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Wine Quiz Competition Winner 1999!

For 3 days between December 12th - 14th the competition to find the Wine Pages Quiz Champ of 1999 was in full swing. 419 people entered the contest, from 17 different countries.

Although many people just missed out on a chance at the prize with a fantastic score of 18 or 19, only 14 people scored the perfect 20. These names went into the draw to decide the Champion. Congratulations to Chris Kissack of Liverpool, UK who was the lucky winner and receives the Quiz Champ '99 tee-shirt.

In truth, all 14 are winners - I just wish I could send them all a tee-shirt!

The 14 greats:

Chip Abernathy USA, Rod Cousins UK, Alasdair Downes UK,
Steven Evans UK, Stephen Farris Canada, Neil Jenkins UK,
Chris Kissack UK, Jay Labrador Philippines, Bernard Leak UK,
Rolf Lindström Sweden, Peter May UK, Bryan Mayho Wales,
Charles Weiss USA, Rhon Willingham UK

Special mention for Chip, Chris and Bernard who also scored a perfect 20 last year too - if it's 3 in a row for any of them next year I'll guarantee a special prize!

No one scored less than 4. The average score was 14.8 out of 20.

I would like to thank everyone who took part, especially those of you who are Wine Pages regulars - and who make all the effort worthwhile.