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SuperBOWL 2003

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the photo gallery

Phil Wilkins is a highly-regarded professional photographer, and a long-serving participant in the UK Wine Forum. When he signed-up for superBOWL last year he generously agreed to record a photo diary of the day. Even more generously, he did the same again for us this year.

Additional photos come from David Pearce, who made a general photographic nusiance of himself, particularly throughout a long evening session, when many a startled superBOWLer was caught in the glare of his flash.

Use the menu below the group photo to visit the individual galleries - be patient, as these are big files. Click on the group photo below to download a high-quality version for those who attended and want to print this off as souvenir, perhaps using the services of Photobox. Be warned, the full size version is a huge file.

Gallery menu

gallery 1 - the walk-round tasting
gallery 2 - the seminars
gallery 3 - dinner
gallery 4 - relaxing

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