poland)

11/03 Château des Jacques Moulin-à-Vent Clos de Rochegrès 1999
18€. Medium but very consistent dark ruby-purple. Nose dominated by meaty oak at this stage, barnyardy, bell-peppery not unlike a young modern Bordeaux, but with a noticeable airy blueberry and anise-bacony Gamay note on the otherwise very un-Beaujolais nose. Long, smooth, soft, definitely rather oaky in mouth, well-balanced, with again a saturating texture akin to blueberry skins. Also rather alcoholic, especially with time in the glass. Surely a very good effort, a successful attempt at a more dense (and ageworthy) Beaujolais. But I found the profile to deform Gamay's innate characteristics to the point of no return; and a vivid discussion emerged about the very point of making such un-Gamay-like Gamays, Krzysztof sustaining the virtues of absolute quality, Marek advocating the fact that the wine showed what could be done on Rochegrès terroir, while I kept thinking making a Beaujolais taste like a Bordeaux was a misconception. A parallel to modern Barolo appeared - Scavino in that case - and surely in this wine, and this vintage, Gamay modernization reached what is perhaps an extreme point. Only very good for me. (Nerval, Poland)

11/03 Château des Jacques Moulin-à-Vent Clos du Grand Carquelin 1998
And to take the discussion further, this wine was opened. Surely partlu due to the softer vintage it showed much different and more recognisably Gamay-like. Slightly darker in hue but with a wider watery rim; showing more evolved on the nose than the Rochegrès with a slightly medicinal-infused note of plum or aronia fruit, musk, animal fur and some dried wood or fresh walnut flesh perhaps. Rather integrated in mouth, soft, smooth, nicely flavoured with dark berry while retaining a strongly cherry background, especially on the finish. Very good wine, typical of the more masculine and meatier Moulin-à-Vent terroir, less extreme and questionable in its course than the Rochegrès. But having said all that, and despite the sensual appeal, this is probably a year past peak. Time to drink up remaining bottles. (Nerval, Poland)

01/03 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie 2001
Colour: tawny-edged red. Light on the tongue, but follows through with a nice earthy depth of fruit. Hard to describe, but, really interesting - the antithesis of cheeky-bubblegum type beaujolais. G/VG (Paul Armstrong, UK)

10/02 Jadot Moulin-à-Vent Clos du Grand Carquelin 1998
This wine, which was served blind, fooled us all. It was made with long maceration, no semi-carbonique. I noted young Pinot fruit (which there isn't, of course, it's Gamay) with raspberries, cherries, pepper and liquorice. Very feminine and very young, I thought. Not for sale here, alas, though they do have the standard Château des Jacques. Must try more Beaujolais Crus made this way, such as Morgon from Potel-Aviron. (Jan-Tore Egge, Sweden)

10/02 Morgon Marcel Lapierre 2001
Great meal with stunning Beaujolais of burgundian depth - dark, deep red colour with summer fruit on the nose and palate undercut with nice tannins and oak. Felt like it could last a good few years. 15.5/20 (Simon Wharton, UK)

08/02 Trenel Beaujolais villages (Leynes) 1999
Good solid garnet, nose of redcurrants and a floral perfume, with a bit of swirling rare beef(y) and truffle notes pop up in a very apetizing combo. On the palate it is light crisp and sappy, very berry redcurrants in combination with well hung rare beef make for a very moreish wine with a good finish that leads to chain sipping. Good + Excellent wine with food and only £5.75 from the wine soc. (Stephen Pickles, UK)

02/02 Thivin Brouilly 2000
Lovely, open soft red fruited wine, a little structure, but enjoyable drinking (Nick Alabaster, UK)

02/02 Desplace Regnie 2000
Pear drop/banana laced raspberry, fresh, lively, again enjoyable (Nick Alabaster, UK)

02/02 Aujas Julienas VV 1997
Closed, mid-way light Burgundy/Gamay nose, nice weight to palate, good maturity. Good exmaple of any older Beaujolais, but not in the 10 year plus vein. (Nick Alabaster, UK)

02/02 Moulin-a-Vent Cave Ch. De Chenas 2000
Terrific open yet not too jammy or sweet nose, good weight to the red fruited palate and a fair size alround. Easy to see this as a value for money alternative to Burgundy. (Nick Alabaster, UK)

05/01 Brouilly, Floral label, 1999, Georges DuBoeuf
A: Clean, bright blood red. N: Stewed plums, jammy redberries and wet forest floor aromas. P: Slightly tart red fruits (raspberry, redcurrant) initially with supporting acidity and soft tannin on midpalate. Finishes quite rich and sharp with medium length. S: Average Beaujolais from (I think) over-hyped producer. Now - 2003. (Paul Anderson, UK)

03/01 1999 Duboeuf - Chiroubles
Still purple, the nose is perhaps a little too 'Spring Flowers' for my taste, but certainly nice & clean. The palate has tannin, mouthwatering but pleasant acidity. Some raspberry and cherry notes, with a pleasing finish. Quite good in isolation, in QPR terms, brilliant for less than £4 locally.

03/01 1998 Duboeuf - Moulin-a-Vent
Denser colour, less purple. Nose, now more black fruits than flowers. Crunchy fruit to start with. After ten minutes this wine seemed very smooth, almost sensuous. Hard to put into words. This is a serious step up in quality from the last wine. On its own very good, in QPR terms, excellent wine for around £6.50 locally. The first wine is fine as it is, but I can imagine sipping it, lightly chilled this summer. The Moulin-a-Vent is a star, and could very easily be mistaken for a good village Nuits, at half the price. (Bill Nanson, Sitzerland)

11/00 Beaujolais Villages Primeur 2000, Domaine de la Plaigne
Lovely cherry pink colour. Fruity boiled sweets and pear drop nose. Lovely fresh, fruity palate of vibrant, sweet confected fruit. Virtually no tannins. Very unusual wine, full on and very good. (£6.35 Roger Harris Wine) (Jamie Goode, UK)

11/00 Beaujolais Primeur 2000, Jean François Garlon
Bright purple with a pink edge. Full, fruity nose with esteric, pear drop edge and a touch of banana. Vibrant cherry fruit on the palate. Smooth and rounded; attractive and juicy. Despite the lack of tannin there is still good balance here. Lovely, fun wine. Very good. (£6.15 Roger Harris Wine) (Jamie Goode, UK)

11/00 Beaujolais Primeur 2000, Blaise Carron
Deep purple colour. Sweetly fruited nose with cherries, raspberries and hints of pear drops. Juicy and fresh on the palate, with rounded flavours and nice balancing acidity. Soft textured. Very good. (£6.30 Roger Harris Wine) (Jamie Goode, UK)