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want to support wine-pages?

by Tom Cannavan

Since 1995 Tom Cannavan has published wine-pages as a free, independent resource for wine lovers - there are no charges for any part of the site. Wine-pages is supported by wine businesses that advertise on the site, but is run on highly ethical grounds, accepting no advertorials, payments for reviews or commissions on wines sold by advertisers.

The UK Wine Forum (and now the beer and whisky forums too) have become a much-loved part of the site, and have grown into thriving community both on- and off-line. Hundreds of friendships have been formed through a shared interest in wine, beer and whisky.

Recently, some members of the UK Wine Forum suggested they would like to support the site as individuals, by contributing towards the cost of hosting and moderating the forum.

Whilst I have rejected the idea of a charge for any part of wine-pages and the forums, I have created an entirely voluntary donations button, to allows individuals to support the site if they wish to. Click on the button to donate any amount you wish to, but remember that all of wine-pages is entirely free for you to enjoy. Any donation is entirely optional.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy wine-pages. All are welcome!