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Visitors' favourite wines of 2000 - Part II

There have been so many Wine Pages Visitors' Wines of the Year for 2000 that I've had to split them into three parts. This is part II. Go to Part I / Go to Part III

Paul Anderson, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 09/01)
Red - Chateau Talbot (St, Julien, Bordeaux) 1983
White - Dom. Fleurot Larose (Burgundy) Batard-Montrachet 1992
Budget red - Marques de Riscal (Rioja, Spain) Reserva 1996
Budget white - Dom. René Michel (Burgundy) Mâcon-Clessé 1991
Sweet - Château Lafaurie-Peyraquey (Sauternes) 1990
Sparkling - Champagne Drappier Carte d'Or Brut 1983
Fortified - Matusalem (Spain) Muy Viejo Oloroso Sherry NV
The Talbot is one of the best I've tasted - ever. Unfortunately it was my last bottle :-( but is the first to prove that my cupboard under the stairs is good for 10 years storage :-). The Batard was amazing, given some the slating 92 white Burgundy's get - big luscious AND balanced. The two budgets sneak in due to Majestic's long running 20% off Spanish wine and the Mâcon purchased in France for 40FF. Lafuarie Peyraguey is pure nectar in a glass. The Drappier '83 is Champagne to kill for (well almost) and most people know Matusalem so no intro required.
I shared that '83 Drapier with Paul and totally agree - a gorgeous Champagne. I also had the '83 Talbot at the start of the year. It is an outstanding claret; one of the best of the vintage - Tom

Peter Stewart, Canada - Top Wines of 2000 (added 09/01)
Red - Clos de L'Oratoire (Bordeaux) St. Emilion 1995
White - Caves des Cordelier (Burgundy) Meursault-Charmes 1993
Budget red - Château Rollan de Buy (Bordeaux) Médoc 1996
Budget white - Tarapaca (Chile, Maipo) Gran Tarapaca Chardonnay 1998
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - No award
Fortified - No award
1993 is not reckoned to be a good vintage for white Burgundy, yet I had a Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru from Boillot recently that was as fine as any white wine I've tasted for quite some time - Tom

Dave Kay, Canada - Top Wines of 2000 (added 09/01)
Red - Antinori (Italy) Tenute Marchese Chianti Classico Riserva 1996
White - Hugel et Fils (Alsace) Tokay Pinot Gris Hommage a Jean Hugel 1997
Budget red - Concha y Toro (Chile) Marques de Casa Concha Cab Sauv 1997
Budget white - Stoneleigh (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Sweet - Inniskillin (Canada) Riesling Ice Wine 1997
Sparkling - Moet et Chandon Champagne Cuvée Dom Perignon 1990
Fortified - Taylor (Portugal) LBV 1994
The Antinori was a real surprise, classic and complex currant/tobacco and huge finish (similar style yet better than several classed growth Bordeaux I drank) and only CA$30. The Alsace showed likewise, well above its price level, with electric apricot fruit and a viscous texture. The 1997 vintage of CyT's Marques was excellent, with dense black currant fruit, yet enough balance to cleanse the palate (a steal at CA$10) The Stoneleigh is also a real bargain at CA$10, with crisp grapefruit and lime and a long finish. The Inniskillin is one of only a handful of sweets I tried this year, but it was excellent. I hesitated with the Dom. It was excellent, as usual, but getting out of the stratosphere as far as value (I almost put down Seaview Brut (Australian) here as it is an amazing sparkler for only CA$12). I also had very few Ports this year, spending more time salivating on my 94's and recent 97's. The Taylor LBV is phenomenal value though, so thought I would include it.
I agree wholeheartedly on the Hugel wine - the "Hommage" is a new premium range launched in 1997. Roll-on the appearance of Canadian ice wines on UK shelves after years of daft import restrictions were lifted recently - Tom

James Clark, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 09/01)
Red - Penfold (Australia) Grange 1983
White - Catena Alta (Argentina) Chardonnay 1997
Budget red - Pata Negra (Spain) 1991
Budget white - Casablanca (Chile) Gewurztraminer 1999
Sweet - Château D'Yquem (Sauternes) 1989
Sparkling - Bernard Massard (Luxembourg) Cuvee de l'Ecusson 1996
Fortified - No award
I've tasted all of these this year apart from that Luxembourg fizz - a real rarity. Good choices all round, and the Pata Negra is a Rioja-like beauty of a mature wine for £6 or so - Tom

Chris Kissack, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 12/01)
Red - Domaine des Perdrix (Burgundy) NSG 1er Cru Aux Perdrix 1996
White - Defaix (Burgundy) Chablis 1er Cru Vaillon Vieilles Vignes 1988
Budget red - Klein Constantia (South Africa) Shiraz 1997
Budget white - Pewsey Vale (Australia) Individual Vineyard Riesling 1998
Sweet - Klein Constantia (South Africa) Vin de Constance 1991
Sparkling - Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millénaires Brut 1985
Fortified - Dow's Vintage Port 1970
Both my wines of the year I would describe as 'stunning', and they reflect the development of a love of Burgundy over the past year. The young NSG has tremendous potential, and beat a host of excellent classed growth clarets (such as Latour '83 and '64) and top Rhônes (such as La Chapelle '89). The Vin de Constance is a delightful wine. The Blanc de Millénaires Brut 1985 from Charles Heidsieck takes the award, but only by the skin of its teeth, the Nyetimber Première Cuvée Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs Brut 1992 being next without a doubt. The Dow's 1970 was a sublime, velvety wine, all the more special for being from my 'birthyear' (that's given the game away!).
A nice spread of new/old world, grapes and styles. That '85 Champagne is £10 off in Bottoms Up/Wine Rack at time of writing - if you can still find it - Tom

Yixing Ong, UK/Singapore - Top Wines of 2000 (added 12/01)
Red - Château Grand Puy-Lacoste (Bordeaux) 1979
White - JJ Prum (Germany) Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese (Riesling) 1959
Budget red - Wynns (Australia) Coonawarra Shiraz 1996
Budget white - JJ Chirstoffel (Germany) Urziger Wurzgarten 2* Auslese 1999
Sweet - Château d'Yquem (Sauternes) 1986
Sparkling - Pol Roger Champagne 'Winston Churchill' 1990
Fortified - Lustau Single Almanicesta 'Vides' Palo Cortado Sherry 1/50 N.V
Okay - I cheated. The Christoffel is just over 8 pounds at German prices . I've can't recall another fortified that definitely impressed me more than the Lustau - will have to look that up. And I had huge trouble with the reds, since I don't drink very many of them. The claret is a sentimental choice, since it's my brithyear:) An '89 Krug can pretty damn close to beating out the Pol, but it was just that little bit more closed and less forgiving. And I think the Wynns was under 8, or around there anyway. Two or three others deserve mention - a '69 Clos du Bourg from Huet, an '88 Tokaji bottled by William Fevre, and an '83 Dows with about 30 years to go.
More German Rieslings make the frame, and nice to see more Sherry rather than even more Port - or Setubal! The Wynns Shiraz is usually £6.99, only £4.99 when you buy two in Majestic currently, so that makes up for the overspend! - Tom

Brian Whitlock, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 12/01)
Red - Lindemans (Aus) Coonawarra Limestone Ridge Shiraz Cabernet 1996
White - Cloudy Bay (NZ) Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Budget red - Dom Ferraz (Portugal) Do 1999
Budget white - Lindemans (Aus) Cawarra Colombard Chardonnay 2000
Sweet - No Award
Sparkling - Tesco Finest Vintage Cava 1996
Fortified - Fonseca Bin 27 Vintage Style Port
The Cloudy Bay was superb, it was the first time I have had a bottle and it was all it was supposed to be. The Limestone Ridge was also excellent paked with plummy fruit tastes and just pipped Rosemount Hill of Gold Shiraz to the winning post. My budget wines have always proved reasonable and reliable especially the Dao which was recommended on these pages in Oct'99, the Colombard Chardonnay has proved superb value at £1.99 a bottle in Cherbourg. The sparkling was a late addition with Tesco selling it at a bargain £3.49 a bottle, so it gets my vote. I am not a great fortified wine drinker but the Bin 27 was very tasty and is reasonably priced.
Brian's choices are hard to argue with, in both quality and value terms. There's something very identifiable about Cawra Chardonnays that I like, and the Do was indeed a beauty - Tom

René Jorgensen, Denmark - Top Wines of 2000 (added 12/01)
Red - Bryant Family (USA) Cabernet Sauvignon 1994
White - Domaine Leflaive (Burgundy) Bienvenue Batard Montrachet 1996
Budget red - Dom de la Citadelle (France) VdP Vaucluse Cab Sauvignon 1999
Budget white - Anselmi (Italy) San Vincenzo Veneto 1999
Sweet - Gaston Huet (Loire) Vouvray Cuvée Constance 1997
Sparkling - Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut 1990
Fortified - William Chambers (Australia) Rare Tokay N.V.
Bryant Family Cab: What a wine, superb concentration, fantastic perfume of ripe berries, liqueur, virginiatobacco, excuisite aftertaste (over one minute) and balance. Leflaive Bienvenue: Liquified minerals and citrusfruit, almost perfect. Citadelle: Enourmous wine, concentration and fruit which is un-french!!, really good depth and persistence. Super Value Anselmi: Lovely, clean fruit, no oak at all!! really good persistence and an aftertaste with vanilla but not oak. Cuvée Constance: Perfect! what a balance, superb concentration, sweet and sour. Cristal: Best ever Champagne. Rare Tokay: Monstrous! liquified raisin and dried apricot; fantastic
Some very fine stuff from around the globe. This is definitely the year of the 1990 Champagnes, and though I've tasted some Chambers rare old Muscat (superb), I haven't tried their "Tokay" - Tom

Cameron Clark, Holland - Top Wines of 2000 (added 17/01)
Red - Chateau D'Angludet (Bordeaux) 1985
White - Gaja (Italy) Langhe Sauvignon Alteni di Brassica 1996
White - Clarendon Hills (Aus) Chardonnay Norton Summit 1997
Budget red - House Rosé
Budget white - No Award
Sweet - Lang Merlot Icewine, 1998 (from a 200 ml bottle)
Sparkling - No Award
Fortified - No Award
This years discovery has been individualism. I've drunk plenty of top Sauvignon's from New Zealand, the Loire, Old white Bordeaux and Napa Fumé Blanc, and none of them tasted remotely like the Gaja Sauvignon. Nearest thing I have had to it was a very minerally 1990 Batard Montrachët, drunk over the summer. Fantastically rich, with a bouqet of flowers and chinese spices. Also drunk lots of the top top New world Chardonnays from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and USA. Lots of great wines, but taken as a whole they are quite similar, and thus a bit boring. Exception to this is the Clarendon Hills Chardonnay. It is not like any of the other top Australian, and it's not like a top Burgundy. Again it has got a mineral and chinese bouquet, and at 85 points from Parker it is still a "reasonable" price. For the red I was torn between some fantastic Zins from a tasting last Feb (Martinelli and Turley), a monster of a Beaucastel (1978) and the D'Angludet . Tasted the latter at the now Legendary Christies Pre-tasting in November in Amsterdam. Don't know the collective noun for a collection of wine tasters (a swagger), but there were near riots as people rushed to grab a hold of Latour 1940, Lynch Bages 1935, Margaux 1962 etc. Latour was nice for 20 minutes, but the D'Angludet stood out for me, again for its mineral content. On the budget front I vote for House Rosé. If there's nothing interesting on a wine list it is what I always go for. Always cheers people up and never too alcoholic. The Lang Icewine was simply alcoholic stawberries. Fantastic.
d'Angludet is so often a stand-out in value for money terms - Tom

Orazio Quacquarelli, Italy - Top Wines of 2000 (added 17/01)
Red - Taurino (Italy, Apulia) Patriglione 1990
White - Cantina Terlano (Italy, Trentino Alto Adige) Chardonnay 1990
Budget red - Spadafora (Italy, Sicily) Don Pietro Rosso 1998
Budget white - CS Giogantinu (Sardinia) Vermentino di Gallura Superiore 1998
Sweet - Château Sudiraut (Sauternes) 1996
Sparkling - Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal 1990
Fortified - Marco De Bartoli (Italy, Sicily) Vecchio Samperi Riserva 30 anni
The Patriglione looks like a southern amarone. A must. The Chardonnay from Kellerei Terlan is a very good example of a very elegant and long-ageing wine you can produce without using barriques. The two budget wines are simply outstanding in both their categories, whereas the two French do not need any particular comment. Last, the marsala-like Vecchio Samperi: one of my favourite wines ever. In my opinion, one of the leaders of the army of immortals in wine.
A very appetising selection; most of the Italian choices are unfamiliar to me, but Taurino down in Apulia (Puglia) continues to produce great stuff at moderate prices. The budget Notarpanaro is well worth trying too - Tom

Alex Bernardo, USA - Top Wines of 2000 (added 17/01)
Red - Frederic Esmonin (Burgundy) Chambertin 1998
White - Jermann (Italy) Vintage Tunina 1997
Budget red - Laurel Glen Quintana (USA) Cabernet Sauvignon 1997
Budget white - Dr. Weins-Prum (Germany) Riesling Kabinett 1999
Sweet - Château de la Genaiserie (Loire) Coteaux du Layon Tetueres 1996
Sparkling - Pol Roger Brut NV
Fortified - Graham's Vintage Port 1970
It was a toss-up between Esmonin's '98 Chambertin and Vogue's '98 Musigny, but the Chambertin is only a fourth of the price of the Musigny! '98 really produced some spectacular red Burgundes. In terms of whites, nothing comes close to the '97 Vintage Tunina, this is complex and very, very long; for weeks I couldn't help but think of this wine, like being in love for the first time. The Quintana Cab from Laurel Glen is the winery's fourth label and are from declassified estate grapes and the price is about one-fourth the estate Cab; few '97 Cabs really impressed me despite the hype, but this one is a complete wine; nicely balanced, it's got both the structure and fruit to develop over the next 5-10 years. The Dr. Weins-Prum Riesling Kabinett from the great '99 vintage has an amazing balance of fruit and acidity; this will age well and is definitely spatlese quality. Chateau de la Genaiserie's '96 Tetueres overwhelms any Sauternes I've ever had, except for the '83 Yquem, but then the Yquem is about 20X the price! The Pol Roger Brut NV is just elegance and sophistication personified, what a classy Champagne. The '70 Graham's has always been my favorite Port; I open a bottle each year and every time I'm astounded by its balance and power.
Hard to argue with these choices. Regular Wine Pages followers will have become bored by my raving about the Château de la Genaiserie several times during last year! - Tom

Rob Adler, USA - Top Wines of 2000 (added 17/01)
Red - BV (California) Georges de Latour Pinot Noir 1946
White - Domaine E. Sauzet (Burgundy) Bâtard-Montrachet 1989
Budget red - Ridge (California) Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon 1997
Budget white - Marcel Deiss (Alsace) Riesling "Bennwihr" 1994
Sweet - Huet (Loire) Cuvée Constance 1995
Sparkling - No Award
Fortified - 1997 Niepoort Port
Andre Tschelistcheff described this as one of the 3 great Pinots that he made. Andre knew of what he spoke. This wine kept improving until the bottle was drained. We had one of the other Andre greats, the 1968 BV Gdl Pinot, the same evening. The 46 beat it by a hair. The Sauzet showed great minerality and depth of fruit. The Ridge was a small lot from the Lytton Springs Vineyard that they sold through Trader Joe's a discount chain. Classic Ridge cab. Experienced tasters in blind tastings thought it cost twice the price. The Deiss was on closeout. Classic Deiss minerality and austerity. The Constance and gorganzola was the best food match of the year. I must have had a Sparkling hangover from the faux millenium. I can't argue with a Scotsman bearing Port at an offline. Honorable mention to the 1995 Niepoort LBV which sell for under US $15 to keep you until the 97 is ready. Other Honorable mentions: 1968 BV Georges de Latour Pinot Noir; 1954 Vallana Spanna del Piemonte; 1981 Chateau Musar (we agree again); 1985 Le Corton, Leroy; 1991 Ridge Montebello Cabernet Sauvignon; 1991 Cote Rotie, Ogier; 1994 Beringer Marston Vineyard Cabernet
I did indeed introduce Rob to that '97 Port when we met in San Fransisco for a fine dinner and off-line tasting - great choice. A '46 Californian Pinot would be an amazing thing to taste some day! - Tom

Derek LaBand, USA - Top Wines of 2000 (added 17/01)
Red - Belles Pere et Fils (Rhône) Crozes Hermitage les Pierrelles 1996
White - Hugel (Alsace) Jubilee Gewurtztraminer 1997
Budget red - 1998 Armano Primitivo, Italy ($9)
Budget white - 1999 Martinsancho Verdijo, Spain ($12)
Sweet - Sinnean "Sweet Sydney" Late Harvest Zin, Oregon 1999
Sparkling - Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1988
Fortified - 1977 Warres Vintage Port
Kistler's wines are truly Burgundian styled with minimal intervention...Sheer Class but so hard to aquire. Rostaing's wines are always high on my lists, he has the savvy, the tools, and most importantly the terrior. I toasted in the new year with the 88 SWC cuvee... nothing but exquisite tiny bubbles. Sinnean is a small winery in Oregons Willamette Valley and produce top qaulity, mainly restaurant, wines.
I've tasted a couple of late-harvest Zinfandels, from Fritz and Ridge (the latter an "Advance Tasting Program" limited release experimental wine). Both were superb - Tom

Panzer Cheng, Hong Kong - Top Wines of 2000 (added 19/01)
Red - Château Haut-Brion (Bordeaux) 1989
Red - Dugat-Py (Burgundy) Coeur du Roy 1998
White - Verget (Burgundy) Chablis Valmur 1996
Budget red - No award
Budget white - No award
Sweet - Château d'Yquem (Sauternes) 1976
Sparkling - Champagne La Grand Dame 1990
Fortified - No award
Like Panzer, the Haut-Brion '89 is my own Red Wine of the Year. A superbly complex, balanced and structured wine that is also delicious - Tom

Mark Pearce, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 19/01)
Red - Kistler Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, California 1997
White - Rene Rostaing (Rhône) Condrieu Ampuis 1998
Budget red - Marietta (California) Old Vines Lot 23 NV
Budget white - Montana (NZ) Reserve Gewurtztraminer 1997
Sweet - No award
Sparkling - Seppelt (Australia) Sparkling Shiraz 1994
Fortified - De Bortoli (Australia) The Black Noble NV
Each of these chosen more on the basis of a memorable drinking experience than any absolute scale. A real problem choosing any budget white I've had this year worth entering, whilst there was a lot of competition for Budget Red. The Seppelt reflects the fact that I still don't "get" sparkling white wine. I'll have to address that in the New Year.
The Marietta was my "Wine of the Week" in June and I couldn't agree more: fabulous stuff at the price. The Black Noble was fascinating too: Mark picked a black sparkling wine and a black dessert wine. A bit gothic Mark, no? :-) Tom

Nick Alabaster, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 19/01)
Red - Dominus (California) 1994
White - J-N Gagnard (Burgundy) Chassagne-Montrachet Les Callierets 1995
Budget red - Brolio (Italy) Chianti Classico 1997
Budget white - Pewsey Vale (Australia) Riesling 1999
Sweet - Château Rieussec (Sauternes) 1989
Sparkling - Pol Roger Late Disgorged (Champagne) 1988
Fortified - Taylors Vintage Port 1991
After all my complaining about New World Cab, the best was after all an American ! Stunning combination of fruit, complexity and structure. The Chassagne was almost as rich as a sweet Loire - but with terrific Burgundian complexity and balance. A '97 Chianti surely deserves a mention ! I prefer the crisper, drier '99 to previous vintages but at £4 when purchased, the Pewsey is always seriously under-valued. Really love the Rieussec '89, perfect Sauternes. Not up to a Churchill, but I like the Pol Roger style. One of the best recent Taylors, notwithstanding only a single Quinta Year and a bit of a bargain at around £25 - just starting to soften to make a great youthful port.
Fine choices. Anther vote for the Pewsey Vale (that's about the third, plus it was one of my runners-up) - great wine, and as Nick says, great value - Tom

Paul Armstrong, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 19/01)
Red - Ashton Hills (Australia) Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir Reserve 1997
White - Domaine Fines Caillottes (Loire) Pouilly-Fumé 1997
Budget red - Abbaye de Valmagne (France) Cuvée de Turenne 1998
Budget white - Hugel (Alsace) Gentil d'Alsace 1998
Sweet - Lehmann (Australia) Botrytis Semillon 1994
Sparkling - Veuve Clicquot Champagne Reserve Brut 1989
Fortified - Gould Campbell Vintage Port 1970
A surprising red wine choice for me - I'm usually a claret fiend, but this rich gamey Aussie Pinot made a lasting impression. The Pouilly Fumé was just perfectly a point and seductively minerally - I'd happily give up NZ SBs if all Loire SBs were like this one. The Abbaye de Valmagne was a Languedoc holiday discovery: a 60% Syrah/40% Mourvedre blend, very rich but silky smooth with it.
Good to see a Loire wine make White Wine of the Year; only the second so far this year in a sea of Burgundy! I cracked open a few of bottles of that '89 Veuve-Clicquot at the launch party for my book: sumptuous stuff - Tom

Greg Bevan, Denmark - Top Wines of 2000 (added 23/01)
Red - Pira (Italy) Barolo 1995
White - Château La Tour Leognan (Bordeaux) Graves 1997
Budget red - Château Le Breuil Renaissance (Bordeaux) Medoc 1998
Budget white - Piropan (Italy) Soave 1999
Sweet - No Award
Sparkling - Champagne Duval-Leroy
Fortified - Dow's 1986 Vintage Quinta Do Bomfim Port
The Champagne is light, dry and very elegant, and can be drunk as an aperitif without appearing too dry or sour. Also goes well with food. and at between £17/20 per bottle it's not to hard on the pocket.
White Graves is one of my current interests having tasted a couple of great bottles during the year; I intend to investigate more! - Tom

Ian Mackie, Australia - Top Wines of 2000 (added 23/01)
Red - Château Marquis-d'Alesme-Becker (Bordeaux) 1982
White - Bannockburn (Australia) Chardonnay 1990
Budget red - Château Tahbilk (Australia) Cabernet Sauvignon
Budget white - Corbans (NZ) Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Sweet - Château Rieussec (Sauternes) 1981
Sparkling - Champagne Taittinger NV
Fortified - Sandeman 1963 Vintage Port
Red: Dark, scented, fruity, tannic long. White: Complex and fresh. Current release is 1998 made with donated grapes because hail devestated the vineyard. Budget red: Any year and it will cellar. A$12.25 = £4.55 Budget white: A$9.58 = £3.55 Sweet: Quite dark and beginning to dry but complex and appealing. Sparkling:Cellared for some years hence developed. Fortified: Flower garden almond and spirit nose, integrated and long, excellent.(Sound cork extracted cleanly!)
Nice New/Old world combination. I don't know the Tahbilk Cabernet, but the Marsanne is terrific - Tom

Giovanni Galfano, Italy - Top Wines of 2000 (added 23/01)
Red - Alain Voge (Rhône) Cornas Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 1998
White - Planeta (Sicily, Italy) Chardonnay 1998
Budget red - Rivera (Apulia, Italy) Il Falcone 1997
Budget white - Erste & Neue (Alto Adige, Italy) Puntay Pinot Bianco 1997
Sweet - Salvatore Murana (Sicily) Passito di Pantelleria Martingana 1996
Sparkling - Taittinger Champagne Comtes Rosé 1995
Fortified - Emilio Lustau (Spain) Centenario Bodega Murillo Pedro Ximenez
Planeta's Chardonnay is improving year after year. Moreover, the 1998 was a very fine vintage in Sicily. Alain Voge's Cornas was a such an amazing surprise! Obviously, this wine is still a "baby" (lots of tannins), but what a potential, what a fruit! A deep, marvellous syrah: I expect this wine to become a serious challenge to the more famous Hermitages. Il Falcone and Puntay are serious bargain wines from two regions at the opposite: the southern is more rustic and powerful whereas the northern is more elegant and subtle. The other three wines, in my opinion are masterpieces in their own categories. My compliments to Joakim Rhberg for his 1990 Italian selection. I would also add Barolo Monfortino of Giacomo Conterno, the crus of Chianti from Ama and Cacchiano, and the monumental Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Poggio al Vento.
Planeta are one of the superstars of Sicily and I've really enjoyed the wines I've tasted - Tom

Mark Arrowsmith, Hong Kong/UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 23/01)
Red - Château Palmer (Bordeaux) 1970
White - (Germany) Hattenheimer Deutelsberg Rheingau Reisling 1997
Budget red - No Award
Budget white - No Award
Sweet - Feher Arany (Hungary) Muscat Late Harvest 1997
Sparkling - 1990 Dom Perignon Champagne
Fortified - No Award
Another riesling, and another 1990 Champagne. The odds on these being the overall favourite grape and vintage of the year look good! - Tom

Joel Hopwood, UK - Top Wines of 2000 (added 23/01)
Red - Castello di Fonterutoli (Italy) Siepi 1998 £35
White - Jermann (Italy) Vintage Tunina 1997 £22
Budget red - Château Mansenoble (France) 1998 £5.99
Budget white - Fontana Candida (Italy) Frascati 1999 £4.49
Sweet - Salvatore Murana (Italy) Moscato Passito "Khamma" 1997
Sparkling - Vilmart Champagne Grand Cellier D'Or 1990
Fortified - No Award
Siepi is sheer hedonism in a glass - the sweet, buttery fruit of Merlot combined with the almost rustic power of top-class Sangiovese. What must a bottle-aged one taste like? Silvio Jermann is a very classy winemaker, working in an under-appreciated region. His Tunina tastes like Dom Perignon without bubbles. And speaking of fizz, the Vilmart easily trounced the DP 1990 for me - and costs only £55 for a magnum. In the budgets, the Mansenoble is another good reason to believe that the Languedoc really is the new Oz, and Fontana Candida's basic Frascati is a benchmark Italian white. At £4.49 from Majestic you can't go wrong.
I drunk the Vilmart Cellier D'Or 1990 last year and thought it was complex and wonderful. The Mansenoble was a Wine of the Week in the summer - Tom

Part III of Visitors' Wines 2000