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Everyone who is trying to sell you Bordeaux 'en primeur' will tell you that the latest vintage is a great one, but it seems in the case of the 2000 vintage to be true. After a string of mediocre vintages, at last Bordeaux seems to really have struck gold. A wide range of independent commentators has tasted the vintage and they are unanimous: 'There has never been so much good wine made in Bordeaux', Andrew Jefford; 'The 2000 vintage is the best in the M├ędoc since at least 1996 and possibly 1990', Jancis Robinson; 'I am convinced that 2000 is a classic year', James Suckling.

Consequently, after a few years in the doldrums, the rush to secure the top Bordeaux wines 'en primeur' is back on in earnest. For an explanation of 'en primeur', Click here.

See my Consolidated list of what the critics recommend and for some inspiration, please take a look at the list of Robert Parker scores for less expensive wines.

Updated: at last the real big-time action begins: top Chateaux are starting to be released. See the Current prices for top wines and check back often as more are added.

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