This collection of articles is from my column in the Home Show magazine between 1998 and January 2001. It covers just about every aspect of matching wine to food styles

wine with: key ingredients / regional cuisines / special occasions

 key ingredients & food types

wine with chocolate Easter eggs

wine with soups

wine with pork

wine with steak and seafood

wine with ground beef or lamb recipes

wine with chilli dishes

wine for one-pot meals, casseroles and stews

wine with game

wine with cheese

wine with cheese 2

wine with chocolate

wine with autumn fruit recipes

wine with salads, vinaigrettes and dressings

 regional cusines

wine with peasant dishes of the south

wine with ethnic cuisine

wine with Japanese sushi

wine with Irish cuisine

wine with North African cuisine

wine with Italian food

wine with curried dishes

wine with Australian "fusion" cuisine

 special occasions & situations

wine for an alternative Christmas menu

wine for alfresco dining

wine for Valentine day

wine as part of a healthy diet

wine for Christmas and Millennium entertaining

wine for barbecues and alfresco dining

wine for Christmas dinner

You might also be interested in my report on Wine with Game for Wine Magazine and in the various reports under Organised Tastings of the Wine and Food evenings that I run here in Scotland, or a food and wine matching event I organised in May 2000.