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Visitors' wines of 2004

by Tom Cannavan, 12/2004

Here are Wine Pages Visitors' Wines of the Year for 2004 in the same eight categories that I used to draw up my own list (use link on left).

Note: I have split the entries into two parts. This is part 1.

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six selections below added Thusday 6th January

Paul Howard, UK
Red - Torres (Spain) Grans Muralles Penedes DO 1997
White - Nicolas Joly (France) Savennières Clos de Coulée de Serrant 1990
Budget red - Domaine Boyar (Bulgaria) Blue Ridge Merlot 2001
Budget white - J Ginglinger (France) Alsace Gewurtztraminer 1999
Sweet - Domaine Huet (France) Vouvray Moelleux Le Mont 1er Trie 2003
Sparkling Jacques Selosse (France) Champagne "Substance" Solera aged
Fortified - Fernando de Castilla (Spain) Dry Antique Oloroso Sherry
Dud - Turley (California) Zinfandel Dogtown 2001

A plea for Rosé: Rosé d'Un Jour VdT. Mark Angeli. Groslot Demi-Sec, Biodynamic. 2003. Thouarcé, Loire, France. Also (inexpensive): Rosat. Cellier de Capcanes Rosado. Montsant DO, Spain. The Muralles and Savennières are both perfect now. The Merlot: £2.99! Gewurtztraminer bought at the property. Vouvray won't be ready for 20 years but is going to be fantastic. Selosse takes it for a totally individual take on Champagne. The Old Oloroso I kept buying all year. The dud: I love Zin, but this was a spirity 16%: stupid wine making. And a year of some wonderful red and white burgundy too!

Good idea - we'll include Rosé as a category next year for sure. Wines 2, 4, 5 and 6 in Paul's list are biodynamically produced - Tom

Mark Palmer, UK
Red - Ch Palmer (France) Margaux 1990
White - Fontaine-Gagnard (France) Criots Batard Montrachet 1996
Budget red - Lesec (France) Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Rubis 2001
Budget white - Domaine de l'Hortus (France) Bergerie de l'Hortus 2002
Sweet - Ch Climens (France) Barsac 1988
Sparkling - Salon (France) Champagne 1988
Fortified - Fonseca (Portugal) Vintage Port 1994
Dud - Marquis d'Angerville (France) Volnay Taillepieds 1994

Franz Ferdinand or Nick Cave, for Album of the Year? It would certainly have been Rough Trade compilation received with my subscription to their Album club, had it not been an anthology of 2003 - Joy Zipper's Check Out My New Jesus the standout track for me.... Wine? oh yeah.... a very late entry by Palmer 1990. A perfect illustration of latent power rumbling under a serene surface, only the very reserved nose holding it back from near perfection. Another 5 years in bottle should sort that out though. I like the restrained F-G style and this just kept revealing its secrets one at a time until the bottle was finally finished. It probably had still more to tell. Cases 4 and 5 of the Cuvee Rubis will be going into the Palmer cellar in January. For all of its faults this is just brilliant budget drinking. I've voted with my feet on this one. The l'Hortus worked brilliantly with every type of food thrown at it this summer, exactly what I want from my budget whites. The Climens and Fonseca were memorably paired with a ripe Stilton and both lived up to the numerous plaudits that they have been given by the various critics. The Salon was written up at the time and discussed to death, so I have nothing more to add.... ...and finally the dud. Out of 8 offliners, including probably the best blind taster you'll ever meet, nobody even put it in the right country, let alone pin it down as Volnay. Oh dear.

Paul Anderson, UK
Red - Jean Raphet (Burgundy), Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru, 1983
White - Domaine Rapet (Burgundy), Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, 2001
Budget red - Concha y Toro (Chile), Explorer Pinot Noir, 2003
Budget white - René Michel (Burgundy), Viré-Clessé Quintaine, 2001
Sweet - Zind-Humbrecht (Alsace), Tokay Pinot Gris Rotenberg, 1997
Sparkling - Chapel Down (England), Brut NV
Fortified - Quinta do Noval (Portugal), Silval, 1997
Dud - Henri Brunier (Rhône), Telegramme, 2002

The Clos de Vougeot was at it's peak and excellent. Tasted with Jean Raphet in Morey-Saint-Denis in the Summer and he 'allowed' me to buy a couple of bottles as well. 2001 is under-rated as a white wine vintage and the Corton-Charlemagne is beautifully balanced. The CyT Pinot is a regular house red and no-one has betean René Michel to become our house white. The Rotenberg was not technically a VT but it was a big rich, sweet-ish wine. The Chapel Down was a surprise for me and tasted like a good Champagne at 2 or 3 times its price (about £8). The Silval was one of the few Ports I had all year but was the result of being wrongly priced, which made it even better vfm. The Telgramme 2002 was pretty awful and it wasn't even cheap, given that its de-classified Vieux-Telegraphe.

Simon Rummens, UK
Red - Weinert (Argentina) cabernet sauvignon 1997
White - Dr Loosen (germany) Erdener Pralat Auslese 1996
Budget red - Chasson (France) Guillaume de Caberstan 2001
Budget white - No award
Sweet - Dom Patrick Baudouin (France) Coteaux du Layon 1998
Sparkling - Billecart-Salmon (france) Brut reserve
Fortified - No award
Dud - Bollinger (france) 1990

The Weinert wine was a gift and was so unexpectedly good - I have never tasted anything remotely as good from South America before. My only bottle of Bollinger 1990 had sat in my cellar for several years until this christmas day: oxidised but not undrinkable

Ian Russell UK
Red - Penfolds (Australia) Grange 1983
White - Zind Humbrecht (France) Riesling Brand 1996
Budget red - Castell del Remei (Spain) Gotim Bru 2001
Budget white - Bargain Germans from Majestic (apols for plagiarism M titley!)
Sweet - ?? (Germany) Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Beerenauslese 1971
Sparkling - Dom Perignon (France) Champagne Oenotheque 1973
Fortified - No award
Dud - Carruades de Lafite 1990

The hardest category for me is the sparkling wines. I really enjoyed the Krug '85 as well and Rockford Black always outstanding, most recently the '93 disgorgement. DP '73 gets the vote however, as I opened this when I got engaged!

Neal Martin, UK
Red - Chateau Latour (France) 1924
White - Weingut St. Johanishof (Ger) Bernkastel Kurfurstlay Auslese 1971
Budget red - Domaine Grande Veneur (France) Lirac Clos de Sixte 2003
Budget white - Gunderloch (Ger) Nackenheim Rothenberg Sptatlese 2002
Sweet - Chateau d`Yquem (France) Sauternes 1971
Sparkling - Dom Perignon (France) Champagne 1970
Fortified - Cockburns Port 1927
Dud - Domaine de la Romanée-Cont (France) Romanee St. Vivant 1974

There were several candidates for red wine of the year. I should mention David Pope bringing round Henri Bonneau`s Reserve de Celestin 88 unaware of its rarity and price. It meant we could all enjoy the wine for what it is, rather than what it`s worth. The RSV DRC 74 was undrinkable, with half the imperial thrown down the sink after the tasting had finished. So far, my only tasting note using the four-letter word (with an "-ing" on the end.)

six selections below added Tuesday 4th January

Richard Bray, UK
Red - Ch Ducru Beaucaillou (France, Bordeaux) 1962
White - Louis Jadot (France, Burgundy) Corton Charlemagne 1991
Budget red - Tedeschi (Italy, Veneto) Capitel San Rocco 2000
Budget white - O. Leflaive (France, Burgundy), Les Seteilles 2002/3
Sweet - Crown Estates (Hungary) Tokaji Aszú 6 Puts 1940
Sparkling Pol Roger (France, Champagne) Vintage 1979
Fortified - Grahams (Port) Vintage 1970
Dud - Pascal Jolivet (France, Loire) Sancerre Grand Cuvee 2001

It's been a good year. The Ducru was from a friend's cellar and was so complete in terms of what great, aged claret should be like. Almost Burgundian in elegance. The Corton was drunk with lunch at Jadot's winery in Beaune, showing off brilliant honeyed citrus notes. Tedeschi represent great value and this Ripasso style wine has never disappointed at £7.99. Cheating a bit with the white, but for the first half of 2004 it was £8.99 (that's when I was drinking it). Gone up to £10.99 in the last couple of months but still brilliant value white Burgundy. The Tokaji was simply incredible, vibrant and was the oldest tasted in a comprehensive vertical of Crown Estates wines. Will go on forever. Pol Roger's 79 stands out in a year of great Champagne (96 Dom is the best young Champagne I've tried but needs time) - beautifully toasty, rich but still with some youth: lucky enough to have this 3 times over the last 12 months. Grahams 1970 was my choice last year and further bottles this year have maintained its position. The Sancerre was just not right.

Phil Wilkins, UK
Red - Domaine Leroy (France) Chapelle Chambertan 1966
White - Knoll (Austria) Loibner Grüner Veltliner Smaragd 'Vinothekfüllung' 2001
Budget red - Rockford (Australia) Basket Press 1992
Budget white - Vina Sol (Spain) - any recent vintage
Sweet - Kracher (Austria) #9 Scheurebe ZDS TBA 1999
Sparkling - Moet & Chandon (France) Cuvee Dom Perignon 1996
Fortified - Taylor (Portugal) Vintage Port 1970
Dud - Sine Qua Non (USA) - Pinot #6 2001

Well who'd have thought my red of the year would be a Burg? An unreal experience though. All in all a good wine drinking year!

Ray Abercromby, UK
Red - Leoville Poyferre (France) 1982
White - Henri Boillot (France) Puligny Montrachet 1961
Budget red - Plan Pegau (France) Cote du Rhone 2001
Budget white - Curious Grape (England) Bacchus Reserve
Sweet - Disznoko (Hungary) 1993 Tokaji 6 puttonyos
Sparkling - Billecart Salmon (France) Cuvee Nicholas Francois 1990
Fortified - No award
Dud - Mouton Rothschild (France) 1994

What a year! Neal Martins Bordeaux olympics provide best red and white (although a 1989 Zind Humbrecht Gewurz Herrenweg came close). The Pegau is lovely - I have lots - and the Bacchus reserve has great fruit. The Billecart edges the DP1996 (a stunning wine), and the Mouton was fine at £20; hopeless at c.£100.

Three in a row voting for, or mentioning Dom Perignon 1996 as WoTY contender. Must get me some of that! - Tom

John Thomson, UK
Red - Mouton Rothschild (France) 1986
White - Zind Humbrecht (France) Clos Windsbuhl. Gewtz. 1998
Budget red - Falesco (Italy) Vitiano 2002
Budget white - No award
Sweet - Ch Climens (France) Barsac 1938
Sparkling - Raymond Boulard (France) Champagne Mailly NV
Fortified - Niepoort 20 year old Tawny Port
Dud - Mouton Rothschild (France) 1990

Having been in exile in London (on my own) I've been to every tasting I could in 2004. The 86 Mouton is an amazing wine run close by 1990 Montrose which will probably be better when mature but is still in it's infancy. The ZH Gewurtz is completely different from anything else I've ever tasted and hence sticks in the memory. I don\'t believe that you can get better value than the Vitiano (it's about 7 quid a bottle for heavens sake) and is so reliable year on year. 1938 was supposedly a poor year for Barsac but the '38 Climens was a delight and has donkeys years of life ahead of it. It's also nice to have a bit of history in a glass-the wine was vinified during the beginning of WW2 which makes the fact it is still around in 2004 even more remarkable. Peter May showed the Boulard champagne at a central London tasting - it's blindingly good for a NV champagne. Despite having had a number of serious vintage ports the Niepoort tawny sticks in the mind because I drank the whole bottle myself over a fortnight and enjoyed every last drop. So mellow and easy going, like sticking on an old pair of slippers at the end of the night! I've no idea why the 1990 Mouton is so poor but it is.

David Bennett, UK
Red - Chave (France) Hemitage 1988
White - Boudin (France) Chablis L\'homme Mort 1999
Budget red - Mas Baril (Spain) Priorato 1988
Budget white - Potel (France) Bourgogne Blanc (vv)
Sweet - Baumard (France) Quartes de Chaume 1988
Sparkling - F.Boulard (France) Petrea
Fortified - Madeira. Bual ?1860 ?Maker
Dud - No award

There are so so many possibilites here that I could really have made 6 or so lists out easily!. The Chave was a wine I could have smelt all night, taken to bed and would still have stunk of screaming white lilies the next morning. It was fabulous and had all the acidity to boot. Close call though with that Fabulous Countacc at SuperBowl 04. The Boudin Chablis goes back to "me first love" Chablis. How can anyone fail to get excited and seduced by this wine? it is all classic Chablis and more. Boudin is a genious in the appelation Fourchaume L'homme Mort. The Mas Baril i brought to SuperBowl 04. Bought for a mere fiver at auction - it's a cracker and weighs in at a cool 16% non fortified of course! Potel's basic cuvee is a delight, all the lovely forward ripe fruit in the 02 vintage and the acidity to balance. Gauntley's ex cellars 60 quid a case. The Baumard was tasted last week and was the most balanced sweetie ever. it was close call between this and the chandonnay beerenauslese that Ali brought to SB - then there was that BA brought by the dear Wilson Logan that was tasted late on at the SB 04 (again!) Fizzy congrats to Francis for his Petrea...hands off my allocation next time. As I generally don't do fortified, very often, The maderia was brought by a close friend of the wine Circle and was quite extraordinary. Dud's? - Poured them all away, dead and forgotten. No point crying over spilt milk!

Francis Boulard is a regular contributor to the wine-pages UK Wine Forum, and his Champagnes have built a deserved following - in fact I had his Grand Cru non-vintage on New Year's day, with about 18 months age in my cellar, and it was gorgeous - Tom

Francesco Pessolano, Netherlands
Red - E&E (Australia) Black Pepper Shiraz 1998
White - Philipponnat (France) Champagne Clos de Goisses 1991
Budget red - Torre del Pagus (Italy) Impeto Aglianico 2001
Budget white - Corte Normanna (Italy) Palombaia Falanghina 2002
Sweet - Dom. Deletang (France) Montluis Le Batisses 1997
Sparkling - Philipponnat (France) Champagne Clos de Goisses 1991
Fortified - Graham Port 1975
Dud - Villa Russiz (Italy) Sauvignon de la Tour 2002

My life won't be the same after trying the Clos de Goisses. It is not just a champagne, but the best white wine of the year (at least).

six selections below added Thursday 30th December

Toby Bailey, UK
Red - Haut-Bailly (France) Graves 1964
White - Zind-Humbrecht (France) Gewurztraminer Hengst 1983
Budget red - various Gramenon wines
Budget white - a couple of Pieropan Soaves
Sweet - Huet (France) Vouvray Le Mont 1er Trie 1959
Sparkling Champagne Krug (France) 1979 and 1985
Fortified - Valdespino (Spain) Oloroso Sherry Su Majestad
Dud - Penfolds (Australia) Grange 1993

Justine Henriques Verdelho 34 a close runner-up for Fortified. I really loved the Haut Bailly but there were some other perhaps objectively "better" reds like Rouget's 91 Cros Parentoux

I was recently very impressed indeed by a
vertical tasting of Haut-Bailly, and funnily enough, had a delightful bottle of Pieropan Soave with lunch in Glasgow's Etain restuarant only yesterday - a great buy at £23 on a posh restaurant's list - Tom

Gareth Welch, UK
Red - Clos des Lambrays (France) Morey St Denis 1er Cru 2001
White - Michel Colin Deleger (France) St Aubin 1er Cru En Charmois 2000
Budget red - Buckleys (Australia) GSM 1998
Budget white - Nugan Estate (Australia) Chardonnay 2001
Sweet - no award
Sparkling - no award
Fortified - no award
Dud - Nicholas Potel Volnay VV 2002

well despite more than a few disappointments with Burgs this year, the two most memorable wines were from there, the St Aubin in particular puching well above it level. The Buckleys showed just how good a modest wine from a decent producer in a good year with a bit of ageing can be. The Nugan was the surprise of the year. I've had three bottles of the Potel now and can't really find a lot to like in it, I've got the strong feeling that this just can't be the same wine I tasted back in January.

Roderick Hopkins, Sweden
Red - Guigal (France) Cote-Rotie La Landonne 1999
White - Edi Simcic (Slovenia) Sauvignon 2001
Budget red - Dom Villeneuve (France) Pic St Loup, Vielles Vignes 2001
Budget white - W Schaefer (Ger) Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese 2003
Sweet - Lens Moser (Austria) Riesling/Sylvaner, TBA 1976
Sparkling - Bollinger (France) RD Champagne 1990
Fortified - Fonseca (Portugal) Vintage Port 1985
Dud - Chapoutier (France) Cuvee de l´Oree 1994

The La Landonne was way too young but it is very obvious that this will be an outstanding wine in 15-20 years. Tasted alongside La Mouline and La Turque also from 99. The Landonne outshines the others because of the enormous power. My choice of white is probably not the best white this year, but it was a major surprise and also mistaken for a world class chardonnay (?!). Try to find a bottle and give me your thoughts. Pic St Loup is my new favourite district and the 2003 Mosels are delicious, so the budget wines was not a difficult choice. The Champagne and the Port was not really world class, but I realised that 2004 has been a misery when it comes to champagne and port. I hope that 2005 will be better. The dud is not a bad wine at approx 85 points. But I would have expected more from a Parker 99p with some age. It might be too young still.

Craig Thomson, New Zealand
Red - Penfolds (Australia) 1994 Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon
White - Dry River (New Zealand) 2002 Arapoff Gewurztraminer
Budget red - Saltrams (Australia) 2001 Mamre Brook Shiraz
Budget white - Main Divide (New Zealand) 2003 Riesling
Sweet - Coopers Creek (New Zealand) 2002 Noble Riesling
Sparkling - Moet Chandon (France) Dom Perignon 1988
Fortified - no award
Dud - Terrace Road (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc 2002

Another regular's entry into wines of the year. Thanks Tom - your site is great. Bit light on the tasting scene this year, most of top wines I drunk were from my own cellar with friends - the best way. Dry river GW -- how many times do I have to say it, it is just a special wine that is spellbinding at its best. The 707 is just starting to open up now, solid masculine and iconic style of wine. Main Divide 03 Riesling is just divine at the moment $15NZ a bottle. Dom 88 from a magnum started off our 10th wedding anniversary party - I got a glass (just)

One glass from a magnum of DP 1988? You should have invited fewer people! - Tom

Andy Leslie, UK
Red - Wendouree (Australia), Shiraz Mataro 2000
White - Graf Hardegg (Austria) V Viognier 2000
Budget red - Ch d'Or et de Gueules (Fr) Costieres de Nimes "Les Cimels" 2001
Budget white - Ch d'Or et de Gueules (Fr) Costieres de Nimes "Trassegum" 03
Sweet - Nigl (Austria) Gruner Veltliner TBA 1995
Sparkling - no award
Fortified - Mas Amiel (France) Cuvee Special 10ans d'age
Dud - Chapoutier (France) Banyuls "Terra Vinya" 2000

Album: First album by new band formed by Kristin Hersch (ex-Throwing Muses). The band have the unfortunate (in the light of this weeks unbelievable events in the Indian Ocean) of Fifty Foot Wave - but it's a great record. Gig: British Sea Power at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. I know the Wendouree was infanticide, but it was still superb! Regional France has given me great drinking this year - my non-budget red of the year was nearly the "Bolida" cuvee from Ch d'Or et de Gueules, 2002 - miraculous wine, grapes harvested individually after the rains. The Graf Hardegg garnered the comment "as good as white wine can be" from my other half. Nigl TBA was superbly balanced with great length. The Chapoutier and the Mas Amiel were both bought for similar rich dessert matching - the Mas A. worked, the Chapoutier was lifeless in comparison.

Oi! - since when do we vote for album and gig of the year? Shoorly some mistake? - Tom

Jan-Tore Egge, Norway
Red - Giuseppe Mascarello (Italy) Barolo Monprivato 1990
White - Trimbach (France) Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Émile 1990
Budget red - Felsina (Italy) Castello di Farnetella Chianti Colli Senesi 2001
Budget white - W Erben (Ger) Forster Pechstein Riesling Kabinett Trocken 98
Sweet - Fontodi (Italy) Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 1995
Sparkling - Bollinger (France) Champagne Grande Année 1990
Fortified - Niepoort (Portugal) Vintage Port 1970
Dud - Kuentz-Bas (France) Riesling Grand Cru Eichberg 1998

What is there to say? Quite a few candidates, especially for budget wines, offering good VFM, but not necessarily being head and shoulders above the rest. By the way, am I alone in finding the Kuentz-Bas Riesling Eichberg 1998 less than stunning? IMO, this wine does not merit Grand Cru status - unless I had a duff bottle, of course.

six selections below added Tuesday 28th December

Phil Shorten, UK
Red - Ch. Rayas (France) Chateauneuf-du-Pape 1994
White - Domaine Gauby (France) Le Soula Blanc 2001
Budget red - Ch. Brulesecaille (France) Cotes de Bourg 2000
Budget white - Mt. Pleasant (Australia) Elizabeth Semillon 1993
Sweet - Maculan (Italy) Acininobili 1999
Sparkling - Pol Roger (France) 1990
Fortified - Buller (Australia) Calliope Rare Tokay
Dud - Penfolds (Australia) Grange 1993

The Rayas was a beautifully perfumed, elegant wine that showed Grenache at its best. From the same neck of the woods, 1998 Beaucastel is also a stunner, but still very young. Le Soula is one of the most interesting wines on the market and right in the slot for my palate. The budget red was a harder choice. There's been numerous good value wines from southern France, but I'm going to go for the very good Cotes de Bourg from Chateau Brulesecaille. If Bordeaux could churn out wine of this quality on a regular basis it wouldn't be in the mess its in now. The Mt Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon is Australia's best wine bargain, unoaked, relatively low alcohol and ageworthy. This wine cost me under AUD10 a bottle 5 or so years ago and is just starting to hit its straps. The Maculan is a delicious wine with a long future ahead. Pol Roger beats out Krug Grand Cuvee and Rockford Black Shiraz (1998 Disgorgement). The Buller Tokay is a wine that delivers - elegance, finesse, balance and complexity - great stuff. No real duds this year. The 1993 Grange gets the gong simply because it was so dominated by American oak on the nose that it almost fell into the DPIM category.

Mike Bartlett, UK
Red - Arnaldo Caprai (Italy) Sagrantino di Montelfalco 1997
White - La Rudera (South Africa) Chenin Blanc 2003
Budget red - John Armit Italian Red 2001
Budget white - Three Gables (South Africa) Sauvignon Blanc 2004
Sweet - Isole e Olena (Italy) Vin Santo 1996
Sparkling - Blin NV Champagne
Fortified - no award
Dud - no award

An unusual list in that both of my whites are from South Africa (La Rudera is a stunner), whilst my main red is the very tannic but immensely complex Sagrantino which clearly has a long life ahead of it still. The budget red is the poor man's Brunello di Montalcino and the Vin Santo is expensive but is liquid gold. My sparkling choice is simply the best value quality champagne on the market. Here's to 2005

Andrew McClenaghan, UK
Red - Ch. Lynch Bages (France) 1985
White - no award
Budget red - Ancien Comte (France) Corbieres Reserve 2001
Budget white - Domaine Cauhape (France) Chant des Vignes 2002
Sweet - Tokaji (Hungary) Azsu 5 putts 1993
Sparkling - Dom Perignon (France) 1996
Fortified - Lustau (Spain) Old Oloroso
Dud - Ch. Mouton Rothschild (France) 1975

The Lynch Bages outclassed Lafite and Mouton of the same vintage. Mouton 75 just tasted old. Ancien Comte Corbieres Reserve was a find: proper wine for £3.49!

Ancien Comte comes from the ultra-reliable Mont Tauch Co-op and is fantastic value - Tom

Linden Wilkie, UK
Red - Château Pétrus (France) Pomerol 1998
White - Trimbach (France) Riesling 'Clos St Hune', Alsace
Budget red - Geroges Duboeuf (France) Juliénas 2003
Budget white - Dr Loosen (Germany) Riesling Bernkasteler Lay 2002
Sweet - Gaston Huët (France) Vouvray moelleux 'Le Haut Lieu' 1er Trie 1947
Sparkling - Moët et Chandon Cuvée Dom Perignon 1996
Fortified - La Coume dy Roy (France) Maury Maurydoré 1948
Dud - Taylor's Vintage Port 1977

I've been lucky to try a number of fantastic wines in 2004, some at the generosity of 'offliners' - thank you. I think the 2003 Beaujolias are about the best I can ever remember tasting, and the prices have remained modest considering the big jump in quality. My second choice valu red would be the many great quality Portugese reds that have superb QPR. Crisp Mosel riesling remains my value choice for whites, though I agree with Jancis that 2002 Chablis are also good across the board.

Marcus titley, UK
Red - Chateau Cheval Blanc (France) St Emilion 1964
White - Dauvissat (France) Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru 1929
Budget red - E Rouget (france) Bourgogne Rouge 1997
Budget white - The cheap Germans from Majestic
Sweet - no award
Sparkling - Champagne Dom Perignon 1982
Fortified - no award
Dud - Pousse D'Or (France) Volnay 1993

George Egglestone, UK
Red - Chateau de Beaucastel (France) Chateauneuf du Pape 1989
White -Grosset (Australia) Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2003
Budget red - Concha y Toro (Chile) Winemaker's Lot 32 Malbec 2002
Budget white - Saumur Blanc (France) 'Les Andides' Chenin Blanc 2003
Sweet - Quady (USA) Elysium Black Muscat 2003
Sparkling - Cloudy Bay Vineyards (New Zealand) Pelorus Brut 1999
Fortified - Gonzales Byass (Spain) Oloroso Dulce Matuselem
Dud - Château Musar (Lebanon) 1994

I was lucky enough to taste the 1989 Chateauneuf du Pape at a Perrin Wine Tasting Dinner at The Cotswold House Hotel in Chipping Campden in October. The wine accompanied some loin of venison. WOW! What a combination! Big power and flavours all round! What made it even more special was...the dinner was tutored by Pierre Perrin! Grosset Sauv / Sem....At last, a sauvignon blanc with a bit of body! Winemaker's Lot 32...can't get enough of this stuff. Saumur Blanc....producer's name was too small to read. A Waitrose gem! Quady Muscat....a wine that tastes of sweet red grapes. Have it instead of a pudding if you're too full to eat any more! Pelorus....I love it! So does everyone else! Matuselem....Little bottle! Big, warming taste! Chateau Musar....I thought this was going to be such a good bottle. It was so sour!

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