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Visitors' favourite wines of 2000 - Part I

Here are Wine Pages Visitors' Wines of the Year for 2000 in the same seven categories that I used to draw up my own list. I'll be adding these on a daily basis for as long as you keep sending them.

Note: There has been such a huge response to this feature that I have had to split the entries into three separate parts. This is part I

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Charles Adams, UK (added 19/12)
Red - Vina Pedrosa (Spain) Crianza 1994
White - Fairview (South Africa) Oom Pagel Semillon 1999
Budget red - Fairview (South Africa) Goats do Roam 1999
Budget white - No award
Sweet - Seppelt (Australia) Show Muscat 1998
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - No award

I have had three bottles of the Pedrosa, of which only the first and third were outstanding. The Oom Pagel is only £6.99 so qualifies as a budget white too. I have had many excellent budget reds but the Goats do Roam wins on value (only 4.99) and for the label.

I don't know many of the wines in this selection, but the Goats do Roam (Oddbins and elsewhere) is a fine choice - Tom

Jamie Goode, UK (added 19/12)
Red - Niepoort (Portugal) Redoma 1994
White - Ramonet (Burgundy) Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Boudriotte 1998
Budget red - Château de Lancyre (France) Pic Saint-Loup Grande Cuvée 1997
Budget white - Pewsey Vale (Australia) Eden Valley Riesling 1998
Sweet - Château Suduiraut (Sauternes) 1er Cru Classé 1997
Sparkling - Cloudy Bay (New Zealand) Pelorus Vintage 1995
Fortified - Quinta do Crasto Late Bottled Vintage Port 1995

An almost impossible task to choose between so many great wines tasted, but fun none the less. The Redoma 1994 gets the nod in the red category for standing out from the crowd: it's not just another international styled blockbuster. In the white category, the Ramonet is a sensational young white Burgundy, bursting with complexity. The commune Pic St Loup in the Languedoc produces characterful reds with some class that are usually good value for money, so the Lancyre gets my vote here. There was less competition in the other categories, simply because the vast majority of wines sold tend to be dry table wines, but the Suduiraut, Pelorus and Crasto LBV are all superb examples in my opinion.

I totally agree that the Redoma is a world class red - the 1996 was one of my "runners-up" for red wine of the year. The Pewsey Vale Riesling has to be one of the top white wine bargains around; and it will age very gracefully - Tom

Roderick Hopkins, Sweden (added 19/12)
Red - Guigal (Rhône) la Mouline 1981
White - Trimbach (Alsace) Riesling Cuvée Frederic Emile 1990
Budget red - Wyndham (Australia) Bin 555 Shiraz 1998
Budget white - Château Coucheroy (Bordeaux) 1998
Sweet - Château d´Yquem (Sauternes) 1970
Sparkling - Champagne Jacques Selosse Blanc de Blanc 1990
Fortified - Fonseca (Portugal) Muscatel de Setúbal 1900

La Mouline '81 was a big surprise ('81 is not supposed to be that good in N. Rhône) and showed beautifully in a tasting beside la Landonne '86 and Grange '81. It´s on top of my list despite competition from some great Bordeaux '82s (Pichon Lalande, Latour, Leoville las Cases, Lynch Bages and l´Evangile). I have never had d´Yquem before, the 1970 was a shining star on a tasting beside Suduiraut '37 and Rieussec '53. My overall favorite this year is the Moscatel de Setubal 1900. 100-year old perfection.

Serious selection of stuff here from Roderick. What a coincidence that the Trimbach 1990 is exactly the same choice as Bryan C below. Anyone else have a bottle of hundred year old Setúbal they'd like to share with me? - Tom

Bryan Collins, UK (added 19/12)
Red - Pousse d'Or (Burgundy) Volnay 1er Cru Les Caillerets 1990
White - Trimbach (Alsace) Riesling Cuvée Frederic Emile 1990
Budget red - Château Montus (Madiran) 1996
Budget white - Goldwater (New Zealand) Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Sweet - Château Climens (Sauternes) 1990
Sparkling - Champagne Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 1990
Fortified - Grahams Vintage Port 1966

A cracking selection, many of which I've tasted too. I share Bryan's enthusiasm for the 1990 vintage all across Europe - Tom

Craig Thomson, New Zealand (added 21/12)
Red - Brookfields (NZ) Gold Label Reserve Cabernet Merlot 199
White - Te Mata Estate (New Zealand) Elston Chardonnay 1999
Budget red - Te Mata Estate (New Zealand) Awatea Cabernet Merlot 1998
Budget white - Collards (New Zealand) Queen Charlotte Riesling 1998
Sweet - Martinborough Vineyards (New Zealand) Late Harvest Riesling 1999
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - No award

Well this year is a kiwi wine year for me. Haven't tasted too much else actually in comparison. Tomorrow my list would be totally different, that is the standard of the NZ wines I have tried this year. Broofields is NZs John Riddoch or Latour, the Awatea is a stunning buy at NZ$29, Elston chardonnay show real class this year and the Collards is scrummy. MBV sticky shows real power, structure and balance.

Maybe just a tad partisan Craig? :-) I'm increasingly impressed by NZ reds this year - Tom

John Holland, UK (added 21/12)
Red - Wolf Blass South Australia Chardonnay 1999
White - No award
Budget red - No award
Budget white - No award
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - Charles Heidsieck Champagne mis en cave 1995
Fortified - Gonzalez Byass Matusalem

The Champagne is fantastic for between £20-24. You will have to look long and hard to find a wine of this quality that is not a niche-market grower Champagne. Great value.

Short but sweet! I agree with these choices: Gonzales Byass and Charles Heidsieck are two great producers - Tom

Luis Antunes, Portugal (added 21/12)
Red - Artadi (España, Rioja) Viña El Pison Reserva 1995
White - Quinta de Cabriz (Portugal, Dão) Escolha Vírgilio Loureiro 1999
Budget red - Quinta de Saes (Portugal, Dão) Tinta Roriz 1998
Budget white - Morgado de Santa Catherina (Portugal, Bucelas) 1997
Sweet - JM Fonseca (Portugal, Setúbal) Bastardinho de Azeitão 30 anos
Sparkling - Castillo Perelada (España, Catalunya) Cava Brut NV
Fortified - Fonseca Guimaraens (Portugal, Douro) Vintage Porto 1991

Lots of Spanish this year, as I have started to discover and love the country next to mine. Yes, the El Pison I tasted because of Bob's score, and it struck me as the most fascinating wine I have ever tasted. Lots of good reds from Portugal also, check the forum for those jewels. The Cava I served blind before a tasting with friends at my house and it was stunning: lots of character there (also, it costs close to nothing). Overall, a great year of tastings.

The second Setúbal so far - could these be the year of this tiny, relatively unknown region? - Tom

Peter May, UK (added 22/12)
Red - Lujan de Cuyo (Argentina) Vina Alicia Petit Verdot 1998
White - Varone (Switzerland) Petite Arvine 1999
Budget red - Middlevlei (SA) Pinotage/Merlot 1998
Budget white - Three Choirs (England) Phoenix NV
Sweet - Miranda (Australia) Golden Botrytis 1997
Sparkling - Sainsburys Blanc de Noirs Champagne NV
Fortified - No award

There have been so many good wines this year and so few poor wines. I almost placed the Champagne in the budget white category as I bought them in the post millennium sale and they have turned out very nice, and one can open a bottle without a qualm about the cost!

I shared a bottle of the Petit Verdot with Peter at the start if the year: I forgot about that one, an absolutely stunning wine. The Champagne is the one that Sainsbury sold off at £6 a bottle in the early summer, and which Wine Pages regulars piled into heavily! - Tom

Daron Fincham, UK (added 22/12)
Red - Château Musar (Lebanon) 1994
White - Vereinigte Hospitien (MSR) Serriger Vogelsang Riesling Auslese 1989
Budget red - De Muller (Spain) Pinot Noir 1996
Budget white - Vina San Pedro (Chile) "35 Sur" Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Sweet - Château Loupiac-Gaudiet (France) Loupiac 1996
Sparkling - Seppelt (Australia) Sparkling Shiraz 1994
Fortified - Graham's (Portugal) Vintage Port 1960

Wine is sometimes place. When England beat the West Indies at Lords this summer Musar '94 was in my glass. Almost any of the Majestic Mosel-Saar-Ruwer mature rieslings qualify both as best and budget whites. Spanish pinot noir? You don't see this very often. It just creeps in at £7.99 from Morrisons. Ever reliable cheap Chilean red and white form the "House Wines" at my place. For £3.49 "35 Sur" is a steal. For the second year running Loupiac is my and Hugh Johnson and Michael Broadbent's choice of sweetie. I'm not much of a fizz fan but with sparkling shiraz I feel so, oooh! wicked! Finally, for my 40th birthday a vintage port from my birth year acquired from auction of the vicar of Codsall's cellar.

I agree that the '94 Musar is a real class act. And Daron is right - it is wonderful that Majestic can sell these mature German riesling gems for such a low price, but is terribly sad that these wonderful wines are so underappreciated - Tom

Robert Jones, USA (added 22/12)
Red - Selvapiana (Italy) Chianti Rufina Riserva 1964
White - Jaboulet (Rhône) Hermitage Chevalier du Sterimberg 1990
Budget red - Grand Veneur (Rhône) Cotes du Rhône Villages 1998
Budget white - Mezzo Giorno (Italy,Sicilia) Insolia/Chardonnay 1999
Sweet - Travignoli (Italy) Vin Santo Riserva 1990
Sparkling - Nyetimber (England) Blanc de Blancs Brut 1993
Fortified - Cossart Gordon 15 year Malmsey Madeira

The Selvapiana was had at the estate, directly from their cellar. Lovely old leather and sour cherry aromas, silk-like texture and a peacock-tail finish that lasted for 30 + seconds. The Sterimberg is just emerging from dormancy, waxy, round and quince-like, at least a decade of evolution to go. The Grand Veneur, ripe and succulent, and the Mezzo Giorno, with anise and pineapple flavors, stand out from the crowd. Tavignoli's Vin Santo, after 8 years in cask, was Amontillado in style, with full marzipan and baked nut, orange peel and macadamia flavors. On recommendation from Tom Stevenson's book, I bought the Nyetimber at Berry Bros and Rudd and was astounded at the quality, freshness and competence of Nyetimber. This could easily pass for the real thing.Lastly, oft overlooked Madeira always pleases and this was one of many consumed this past year.

Delighted that a US wine lover has discovered the quality of the Nyetimber, of which the 1993 blend was my fizz of the year - Tom

Stephen Farris, Canada (added 22/12)
Red - 1990 Delas Freres (Rhône) Marquise de la Tourette Hermitage
White - 1998 Seifried Sauvignon Blanc, Nelson, New Zealand
Budget red - 1997 Château des Matards (Bordeaux) 1er Cotes de Blaye
Budget white - 1998 Moorhof Muskat Ottonel, Neusiedlersee, Austria
Sweet - 1990 Schmitges (Germany) Erdener Treppchen Auslese, MSR
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - Fojo Old Tawny (Churchhill's)

A friend who is a member of the Opimian Society of Canada brought me the Port. The society got hold of a supply of this unusual port for its members. He said that Churchill's had "found" an old pipe of port that had been hidden from the gov't (tax reasons?) in the last days of the dictatorship. Because of the dubious provenance they couldn't identify it more precisely than as "Old Tawny". Whatever the source and age, it was utterly smooth and rich. The Seifried Sauv. Bl. would actually qualify for the budget white but I enjoyed it's bold, grapefruit and lemon notes as much as the more costly Cloudy Bay or Goldwater Dog Point. Re Chateau des Matards: If this wine is at all typical, 1997 may be a better year for wines that actually taste well with food than some of the magazines say!

I would agree on the '97's I have tasted from Bordeaux so far: though maybe not "great" or profound wines, without exception these have been fruity, elegant and delicious - Tom

Mark Robertson, UK (added 28/12)
Red - Guigal (Rhône) La Turque Côte Rôtie 1991
White - Antinori (Italy) Cervaro della Salla 1997
Budget red - Marietta Cellars (USA) Old Red Vine no 23 NV
Budget white - Tim Adams (Australia) Clare Valley Riesling 1997
Sweet - Château Rieussec (France) Sauternes 1988
Sparkling - Jacquesson Champagne Vintage 1990
Fortified - Blandys (Madeira) Bual 1927 (?)

The Guigal was a wonderful treat on my 45th birthday, incredibly rich with that "meaty" Cote Rotie taste. The Antinori was a new find - a mixture of Chardonnay and 15% Grechetto - incredibly well balanced and a great food wine. Old Red Vine is a perennial favourite in our house. The Tim Adams we first tried at a weekend stay at Gidleigh Park - delicious crisp Riesling that will age well if we can resist it. The Rieussec is one of my favourite Sauternes - honeyed and rich but with a balancing hint of acidity. The Jacquesson was enjoyed at the Decanter Fine Wine encounter a drier less bubbly champagne with bags of class. Finally the Blandys was tasted"in situ" at the Madeira wine company, not absolutely sure about the vintage (could have been 1921) but no mistaking the rich aroma and heavenly taste.

Lovely choices. The budget wines are both former "Wines of the Week" - Tom

Stewart Roy, UK (added 28/12)
Red - Château Ducru Beaucaillou (Bordeaux) 1970
White - Cave de Ribeauvillé (Alsace) Tokay Pinot Gris GC Sonnenglanz 1994
Budget red - Oisly et Thesee Co-op (Loire) Pinot Noir 1999
Budget white - Vivian Ducourneau (France) Colombard 1999
Sweet - Domaine du P'tit Val (Loire) Bonnezeaux 1998
Sparkling - Champagne Vilmart
Fortified - No award

My wife and I benefited from ten days in and near the Loire valley this summer, hence the Pinot Noir and the Bonnezeaux. We are not nornally great fans of fortified wines, so no nominations in that category.

Classic selections from classic French regions. Vilmart is something of a well-known secret amongst Champagne lovers - relatively unknown, superb quality, and moderate prices. - Tom

Graham Simpson, UK (added 28/12)
Red - Dom Maniere (Burgundy) Vosne-Romanee Les Suchots 1er Cru 1994
White - Marimar Torres (California) Don Miguel Estate Chardonnay 1995
Budget red - Coldstream Hills (Australia) Briarston 1996
Budget white - Lost Pampas (Argentina) Chardonnay 1998
Budget white - Sigalas Barelli (Greece) 1999
Sweet - Comte Cathare (Minervois) Muscat 1998
Sparkling - Jean-Noel Haton Champagne NV
Fortified - Warres 10 year old Tawny Port

The Vosne-Romanee was Heaven personified. To drink now and over the next 5 years. Lots of lush red fruit, slight gaminess but overall seduction in a glass. The Marimar Torres is what all good chardonnays are about. Soft and subtle due to malolactic and French oak, with a lingering finish. As a budget red, you can't look much further than the Briarston. A blend of Cab S, Merlot and Cab F, at £7.99 for the '96 cf. £12.99 for the '95 it's an absolute snip. As for budget whites, I couldn't choose between The Lost Pampas Chardonnay, or the Sigalas Barelli from Greece. At £3.99 for the former and £7.99 for the latter there is a modest price difference. The Lost Pampas could easily pass for a good Bourgogne Blanc whereas the sheer depth and intensity of the Sigalas is comparable to a good Puligny Montrachet. Their QPRs are fantastic. I haven't really had a memorable stickie so far this year, but I'm hoping the Comte Cathare Muscat comes up trumps at Xmas. It's made by an Englishman in the South of France who loves his world of wine. The Jean-Noel Haton NV Champagne is simply divine. Three years' ageing before release. Yeasty, toasty, brioche notes and lingering finish. Finally, the Warres 10 yo Tawny. Xmas pud. That's all I need to say.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Cathare Muscat - a former Wine Pages "Wine of the Week". I'll let the two budget whites sneak through this time :-) - Tom

Peter Miller, UK (added 29/12)
Red - Château Haut Chaigneau (Bordeaux) Lalande de Pomerol 1997
White - Les Roche (Loire) Pouilly Fumé 1995
Budget red - Jadot (Burgundy) Beaujolais Villages Combe-aux-Jaques '98
Budget white - Tesco Oak Aged White Burgundy 1998
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - Dows Quinta do Bomfin Vintage Port 1987

These are the choices of someone fairly new to the magical world of wine. The Lalande de Pomerol wine was exquisite, with scents of cedar and vanilla on the nose and a pure, ripe plummy flavour. The Pouilly Fumé was tasted at a meal in Stein's Fish Restaurant and had been bottle aged; lovely. The Jadot is a fun, bright and adaptable wine, great with many types of food. Tesco's Oak Aged white Bugundy is another good value wine, much better than their non aged white Burgundy. The price difference between the two is worth every penny. Again this wine is adaptable, fresh yet full and great with food. Last but by no means least is the Dow's Port. Lighter than expected but intense and well flavoured nevertheless it makes a fine end to a fine meal.

That Jadot Beaujolais (which was a "visitor's tip" from Peter during the year) is a real beauty - Tom

B. Ham, UK (added 29/12)
Red - Villa Maria Reserve Cabernet Merlot (NZ)
White - Petaluma Tiers Chardonnay (AUS)
Budget red - Masi Modello (Italy)
Budget white - Trulli Chardonnay (Italy)
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - Bollinger RD Champagne 1979
Fortified - Campbells Rutherglen Muscat (AUS)

All stunning, all from Oddbins.

I am assuming - perhaps niaively - that this isn't Oddbins CEO writing under a pseudonym :-). Good choices nevertheless, and good to see an NZ Bordeaux blend taking the trophy for best red: I too have been impressed by recent examples from Villa Maria, Esk Valley, Unison and others - Tom

Stefan Reynolds, UK (added 02/01)
Red - Château Gazin (Bordeaux) Pomerol 1989
White - No award
Budget red - Sissek (Spain) La Granja de Monasterio 1994
Budget white - Misela de Murrieta (Spain) 1994
Sweet - Lustau (Spain) Moscatel de Chipiona
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - Warre Traditional LBV 1994

An Iberian selection this year with one exception. I was tempted to put the Gazin under budget red, having been fortunate enough to find 4 bottles in Brittany at just 75FF each a couple of years ago. It was really very fine. I first had the Misela last year and found it intensely dry and a little too sharp. 15 months later, it had softened and was quite delicious.

£7 for an '89 Pomerol - wow! Marquis de Murrieta is a tradtional house that really seems to have a forward-thinking approach, but such good wines across the range - Tom

Jim Grow, USA (added 02/01)
Red - Mount Langi Ghiran (Australia) Shiraz 1995
White - Dom. Bongran (Burgundy) Macon Clessé Chardonay 1996
Budget red - Marietta (California) Lot #26 Red Blend
Budget white - Darting (Germany) Durkheim Michelsberg Riesling Spat.1998
Sweet - Unckrich (Germany) Kallstadt Saumagen Huxelrebe BA 1990
Sparkling - Pierre Moncuit 1990 Brut Champagne
Fortified - Dows Quinta do Bomfin Vintage Port 1987

Lots of wonderful Aussie Shiraz out there and the 1998 Germans have been wonderful too. The Champagne wasn't great, but worth including.

I had the Bongran on holiday in France last summer and it was stunningly good. The Marietta red is a perennial favourite - Tom

Andy Williams, UK (added 02/01)
Red - Castello dei Rampolla (italy) Sammarco 1993
White - Chablis (Burgundy) 1er Cru Montée De Tonnerre 1995
Budget red - Domaine Fillatreau (France) Vieille Vignes 1996
Budget white - No award
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - Dom Perignon Champagne 1990
Fortified - Grahams Port 1977

So many great reds to chose...Lynch bages 88, Matanzas Creek Merlot 95, Stags Leap Winery Petite Syrah 1995 (I could go on, lucky me!) but the Sammarco was outstanding. Whites disappointing but the Port was marvellous albeit will probably be even better next year (can't wait!).

More classic selections. I'm going to resist opening my own bottle of DP '90 for a few more years - Tom

Marcus titley, UK (added 02/01)
Red - Henri Jayer (Burgundy) Echezeaux 1985
White - Marques de Murrieta (Spain) Blanco 1956
Budget red - Argento (Argentina) Malbec 1999
Budget white - Valley Manor (South Africa) Chardonnay 1999
Sweet - Château Rabaud Promis (Sauternes) 1947
Sparkling - Krug Champagne Vintage 1971
Fortified - Niepoort (Portugal) Colheita 1912

At last a chance to show off again. The Echezeaux was truly sublime, vigorous but at the same time silky and crammed full of elegant fruit but with sweet Burgundian secondary flavours. The Murrieta gets in because I can't remember the name of a 1971 Jurancon Sec that I enjoyed but comes a close second: nutty and complex. The Argento has performed consistently well in blind tastings, is well presented and excellent value for money - if only all budget wines were like this. The Valley Manor is an excellent example of its type proving that not all cheap South African wine is neutral. Rabaud 1947 as black as your hat but creamy, sweet still and with a wonderful burnt caramel flavour and incredible length. Krug 1971 still youthful in many ways, strong mousse, fine lively bead and a great way to kick off any celebration. Finally as I drink less Port this Colheita seemed svelte and not too alcoholic with a range of flavours that would bore even the most enthusiasic note taker.

What a stunning selection of old classic wines from Marcus (who is in the wine trade), but good to see the Argento (a former Wine of the Week) in there too - Tom

Trevor March, UK (added 02/01)
Red - Gros F & S (Burgundy) Richebourg 1990
White - Château de Beaucastel (Rhône) Roussanne VV 1997
Budget red - Château de Beaucastel (Rhône) Coudoulet 1997
Budget white - Lagar de Cervera (Spain) Albarino 1998/9
Sweet - Dom de la Rectorie (France) Banyuls 1982
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - No award

It's been a year of real discovery on fine reds and the vote just as easily could have gone to La Conseillante '82, Gaja Sori San Lorenzo '89, Masseto '93 or a magnum of Mouton '83 (which was worth the money just for the bouquet!). Runners-up on fine whites include Dagueneau Pouilly-Fumé Pur Sang '97 and Leflaive Puligny Combettes '93. All these wines were enjoyed whilst lingering over appropriate meals.

What better way to enjoy wines than lingering over a meal? I too loved the Beaucastel Roussanne Vieilles Vignes this year - a stunning wine experience - Tom

Joakim Råhberg, Sweden (added 05/01)
Red - Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande (Bordeaux) 1982
White - v. Simmern (Germ) Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Spätl Blaukapsel 90
Budget red - Allegrini (Italy) La Grola 1997
Budget white - Kloster Eberbach (Germany) Rheingau Riesling Spätlese 1993
Sweet - Château Climens (Sauternes) 1990
Sparkling - Champagne Cristal 1990
Fortified - Moscatel de Setúbal (Portugal) 1900

It has been a good year, so deciding the wines above wasn´t easy. I have to agree with my friend Roderick (above) that the 1900 Moscatel was sheer perfection. 100 year, 100 points, 100 of everything! For the best red it had to be a Bordeaux, and what a Bordeaux! The Pichon-Lalande outshined Latour, Leoville Las Cases, l`Evangile and other 82´s this year. But the palm could easily have gone to 1989 Domaine de Chevalier, 1981 Cote-Rotie La Mouline, Guigal or 1978 Martha´s Vineyard. And I can´t forget the 1990´s from Barolo (Sperss, Gaja; Rocche Dell´Annunziata, Scavino; Vigna Colonnello Bricco Bussia, A. Conterna; Falleto di Serralunga, B. Giacosa) or from Tuscany (Flaccianello, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Vigorello, Le Pergole Torte). They were all amazing wines. The 1990 Cristal was drunk from a double magnum and it was truly sublime. The 1997 La Grola is slightly over the budget limit (£9.50) but it is a extraordinary wine at that prize. I´m looking forward to more wines like this in the year to come.

What a delightful line-up, and the 1990 vintage appears in force yet again - Tom

Jon Wood, USA (added 05/01)
Red - Domaine de la Mordoree (Rhône) Lirac 1998
White - Les Vignerons de l'Ardeche (France) Viognier 1998
Budget red - Domaine Cros (France) Minervois 1998
Budget white - Santa Julia (Argentina) Torrontes 1999
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - Champagne Pol Roger Vintage Brut 1990
Fortified - No award

Both my red and white would qualify for budget wines of the year but I enjoyed multiple bottles of each so much that they qualify as this years favourites. The Pol Roger was a steal at 21.50GBP at Heathrow Airport.

There's no need to spend big to buy great wine. The Pol Roger '90 is a favourite of mine too, and it's difficult to go wrong with '98 wines from Southern France - Tom

Brian Butler, USA (added 05/01)
Red - Groth (California) Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 1997
White - Chateau Ste. Michelle Dr. Loosen (USA) Eroica 1999
Budget red - Ravenswood (California) Lodi Zinfindel 1997
Budget white - LaBoure-Roi (Burgundy) Pouilly-Fuisse 1998
Sweet - Simi (California) Late Harvest Chardonnay 1995
Sparkling - Domaine Carneros (USA) Brut 1997
Fortified - Gabriel & Andreu (France) Fins Bois Cognac NV

If you haven't tried the Groth, you are in for a treat!

I've just been reading about this Dr Loosen/ste. Michelle collaboration which sounds fascinating - Tom

Chris Smith, UK (added 05/01)
Red - Chateau Beychevelle (Bordeaux) 1955
White - Yqrec (Bordeaux) 1985
Budget red - Blend 24, Vinicole del Priorat (Spain) 1998
Budget white - Touraine Dom de la Renaudie (France) 1998
Sweet - Rivetti La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti (Italy) 1998
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - Neo PX Muy Viejo NV

2000 saw my first ever taste of Petrus and Le Pin, but the Beychevelle was just so glorious, and such a surprise (shouldn't it be gone by now?), that it gets the nod. The Moscato, likewise, gets in for exceeding expectations. The Ygrec split my wine club right down the middle, but everyone agreed that the Priorat is a cracking red at £5.

I too am a big fan of Beychevelle. Ygrec is the dry wine of the famous Chateau d'Yquem. I like the vote for a Moscato d'Asti; when you get a good one these are fabulous and a world removed from cheap Asti spumanti - Tom

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