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Wine Quiz Competition Winner 2000!

Well, the first Quiz Champ of the new millennium was decided in seven days of competition between December 4th - 11th, 2000. 261 people entered the contest, from a dozen different countries.
Although many, many people just missed out on a chance at the prize with a fantastic score of 18 or 19, only 22 bright sparks scored the perfect 20. These names went into the draw to decide the 2000 Champion. Congratulations to Steve Evans of the UK who was the lucky winner and receives the coveted Quiz Champ 2000 tee-shirt - only the fourth awarded in history.

All 22 who scored a perfect 20/20 are real winners of course, and I wish they could all get a tee-shirt

A role call of the 22 greats:
Jon Wood, USA; David Riach, UK; Chip Abernathy, USA;
Graham Thomson, USA; Chris Kissack, UK; Mark Coulson, UK;
Stephen Farris, Canada; Alan Hinchy, UK; Will Hamilton, UK;
Jay Labrador, Phillipines; Richard Jones, UK; Luis Antunes, Portugal;
Karen Douglas, UK; Ray Aber, UK; Peter Ambrose, UK;
Alex Rychlewski, France; Rod Richmond UK; Rob Adler, USA;
Mike Moore, New Zealand; Steve Evans, UK;
Sue Courtney, New Zealand; Frank Macey, UK;

Special mention for Chip Abarnathy and Chris Kissack who have scored a perfect 20 for the past three years - this earns them a special prize, a signed copy of my book, The Good Web Guide to Wine.

This was the second time a row that three people, Steve Evans, Stephen Farris and Jay Labrador, scored 20/20's, so I guess they too are in the running for a special prize if they can make it three next year!

This graph shows how all 261 contestants scored as percentages. No one scored less than 7.

I would like to thank everyone who took part, especially those of you who are Wine Pages regulars - and who make all the effort worthwhile.