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En primeur means you pay the basic cost of the wine now, to secure the Châteaux that you want. You then have to sit back and wait a couple of years for the wine to be released by the Châteaux, when you must pay the current V.A.T. (currently 17.5%) and duty (currently around £15 per case) plus delivery charges.

En primeur is not for everyone, and you must buy from a broker in whom you have confidence. Wherever you invest your hard-earned cash, please make sure you do so wisely. As a minimum you should pay by credit card, which carries some protection from the issuing company, and make sure the wines will be identified with your name or transaction number, not held in the merchant's name.

Make sure you are happy to deal with the company, and are satisfied that they have a good trading record and are open and upfront about their business, giving full address and contact details.