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SuperBOWL 2004

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the wines of Viña Bajoz, Toro

reporter: Andrew Stevenson

I was somewhat nonplussed with this tasting. Five perfectly acceptable but boring wines, and one good 'un, but at a price (I recall £25 being mentioned). On this showing, Toro has some way to go. I'll stick to Priorat. And Montsant. And Ribera del Duero....etc

1 2003 Bajoz Joven

Bright purple, clear. Very youthful clean plumy nose of medium intensity, Next to no oak influence. Soft tannin, fruity mid palate and moderate length. Simple, young. Good.

2 2000 Bajoz Crianza

Bright cherry red colour. Slightly closed nose, low intensity, hint of vanilla and primary fruit. More oak influence on palate. Soft tannin and medium length. Nice. Good.

3 1999 Bajoz Crianza

Deep red nose, more oak influence with some smoky nuances along with vanilla hints. More open nose than [2]. Tannin more marked slightly grippy. Good length solid fruit core balanced acidity and still young. 0-3 years. Very Good

4 1999 Bajoz Reserva

Light clear red. Nose is again quite closed with hint of primary vanilla. More balanced tannin, smooth fruit, and decent length. Some smoky hints on palate. 0-5 years. Very Good

5 1998 Bajoz Reserva

Deep ruby, watery edge. Low intensity nose but more open than the 1999. Less youthful fruity nose than the 1999. Smooth soft fruit, gentle tannin. Acceptable length. Good.

6 2000 Gran Bajoz

Clear deep red, colour extending to rim. Quite intense aromas smoky, complex, with a really good quality fruit core. Some mocha aromas. Warm, bug, with very integrated tannin (but grippy!). Very young, drinking now, very good quality but needs time for the tannin to soften. Long length .VGI

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